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I can't tell him i love him ( Kim Hyun Joong Story )

Chapter 1 My new boss

Chapter 1
I felt the plane take off i look out my window to see me leaving Shanghai. My name is Alice Wu i'm the heiress to Wu fashions in Shanghai one of the biggest high in men's and ladies's wear.
I going to Korea for my last taste of freedom so i will be married to someone that my grandfather has chosen to be my husband. I'm at last going to Korea to work and meet my online boyfriend Joon Chen.
I met Joon online two months ago and i very happy but i know i will never be able to marry him. I will be working as a personal assistant to Kim Hyun Joong a famous singer/business man so lets see if he is as good as they say he is.
2 hours later
I was in Seoul i walked off the plane and now was waiting for my luggage , once i got my luggage i walked out to see my new boss standing there i was in shock i thought my boyfriend would pick me up but it seems my uncle had other plans for me.
I walked over to where he stood and when i was in font of him he really was all what the fans and people say about him i said to him "hello i'm Alice Wu nice to meet you".
I looked up to see him chuckle he took my hand and said "I'm Kim Hyun Joong your uncle said you would be more safe with me than you boyfriend." I thought to myself "of course my uncle said that". Hyun Joong then led me out the airport and into his sexy Lamborghini. Once in his car i seen my luggage go into other car.
Hyun Joong looked at me and seen my diamond necklace falling off he then put his arms around my neck and fixed it i said shyly to him "thank you ". Hyun Joong just nodded.
After a long drive we finally we arrive at my new apartment Hyun Joong look at me and said "so we are here my boys will take your luggage up for you here is my card if you need anything". I took the card and asked "when do i start work?".
Hyun Joong smirked and replied ''tomorrow you start work". I seen him get into his car and drove off i then seen his boys coming out of my apartment building with my keys in hand.
The guy came up to me and said "I'm Mike the leader of Kim Hyun Joong security and here is your keys call me if anyone bothers you". I smiled and took my keys and went in to my apartment building when my phone rang it was Joon.
I answered and Joong said "Hey baby so your now in my town need some help with anything".I replied "Hey Joon no i just want to be a bit alone i will call you later". Joon then said "ok baby wanting for your call to say when you need me ".
I hang up and got into my apartment and started unpacking while unpacking i thought of Kim Hyun Joong. I then heard my phone ringing it was Kim Hyun Joong I answered it and said "hello". Hyun Joong said "hey Alice i need a favor".
I replied "what kind of favor Mr Kim"? Hyun Joong laughed and replied "well i need a place to stay my house got flooded with water a pipe did burst so can i stay with you ". I was going to say no but i need to see him again so i said "yes sure just knock on the door and i will open".
After about and hour Hyun Joomg arrives and i open the door and welcome him into my home. Hyun Joong looked at me and said "my bedroom where is it if you don't mind me asking".
I'm so lucky my uncle did fully furnished my apartmemnt i replied to him by saying "oh sorry this way". I the walked him pass my living room that looks like a war zone. One we got to his room i said "this is your room".
I walked him into the room and showed him around the room and then left. I then heard my phone again and it was Joon why don't i want to answer is calls why do i want Hyun Joong.
I then answered and he said "Babe i want to see you". I don't want to see him i turned my head to see Hyun Joong standing in my front of my shirtless and with a towel around his waist i say to Joong "I'm a bit busy with my vases i will call you back bye ". I hang up and looked at Hyun Joong and asked "is something wrong".
He walked closer to me and i was now walking backwards and i was going to hit the wall soon. I was now up agasinst the wall...When i heard my alarm clock go off i woke up and said "it that was a dream", but why did i want it to be real why did i want Kim Hyun Joong to kiss me and not Joon .
Wait a minute how did i get into my bedroom i was still in the living room is Kim Hyun Joong in my apartment or not. I took a shower and then got dressed and went downstairs to see a figure standing in the kitchen. As i got closer it was Joon not Kim Hyun Joong so i dreamt the whole thing about him staying here with me.
Joon turned and said "Alice your up". I just smiled and then asked Joon "joon did you pick me up from the airport ". Joon replied "no your boss did and i called you saying that my apartment is flooded and asked can i stay with you remember" So i didn't dream it all i just thought it was Kim Hyun Joong and not Joon.
I smiled and said "sorry can't stay long i need to get to work". Joon said "but babe you just got here and you want to work", I replied "well i have to make a living Joon". Joon smiled and we had breakfast and i left for work. I got into the lift when Hyun Joong called me and said "Mike is picking you up we are going to my office" . He sounded very business like.
I got out of lift and went outside to see Mike waiting for me. I got into the car and said "hey Alice Mr Kim has an important meeting today so we are going to the office. After a long drive we finaly arrive at the office and my boss looks good.


Hey guys i hope you like it :)
Please vote and comment , I would really like your guys opinion
Love Chocomania23


I love this story :), is there a chance that you'll update?

Klover22 Klover22


Thank you :) Will be updating soon :)

Chocomania23 Chocomania23

I love this story

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