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The Bangtan Gal


What if BTS had 8 members, and the 8th member happened to be an African American female, from America? After leaving a girl group because of bad management, Jennie tries to work hard to continue being a young performer. After a while, she finds herself in an audition for BigHit and ends up being a foreign trainee before earning a spot in the upcoming group, BTS. (Eventual Jungkook X OC, Slowburn)

Changed rating because of language.

*Disclaimer: This story is also posted on Tumblr, Archive of our own, and Asian fanfics under Smolwritingchick. Readers will report any stolen work from this story*

Posting schedule: https://smolwritingchick.tumblr.com/post/160092443337/posting-schedule


  1. I Still Want To Perform

    After being scouted to be a part of a new girl group thanks to an audition, Jen worked alongside her four bandmates to form the group “Amity”. Things went great at first but then after a while, Jen starts to get concerned about her position in the group

  2. The Foreign Trainee

    Jen meets Taehyung and starts to build a friendship with him. For those interested in being the Bangtan Girl, they learn the Bulletproof dance and No More Dream dance. They’re also hit with a homework assignment, create a verse for Bulletproof and present it to the audition.

  3. The Debut

    Jen continues to build friendships with her band members before they all prepare for recording their music videos and debut on stage. Witnessing Jin crying after the debut, Jennie has a heart to heart with him

  4. Thanks Guys

    Jen continues to bond with BTS and quickly gets used to their shenanigans. Jennie starts to get sick for the first time in South Korea and tries to escape Jin’s efforts to make her take medicine. But he has none of it and persists with the help of BTS.

  5. They're All Goofballs

    BTS and Jen continue to goof off backstage and get interviewed, Everyone celebrates Jungkook’s birthday with a big surprise during the concept trailer filming. Jennie gives Jungkook a birthday gift, Rapmon steals Jen’s donuts and is forced to go with her to the store to get more and ends up breaking

  6. Rookie King Episode 1

    Summary- Jen hopes that luck is on her side so she doesn’t get a skull card and endure a punishment for the first episode of Rookie King. Jen assists Jungkook after his spicy punishment. Suga gets his revenge on Jen after what she did to him in one of the punishments.

  7. Rookie King Episode 2

    Jen is judges with Rapmon for the BTS Cooking battle. V tries to bribe Jen by offering her carrots but Jungkook has none of it. Jen tries to go a second episode without getting caught. Will she avoid the Skull Card again?

  8. Rookie King Episode 3

    Determined to finally get the Queen of the end plate spot, Jen tries her hardest to achieve that goal. During one of the exams, she reveals her admiration for Suga.

  9. Rookie King Episode 4

    V and J-Hope express how they want to kiss Jennie instead in their punishment while Jimin, Jin and Jungkook get defensive. BTS have an Open your heart session. Tension rises between Jen and Suga as a rivalry is created between them while playing basketball.

  10. We're Proud Of You

    Jin helps Jennie when she has an unexpected period. Jennie has another annual event that she created and decides to just go alone without letting BTS know. Little does she know, she can’t hide things from her boys and they’ll always be there for her.

  11. Letter To ARMYs

    BTS and Jen show their appreciation to ARMY and things get emotional.

  12. Rookie King Episode 5

    Things continue to get intense as BTS and Jen try to avoid the Skull Card. After the show, Jennie nurtures Jungkook back to health when he gets a stomach ache from his punishment in the End Plate.

  13. Rookie King Episode 6

    BTS and Jen jam to Karaoke. Jen tries to avoid the Skull Card again but finds herself in a spicy situation. Jungkook hasn’t forgotten his revenge on Jennie for ruining his white shirts when they get back to the dorm after filming.

  14. They're My Family

    BTS surprises Jen on her 16th birthday, Jen finally makes a V-Log, BTS and Jen attend the Melon awards and the guys give Jennie sweet words to ease her nervousness

  15. Rookie King Episode 7

    Things get heated as BTS and Jen endure two rounds of punishments and an unexpected kiss.

  16. Rookie King Episode 8

    Thanks to a rainy day, BTS and Jen play X Man. During the Of Course game, Jungkook claims that Jennie broke the lamp, which causes an uproar as she tries to explain her innocence.

