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I can't tell him i love him ( Kim Hyun Joong Story )

Chapter 3 Sick and he cares

Chapter 3
So after the day i had yesterday i want just to stay at home and relax and maybe call Zhou mi my best friend that is a singer in super junior m. I call Alexandra and said "hey i'm not feeling so good i can't come in today" she replied "Ok Alice but you will have to tell Kim Hyun Joong your self he is a bad mood today i will put you though.
She put he though to Hyun Joong i waited for a while when he answered i said "hello Mr Kim i will not be able to come to work today i don't feel very well". Hyun Joong replied "Ok Miss Wu i will drop by to see if you truly are not feeling well".
I replied "yes sir" he then said "i will see you in 1 hour Miss Wu". I forgot my apartment is only 1 hour away oh my what am i going to do i am not sick and he can see right though me . so i decided call Zhou Mi he will know what to do. So i called Zhoi mi he took forever to answer the phone i said "Zhou Mi don't you answer your phone"?
Zhou Mi replied 'Hello to you too Alice i was in the shower whats wrong. " Zhou Mi my boss is coming over because i lied and said i'm sick so now he is coming over how do i make my self look sick"?
Zhou Mi replied "Alice i don't know try something just don't do anything stupid i will talky you later". Zhou Mi put the phone down , i was now hungry and so i walked to the kitchen and i opened my refrigerator and seen something Joon made 2 days ago i think and it looked ok to eat so i took it out and ate it i now waited for Hyun Joong to arrive.
After waiting about an hour Hyun Joong arrived and i was feeling weired i opened the door and he said "Alice you don't look so good". He was right i don't feel good i need to throw up i told him "excuse me I then ran to the nearest bathroom and began to throw up".
Hyun Joong came in and fixed my hair and did hold my hair while i threw up. Hyun Joong then said "what did you eat"? I stood up and flashed the toilet and then washed my mouth out and replied "something my Joon made me i don't really know when he made it".
Hyun Joong walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen and there was a bit of food left over he smelt it i walked into the kitchen and he looked at me and said : Alice you ate at least 3 or 4 days old food its gone bad did you not smell that something dosen't taste or smell right:.
I didn't reply put the power was off in the time Joon made me that maybe it could be then when the food went bad. I walked to my living room and Hyun Joong was in the kitchen making something he came out and i noticed what he was wearing he look like a real business man in a beautiful black suit with a red shirt he looked really good.
I loved that he didn't wear a tie and that you could his chest. Before i could daydream more there was a knock at the door. Hyun Joong said "I will get it". It was Joon who was at the door and he was not to happy too see Hyun Joong here and i was still in my pj's.
Joon said 'Alice are you ok you look pale". Hyun Joong replied to Joon 'well she was sick about 10 mins ago but she is fine now'. Joon looked at him and then he looked at me and he asked me "what is he doing here Alice i asked you do you love this guy"?
Before i could reply i had to go to thorw up again Hyun Joong was right behind me he held my hair up and helped me up. I fleshed the toiled and then wanted to brush my teeth but Hyun Joong stopped me and said "it will make you even worse so just was your mouth out".
I did as he said Joon walked i and said "you should leave Kim hyun Joong she is my girlfriend not yours ". Hyun Joon replied "why don't we ask Alice to chose who is staying and who is leaving". I said "I'm sorry Joon but i would like Hyun Joong to stay'. Joon said "Alice why"?
I replied "Joon i don't want you seeing me like this and you cna't stay out of work"Joon now understood why and so he kissed my forehead and then left. I walked out of the bathroom and went to sit back in the living room Hyun Joong sat next to me and took his phone out and call the office to say he is not coming back today to the office and then called someone else .
Hyun Joong took off his suit jacket and sat back down on the couch the couch and i was feeling a bit better there was a knock at the door Hyun Joong answered it and it was his personal doctor who came in. Hyun Joong said to me "Alice he is here to see if your ok".
The doctor checked me out and gave me medication i had to drink and then left , before i could take anything Hyun Joong made me something quick to eat i then took the medication i was given by the doctor. After i took the medication i felt very sleepily i fell off to sleep in the living room.
Kim Hyun Joong POV
I seen her fall off to sleep she is beautiful , i should take her to her room. I picked her up and walked up the stairs with her she is is not that heavy i walked into her room to see her working on a song and seen pictures of a super junior member and her.
I put her in her bed and closed her and was about to leave when i heard her say "I love you Kim Hyun Joong". I'm sure she is dreaming before i could leave she hadn't let go of my hand and she was not letting go so i sat next to her and i began to feel sleepily. I woke up to see her looking at me she said to me "Hyun Joong your cute when you sleep". She is beautiful all i want to do is make her mine . spoil her and let her know i care.
I said to her "Alice close you eyes and go back to sleep". She replied "i slept enough Mr Kim". I chuckled and smiled she was really a pure gem. I think i'm falling in love with her.


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I love this story :), is there a chance that you'll update?

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Thank you :) Will be updating soon :)

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I love this story

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