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~I Can't Love Him~


"Omma gone, appa became mental, and no friends. Please let somrthing interesting happen in my life."

~Your a girl who usually been bullied by just because you got the looks that they don't. Because of the bullying and sh*t that happens in your life, you would always work hard just to switch schools. Until one day it happened. And when you switched of course guys would already start crushing over you and girls who already start hating you. Later on that day you met the kingkas of the school. Usually because your a quiet shy girl, you never talked to anyone until one of them started talking to you. Then...

Hold up I can't tell you the whole story, so I hope you read it to figure out what happens.

(A/N: This is my poster for this story!!!! Hope you guys like it!!!!)

(Credits: inspirit_chan - Fairy Tail Graphics)
P.S. if you want a poster or something like that, I got this from another website called 'Asianfanfics.com' hope you guys check it out and give it lots of love.








Kim Min Seok

Kim Min Seok

Nickname: Xiumin, in a group called EXO, your ex-boyfriend

Mark Tuan Yi-en

Mark Tuan Yi-en

One of the Got7 members, likes being called just Mark, he is cold however he actually is really sweet and caring, he's the one who falls for you first

Park Gyuri

Park Gyuri

She's that b*tch, Mark's ex

Park Jin-Young

Park Jin-Young

One of Got7, he likes being called Jr. (Junior), he is the second person you became friends with

Yoon Bomi

Yoon Bomi

Junior's girlfriend, she becomes your first friend as a girl, later your best friend

Yoon Bora

Yoon Bora

You, smart, stubborn, beautiful, kinda shy, mental father, no friends, always bullied, and bad memories


  1. Chapter One - New School

  2. Chapter Two - Feelings?

  3. Chapter Three - Meeting Rest of Got7

  4. Chapter Four - Meeting Rest of Got7

    Second part of meeting the rest of got7

  5. Chapter Five - Meeting Rest of Got7

    3rd part of chapter 3...

  6. Chapter Six - Meeting Rest of Got7

    4th part of chapter 3

  7. Chapter Seven - Scared.

  8. Chapter Eight - Saved.

  9. Chapter Nine - Feelings Acting Up

  10. Chapter Ten - Gone.

  11. Chapter Eleven - Non stop tears

  12. Chapter Twelve - Moving In

  13. Chapter Thirteen - Mark's POV

  14. Chapter Fourteen - Day One in The Tuan's House

  15. Chapter Fifteen - Memories.

  16. Chapter Sixteen - I Don't Like Her!

    Mark's POV

  17. Chapter Seventeen - I Think I'm Falling For Him

  18. Chapter Eighteen - Rudeness

  19. Chapter Nineteen - Better Keep It A Secret!

  20. Chapter Twenty - I Want To Cherish This Moment

  21. Chapter Twenty-One - Moment Ruined

  22. Chapter Twenty-Two - Revenge Game

  23. Chapter Twenty-Three - Kiss Under The Rain

  24. Chapter Twenty-Four - Found Out Already?

  25. Chapter Twenty-Five - A Misunderstanding

  26. Chapter Twenty-Six - Relieved

  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven - Second Chance

  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight - Stranger or Ghost?

  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine - Home Alone

  30. Chapter Thirty - Home Alone 2

  31. Chapter Thirty-One - Home Alone 3

  32. Chapter Thirty-Two - Finally Find Out

  33. Chapter Thirty-Three - Baby Sisters

  34. Chapter Thirty-Four - Tears and Nightmares

  35. Chapter Thirty-Five - Sisters!?

  36. Chapter Thirty-Six - New Family?

  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven

  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight - Double Date

  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine - Confused, Scared

  40. Chapter Forty - Weird Dreams

  41. Chapter Forty-One - Sick!?

  42. Chapter Forty-Two - Leaving.

  43. Chapter Forty-Three - One Last Kiss

  44. Chapter Forty-Four - Leaving The Nightmare

  45. Chapter Forty-Five - A New Start

  46. Chapter Forty-Six - Explanation

  47. Chapter Forty-Seven - Her

  48. Chapter Forty-Eight - Him

  49. Chapter Forty-Nine - Secret Admirer

  50. Chapter Fifty - Secret Admirer

    Part 2

  51. Chapter Fifty-One - Saturday!!!~

  52. Chapter Fifty-Two - The Whole Story

    The End!!!~

  53. Author's Note

  54. Special Chapter

    I Was Wrong


Wah. I'm new in kpop fanfic and this is the third story I've read. This is too good. I wish there was sequel. I really loved this story.

Wang'zouu Wang'zouu


catdog21 catdog21

Omg this was amazing, the emotions being displayed really came out. Well doneeeeee♡♡

Kkstlh Kkstlh

OMG this story is so good >.< Unnie you did a great job! Thank you for writing this story, Saranghae :)

BTS Kookie BTS Kookie

Ahh unnie, you have natural talents in writing! Omg this was so good I cried tears of joy at the end! Please continue writing more stories! Impatiently waiting ^-^! Hwaiting!

TuanTuan TuanTuan