  17. I Just Got These!

    Jimin brings sexy back. Jen deals with Rapmon’s destructive ways in a not so pleasant manner. Jungkook hangs out with Jennie when he can’t sleep at night and gives her friendship rings.

  18. Boy In Luv

    Jen vows to do better in the next ISAC. Jungkook lip sings to Linkin Park with V and gets Jennie involved. BTS and Jen film Boy In Luv.

  19. Look Forward To White Day

    BTS and Jen are interviewed about their new album, Skool Luv Affair. Jen gets caught in the K-Pop news after getting filmed doing something in public. She celebrates Valentine’s Day and J-Hope’s birthday with BTS

  20. Going to SOPA

    After auditioning successfully for SOPA, Jennie attends school for the first time in South Korea as she goes with Jungkook to the opening ceremony.

  21. Just One Day

    Jennie underestimated Yoongi’s words when he said she would get spoiled for White Day. BTS and Jennie promote Just One Day

  22. Weekly Idol

    BTS goes on Weekly Idol for the first time.

  23. 4 Things

    Jennie and the rest of BTS join in to prank Rap Monster and Jen gives her point of view on him.

  24. American Hustle Life Episode 1

    Jennie just can’t keep her mouth shut when her and BTS are suddenly kidnapped in LA. Jennie gushes over Tony. BTS and Jen meet Coolio.

  25. American Hustle Life Episode 2

    Jennie proves that she has knowledge of hip hop and gets words of wisdom from Coolio when she reveals she would like to rap one day, especially about female empowerment and confidence.

  26. American Hustle Life Episode 3 Part 1

    Jennie talks about her passion for freestyle dancing as her and the guys are put to the test to prove their dancing skills.

  27. American Hustle Life Episode 3 Part 2

    After being called out to dance, Jennie proves she doesn’t need the guys to dance for her. Jen works alongside Suga for the dance competition. Jen and Jungkook are interviewed about their friendship

  28. American Hustle Life Episode 4

    When the next challenge has to do with rapping, Jen is quick to let Suga know about her lack of skills. Suga however, reassures her and is finally asked by her for rapping lessons.

  29. American Hustle Life Episode 5

    Finding out that she won’t be able to use the Bangtan Boys for the American Version of Boy In Luv, Jennie attempts to use her charm to grab a guy to film with her

  30. American Hustle Life Episode 6

    Jennie is bombarded with questions about Kevin. Apart of Team R&B, Jennie tries to improve her vocal skills and calm her nerves when Iris requests her to sing an emotional song.

  31. American Hustle Life Episode 7

    Jennie brushes off the subject about her old group. Jungkook gets jealous when he finds out Jennie and V are working at an Ice Cream shop. Off screen, Jen and Namjoon eat together but are interrupted.

  32. I Found It Here In Big Hit

    Vexed, Jennie attempts to control her emotions when confronted by Hailey. Finally, after the altercation, Namjoon and the rest of the members ask her what really happened in her old group

  33. BTS China Job

    Throwback chapter of when BTS and Jennie go to China

  34. KCON 2014

    BTS attend and perform at KCON for the first time. Jennie meets G-Dragon. Someone makes a surprise visit for Jennie

  35. American Hustle Life Episode 8

    Spending their last moments in LA, BTS and Jen finally hold their concert.

  36. I'm In Danger, Huh?

    BTS and Jen promote their new album Dark & Wild. Jungkook invites Jen to work out with him.

  37. War of Hormone

    Jen portrays a sexy persona as she films War of Hormone with BTS. An old friend messages Jen when she creates a new Instagram.

  38. Dancing With Jungkook

    Nervous because she’s not used to dancing so close with guys, Jungkook helps Jen to relax when up close and personal.

  39. You Are Special

    Jin continues to freak out about JenKook’s dance, Jen reveals a secret hobby and befriends Amber from f(x) on A Song For You. Jimin and Jungkook playfully fight over Jennie. Jen exceeds expectations, earning props for her charisma in War of Hormone and nurses Jungkook a second time.

  40. Open Mind ^_^

    This isn't a chapter in the story, but just a little update

  41. You're Easy To Mess With

    Jen celebrates her 17th birthday, her friendship with Amber grows. Some of the members attempt to mess with Yoongi & Jennie while they nap. Jen visits Angelina in LA to support her upcoming album, only for it to be crashed by unpleasant guests.

