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~Love in SM Entertainment~


Jenny was just a simple caring, beautiful, yet shy girl. A simple girl who wanted to experience love for once. However she was just too shy and scared, of being hurt. She was a girl whom was always harassed mentally and physically. Girls didn't like her just because of her beauty but also because of her angelic voice that she had. Because of always being harassed, she always kept her voice closed. Scared to ever sing again, even though she loved singing. However whenever she parted her mouth to sing, a hurtful memory would quickly pop back up in her head. One day there was a audition for SM Entertainment and her teacher who she was close with. Decided that she should give it a shot, to finally open up her wings and fly. She wanted to however she was just too shy, also that she was never the socialize type of person. After being encourage by her family and her teacher, she finally audition.

What's going to happen to Jenny after the audition? What about the love life that she always dreamed of?

(A/N: This fanfiction is for one of my friend. Because she loves Taemin oppa. I guess I'm going to write her one. Hope you love it ttal!!!)


Jenny Quach

Jenny Quach

Shy, beautiful, kind, caring, and very talented

Lee Taemin

Lee Taemin

Trainee in SM entertainment

Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun

Trainee in SM entertainment, falls for her because of her beautiful voice



Lol, thanks for reading this story. I'll try my best to update more often!!!~ :D

babo_sarang1 babo_sarang1

such an awesome update! ahhh... jenny is such a badass XD

Thanks!~ Hope you have a great holiday too! Plus there's still next year, so you probably can be with them then! Stay warm and cozy!!!!~

babo_sarang1 babo_sarang1

Merry Christmas to you as well! When you go to Cali say hi to my parents for me. LOL! Sad i can't be with them this year. hope you have a great holiday!

AmyWtsn AmyWtsn

@KBelle Rodriguez
Really!? I didn't hear anything about that...but then they probably should since there could be only two members left from Exo-M, if Tao and Lay do leave

babo_sarang1 babo_sarang1