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I can't tell him i love him ( Kim Hyun Joong Story )

Chapter 2 Oh Boy !

Chapter 2
I got out of lift and went outside to see Mike waiting for me. I got into the car and said "hey Alice Mr Kim has an important meeting today so we are going to the office. After a long drive we finally arrive at the office and my boss looks good.
I don't know why i;m thinking more about my boss than my boyfriend I need to focus but how do you when you are drooling over your boss while looking at Hyun Joong my phone rang it was my grandfather.
I answered and heard my grandfather say "hello my daring Alice i hope your doing well "? I replied "hello grandfather I'm well thank you grandfather and how is my dear grandfather doing i hope your not working too hard". I had a very big smile on my face i was my grandfather and grandmothers favorite along with my sister Lee.
My grandfather said to me "Alice i'm well your mother says i'm working to hard and your uncle is bothering me." I then heard " my uncle in the back round saying " me your the one that all most got a heart a attack over a cup of Chinese red tea "! I laughed and said to my grandfather " i got to go i'm working grandfather talk to you later bye".
Before i could put down he said " you better call me bye Alice grandpa going to drink tea". I then put the phone down and seen Mike looking at me i looked at him and said " what"? He pointed to Hyun Joong who was standing there looking pissed off.
Hyun Joong said to me " MY OFFICE NOW"!! Mike looked at me and said " follow him and don't say anything unless he talks now go"! Mike pushed me to walk i walked behind one of Hyun Joong's bodyguards once i was near his office his sectary said " you may go in ". I walked into his office and seen him looking at me he said " sit down Alice". I sat down on a chair in front of his desk.
He said to me " Alice last night i call you and you say to that your busy with your vases and don't have time for me and then you were on the phone with your boyfriend". I replied " i'm sorry Mr Kim i didn't mean to i was really busy and it was my grandfather that i was speaking to i'm very sorry". I now was thinking to myself " your were not busy with vases you were thinking about him ".
Hyun Joong stood up and walked over to me and put his hand on my chin and tilled my head so i could see him , I looked into his eyes when he said " Listen well Alice when your called by me you drop what your doing ok i don't mind you answering your families call just next time tell me also Joon may not step foot in my building understand".
I nodded my head he then clapped his hands and said " my sectary will show you your desk and will tell you what you will be doing you are dismissed". I walked out of his office when he call me back he said "Alice your necklace".
I turned back and walked over to him and took my necklace and walked out of his office and went to his sectary she introduced herself as Alexandra Park she showed me around and then showed me my desk after a tour and i sat down at my desk when started to think about how my necklace fell off just before i could think more about it , i got a phone call it was Joon.
I looked at my phone and decide to answer I said " Joon i'm working what is it" ? Joon replied " i wanted to have lunch with you so i called" I replied to Joon " sure why not " . Joon and i then put the phone down when Hyun Joong called me to his office.
I walked into his office and seen members of SS501 standing there i walked over to him and asked him " yes Mr Kim do you need something "? Hyun Joong smiled and replied " yes i need you to fix these documents and make sure that this company gets it.
When i walked out with everything i heard one of the members say " she hot mind if i steal her". While i was closing the door i heard Hyun Joong say " no she is mine sorry ". I smiled to myself and walked back to my desk and started work

3 hours later and it was lunch time i told Alexandra i will be going out but she told me i had to ask Hyun Joong first before i could leave i walked to his office and knocked before i entered.
I walked to his desk he looked up from his laptop and asked him " Mr Kim i would like to go out for lunch may i go"? He smirked and replied " out for lunch well i'm starving so lets go i have things i need to tell you , now please call your friend or boyfriend and cancel".
I just nodded and walked out of the office and called Joon once he picked up i said " Joon i can't go out to lunch i'm going on a business lunch sorry babe". Joon replied "no it's fine i was about to call and say i can't come bye babe ".
When i put my phone down i felt arms come around my waist and heard someone say " lets go Alice". It was Hyun Joong i now walked with him to the elevator. We walked into the elevator and went down to the parking lot.
We got into his Lamborghini and left the parking lot , once out of the parking lot i seen Joon outside. Joon then looked at Hyun Joong and me , I seen shock on Joon's face Hyun Joong looked at my face and drove now out on the main road Joon was following us.
We arrived at the restaurant i looked at the name this is where Joon works i looked at Hyun Joong and said " I'm sorry but my boyfriend works here and he is going to be pissed off if he sees me with you". Hyun Joong just smirked and said " I don't care if he doesn't like it come lets go ". I jumped out of the Lamborghini and walked in the restaurant with Hyun Joong.
We sat down at a table and Joon was our waiter i looked away when he came he said " i thought business lunch not lunch with my boss Alice "! Hyun Joong replied " this is business can't i have lunch with my personal assistant Mr Chen"?
Joon was shocked that Hyun Joong knew his name he said " how do you know my name "? Hyun Joong smirked and said " everyone that works for me gets a back round check and i seen that my new PA boyfriends name and surname is Joon Chen ".
Joon then said " may i take your order sir" Hyun Joong ordered the food finally came and we ate after a nice lunch. We went back to work after a long day of work Hyun Joong wanted to see me in his office.
I went up to his office and knocked on the door i heard him say " enter" I walked in and asked " you wanted to see me " ? Hyun Joong replied " yes i have something to tell you Alice i will be releasing a new album soon so you will be with me a lot on the road".
I nodded my head after the kind of meeting i went home. To find a very pissed off Joon , I don't want to deal with this Joon stopped me and said " Alice you lied to me business lunch with that rich boss of yours"! I looked away from Joon when he said that i replied to him " Joon stop i'm not in the mood".
Joon now was yelling " THE DAY YOU GET HERE HE PICKS YOU UP I COME AND STAY YOU DON'T EVEN KISS ME DO YOU LOVE KIM HYUN JOONG ALICE TELL ME"!!!! I replied " are you drunk Joon he is my boss not my lover get that though you thick skull"! I walked away and took a shower after i came down i seen Joon left he left a not saying
Alice i'm leaving i'm going back to my place the place is now fixed talk to you tomorrow
Love Joon

I said to myself " Oh Boy what a day"!


A big thank you to everyone that's reading hope you enjoy :)
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I love this story :), is there a chance that you'll update?

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Thank you :) Will be updating soon :)

Chocomania23 Chocomania23

I love this story

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