  42. MAMA Awards 2014

    While collabing with Block B, Jen becomes fast friends with Taeil. Namjoon and Jin’s protective parenting begin to irritate Jen. The guys tease Jen over her love for Ailee. BTS get protective when a guy starts to make moves on Jennie

  43. BTS NOW

    BTS head off to Thailand. Jen and Tae reveal that they are well aware that they’re shipped constantly by ARMYs.

  44. Running Man

    BTS guest star on Running Man, playing the Tag Game. Running Man cast quickly find out that JenKook are dangerous when they work together, and try to separate them.

  45. My Ideal Type

    Throwback chapter for Episode 95 of After School Club while they promoted Danger, Jennie shows off her guitar skills, reveals fun facts such as her ideal type, first kiss and the high expectations & insecurities with her anticipated DJ skills.

  46. Let's Name It Iron Man

    en and Angelina get into a dispute with Amity on Instagram due to false rumors, while Jen deals with Anti fan hate comments. Jungkook gives Jennie the cutest gift for Christmas.

  47. BTS Season's Greetings

  48. BTS Red Bullet Concert

  49. I'm Lacking

    Jen supports GFriend’s debut. The Anti hate begins to get to Jennie harder than before as she begins to push herself. She learns the hard way what happens when she wants to work 24/7

  50. How Much You're Loved

    Jen is in the hospital, after collapsing from exhaustion while ARMY trends positive messages for her on Twitter. The members think of memories and thoughts when they first met her

  51. I Need U Shooting

    Yoongi and Jen get into a heated argument. BTS shoot for I Need U as Jen impresses with her acting skills portraying a naive girl in an abusive relationship. Gaining confidence, Jungkook decides to tease Jen when he asks her for a massage.

  52. And What If I Don't?

    Out to dinner with her family, Jen is questioned about her personal life as a few members want her to date someone within her race. But she questions what the problem is with not. JenKook spend a night in the dorm alone while the guys are out.

  53. BTS Now 2

    Jennie gets an allergic reaction to Pineapple as she teams with Hobi for BTS Now 2

  54. Hello Counselor

    Jen joins V, Rap Monster and Jessi in an episode of Hello Counselor

  55. Our First Win

    BTS promote their new album and get their first set of wins

  56. He's Smitten

    Jungkook’s white shirts go missing. Jen gets noticed by Baekhyun. Bam Bam finally meets Jennie at Dream concert. Jennie checks out Jungkook’s English

  57. BTS in Kota Kinabalu

    BTS head to Kota Kinabalu for vacation


    BTS celebrate their 2nd anniversary as a group

  59. Two Different Pages

    Jen reveals she accidentally caught Rap Monster watching naughty videos in the studio and reveals another bombshell which shakes ARMY on Tumblr. Jen makes it known that it isn’t wise to disrespect her.

  60. King of Masked Singer

    Summary- For episodes 7 and 8, Jen goes on the show as a guest judge, shocked to see Taeil revealed and fangirls over Ailee.

  61. Don't Steal The Beef!

    Summary- BTS are back on Weekly Idol. Jennie watches a video message that an idol made on the show as she looks forward to making another friend.

  62. Distressed

    Jen briefly goes home to see her family but things go downhill when sasaengs decide to follow her and crash her sister’s big performance.

  63. Payback

    BTS film For You. Hobi and the Maknae Line prank Jen to piss her off by acting loud on purpose while she slept. Jennie gives them a taste of their own medicine by using pots and pans to wake them up. Jungkook is on edge as he anticipates Jen’s move to prank him.

  64. Dope

    BTS film and promote Dope. Jen supports Black Lives Matter and talks to Namjoon about his comment about Tae and J-Hope’s “too black” skin color. Jen reveals a hidden talent and celeb crush during SBS PopAsia TV.

  65. One Person Won't Ruin This

    Jen figures out a way to meet with the NY VIP fans despite the Hi-touch being canceled due to threats to Rapmon. When hanging with Kevin, Jen forgets about her outing with Jungkook.

