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I can't tell him i love him ( Kim Hyun Joong Story )


Alice Wu began work as a personal assistant to Kim Hyun Joong a very rich singer/business man. Alice is dating Joon Chen a normal guy that has a lot of problems , Alice starts to fall for Hyun Joong but Alice has a secret she is from a rich family in China her family owns one of the biggest High in Men’s and Ladies wear stores in Shanghai, Alice is the heir to the business and going to Korea this is the last time she will be free from work and the family business Alice does miss home but she also wants freedom. Once Alice is married to a man her family will choose only then shall she become the sole owner of the business. Alice’s grandfather has a match for her and it’s Hyun Joong . What will she do when she finds out that her boss is her future husband , but what will also happen when Huyn Joong’s ex girlfriend shows up and tries to break them apart will she succeed in breaking them up or not.


Aaron Yan as Joon Chen

Aaron Yan as Joon Chen

In love with Alice and is her ex

Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong

In love with Alice and is her boss and future husband

Victoria Song as Alice Wu

Victoria Song as Alice Wu

Alice Wu is in love with Kim Hyun Joon was dating Joon



I love this story :), is there a chance that you'll update?

Klover22 Klover22


Thank you :) Will be updating soon :)

Chocomania23 Chocomania23

I love this story

Kpopfan2580 Kpopfan2580