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I can't tell him i love him ( Kim Hyun Joong Story )

Chapter 4 Jingle and the Music Video

Chapter 4
After feeling sick yesterday i deiced never again to lie about being sick , but i did like the fact that i stay in Hyun Joongs arms that was nice he is so caring. He left late last night i loved watching him sleep he is so cute but sexy at the same time.
So today i have to go to work and see Hyun Joong i don't know will i be able to control my self after a whole day in his arms. Before i start daydreaming about him i need to get in the shower and then get dressed and eat.
So i went to shower and got dressed did my makeup and went down stairs to find something making a noise in the living room i see a little bag that you would normally carry a pet inside so i went close and opened the bag to find a little cute puppy looking at me with eyes that say "keep me i love you". I loved dogs i had two in Shanghai and now i have a new one and i then see a letter on the coffee table.
It was from Hyun Joong so i opened it and read the letter
Dear Alice
You looked alone i know you have a boyfriend but a pet is always there a boyfriend you can replace tomorrow. Alice i'm not good at writing letters but this dog is for you i love to see you smile your a beautiful person so Alice here is Jingle the reason i call him is if you pick him up you will see he has a little jingle bell collar Alice i hope you like him.
Alice i hope to see you today at work and if your wondering how i got in i have a key i made one in case something happens
see you soon
Kim Hyun Joong
I picked up jingle and seen his pretty collar and walked with him into the kitchen where i seen his food and water bowls and i worked to my balcony and seen a little play area for him i put him down and went to see if Hyun Joong did give me dog food too.
I walked back to the kitchen and forgot to close the play area gate and had Jingle walk behind me i knew it was him because of his bell i arrived in the kitchen and opened the pantry door and seen the dog food i gave Jingle his food and water and i made me a cup of coffee when i heard a knock at the door i went to see who is was its was Mike.
i opened the door and said "hey Mike your early we have to leave only at 7:00 am it's 6:00 am right now Mike ". Mike replied "Hey Alice yeah well we are not going to the office today you are going to one of Mr Kim's music videos".
I looked at him and replied "Mike come inside i don't want the neighbours hearing us". Mike walked in my apartment and seen a happy and full Jingle sitting and the couch doing what puppies do sleep. Mike laughed and said 'he yours"? I replied "yes he is mine i got him as a gift".
Mike looked at me and said "Mr Kim never liked having a PA your the first one that he has ever wanted to bring with him to a music video ". I began playing with Jingle when he said that Mike then said to me "Alice Mr Kim and I are like friends no more like brothers i know when he likes someone i may call him Mr Kim but to me i know him as Hyun Joong , I just thought because you had a boyfriend i must call him Mr Kim , Alice he likes you".
I didn't say a word after about 15 mins it was 06:15 i said to Mike "Mike i think we should go i don't want to be late". Mike replied "you should take your dog with he is only a puppy and Hyun Joong dosen't mind dogs and he likes puppies.
I took the pretty carry on dogie bag and put Jingle in there and put a little food in a small plastic containers and and took another small on for his water. I but the food and water plastic containers in my bag and said to Mike "we can go".
He took my hand bag and i took Jingle i almost forgot his leash that Hyun Joong got him i went into the kitchen and took it and closed my apartment door and lock it. I then walked into the elevator and met Mike in the parking lot where he said "gosh woman take forever".
I rolled my eyes and he opened the car door i got in and i seen Joons motorcycle arrive and he seen me and he looked away he looked like he was up to something. Mike started the car and we left my apartment building parking lot and was now driving on the highway when i noticed Joon following us.
2 Hours later
we arrived at the place where the music video was taking place and i noticed Joon was right behind us we got into the places parking lot , once we got a a parking space and parked i got out with Jingle and my handbag and was now walking to towards the entrance.
When we were inside Joon was still following us me and Mike walked to the pool and that's when i seen Hyun Joong standing there shirtless and he was looking hot i was almost going to faint. Mike and i walked over to where he was and he said "hey Alice i see you brought Jingle along". I replied "Hello Mr Kim yes i did he is a really good boy he is sleeping at the moment".
Hyun Joong was then called by the director and he told him that the actress that was supose to act got sick and he had no one else to use. I then seen Hyun Joong looked at me and said to the director "won't she work".
He point to me and i was in shock the director came over to me and said "your doing this music video:. I just nodded my head i was then pulled away before they could pull me away completely i gave Jingle to Mike and was rushed off to hair and makeup.
After they got me dress up i walked on to the set and the director told me i would have to kiss Hyun Joong and i knew Joon was here i don't know what i'm going to do nut i'm going to have to kiss him. It was now time for the kiss since i was scared but i did daydream about this so ok.
The song began to play and Hyun Joong came closer to me and he then grabbed my waist and pushed me against him and he began kissing me and i began kissing back i didn't want this to stop but it had to end when it did i want more.
Bfeore we could even ask the director it was ok Joon came walking on the set and punched Hyun Joong and looked at me and said "Alice your coming with me now "! I replied to Joon "No Joon you just punched my boss i will talk to you later". Joon grabbed my hair and pulled me before he could drag me with him Mike punched him and Joon was taken away by another members of Hyun Joong security team.
I walked over to Hyun Joong and asked him "are you ok i'm so sorry". Hyun Joong looked at me and said to me "you didn't do anything Alice you shouln't say sorry" , Hyun Joong pointed to Jingle who was trying to catch his tail. Me and Hyun Joong laughed and i said "Jingle come her".
Jingle came running but he didn't see the pool me and Hyun Joong ran to the pool only to see him swimming like nothing happen , when he came close to us i picked him upo and Hyun Joong and had a towel ready for him. Hyun Joong took him from me and dried him off.
Hyun Joong and me looked at Jingle and said "Jingle you really are cute". i dried his ears off and after we dried him off he went chasing his tail again. Hyun Joong then Took me into his arms and said to me "I want to stay like this Alice will you let me hold you"? I replied "yes Hyun Joong".
After what happened to Hyun Joong the Music video was moved so while i was sitting in Hyun Joong arms they were packing up. After they packed up it was time for me to go home i said to Hyun Joong "Hyun Joong i'm leaving i will see you tomorrow bye". He said bye and i the left with mike and a Jingle that was super excited to go home think or he wants to chase his tail some more.
When Mike dropped me off i went straight up to my room to find Joong sitting on my couch i said to him "what do you want punching my boss was not enough". Joon laughed and replied 'Alice you have two choices Me or Hyun Joong". I replied ''I choose Hyun Joong". Joon walked out of my apartment before he closed the door he said to me "I will be back Alice".


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I love this story :), is there a chance that you'll update?

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Thank you :) Will be updating soon :)

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I love this story

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