  66. I Think I Love Her

    The members notice tension with Jennie and Jungkook. Jennie shuts down dating rumors from Allkpop. Jimin and Tae remain persistent for them to reconcile

  67. Rekindle

    Jungkook finds the perfect way to ask Jennie for forgiveness as each member of BTS help out. Jen starts getting jealous for a change. JenKook finally get the members back for taking photos of them while sleeping on the plane

  68. Need to address this (Author's Note)

    Update on what's going on

  69. RUN BTS Episodes 1, 2 & 3

    BTS compete to be the best man/woman and hang out at an amusement park

  70. BTS GAYO Track 1 & 2

    The members go through a Girl Group dance quiz and attempt to answer the correct song by listening to lyrics

  71. Tension Escalator

    BTS have their Undercover Mission in Japan. For the tension escalator, Jen watches with nervousness and assumes Jungkook won’t do anything drastic but was instantly proved wrong.

  72. Fan Meet

    BTS attend a fansign and Jennie deals with more discrimination as OT7 supporters skip and ignore her during the fan sign. Jennie meets and hangs with Sam Okyere

  73. ISAC 2015 Chuseok Special

    Jen shows off her studio and gets noticed by her celeb crush. Volleyball becomes a new competition for the ladies at ISAC as Jen finds it to be her calling while the guys dominate in running.

  74. The Golden Duo

    Due to popular demand, Jennie is asked to guest star in a Couple themed Episode of Running Man, bringing Jungkook with her to go up against other groups of two.

  75. Tense

    Still shooked by the dream, Jennie begins to feel awkward around Jungkook

  76. Protection Squad

    Bam Bam gets bold on Instagram about Jennie. When an anti calls Jen a thot at the airport, Jungkook is quick to lose his cool. Jen saves Jungkook from fangirls bombarding him at the airport.

  77. RUN Filming

    BTS Film Run, Jungkook's secret is almost revealed

  78. Sweet 18

    BTS attend the Melon Music Awards. Jen turns 18

  79. Karma

    Tensions heighten when Jen decides enough is enough and creates a plan to take down Amity and Songstress once and for all.

  80. Under The Mistletoe

    BTS attend the MAMA Awards, Jimin and Taehyung aim to get JenKook to kiss under the mistletoe.

  81. BTS Run Episodes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

  82. BTS GAYO Track 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

  83. GAYO Daechukje & GAYO Daejejun

    JenKook shippers finally catch Jungkook staring at Jennie. Jen takes fans to church with her improved vocals and high note during a collab with some of her fellow 97 Liners

  84. Jungkook's Confession

    Passion runs high when Jungkook finally makes his move to confess his feelings to his best friend.

  85. You Are in Your Feelings

    Jen talks to those closest to her about Jungkook’s confession, Angelina continues to tease Jennie about it.

  86. You Were Worth The Wait

    LOL does this even need a summary?? I think you already know what is about to go down: Jennie tells Jungkook exactly how she feels about him.

  87. It's About Time!

    Jen guest stars in Produce 101. JenKook spend their first Valentine’s Day together, Jen meets Ailee in her own unique way

  88. Fire

    BTS attend ISAC as Jen deals with some unexpected drama. BTS film for Fire and Young Forever.

  89. Prom

    Jen admits she has never experienced prom and always gets sad when looking at prom photos on social media. The members decide to plan one for her

  90. Billboard Awards 2016

    Jen attends the billboard awards with Angelina to support her and promote BTS. Jen finally meets her idol Shawn Mendes


I was very excited for the new update! And it didn't disappoint at all was very satisfied with the Shawn scene too honestly I would act the same as well, also JK's reaction is hilarious!
Your feeding us with em fluff!

kpop4ever kpop4ever

Finally, i was able to read it. I was just so excited! It was 2 long months without updates, I thought I would have a heart attack or idk. I love the new chapter and I'm really nervous about who was taking Jenkook pics, I hope they won't post it! Oh, I would be so mad!

Anyway, see you soon, baby!

Aide Aide

Yooooooooooo! Girl, I have been waiting for this chapter for so long! And you decide to drop so many frickin' JenKook moments, I'm practically dead from the fluff! Love the new chapter and Happy New Year!

CelaenaNC CelaenaNC

Girl...you surprised me! Love the new chapter!

Yixing_Trash Yixing_Trash

Hehehe, an update is coming sooner than you think! ;) Stay tuned! Been back on campus so I have less free time. But I am still working on the story. Thanks for the love!