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Drabbles by CL (different groups)


I started about one year ago on my blog @smutfictionaddicted. Now I have another blog called @writings-by-cl but I keep writing. To thank all my readers, I prepared a Drabble Raffle with different idols from different groups.
I hope you enjoy these little stories.
Please do not repost, copy or modify any of my content, thank you. Love, CL.


  1. A Lil Bit (Simon D x Reader)

    Label: AOMG - “Let’s get out of here. Like, now.”

  2. I may be difficult, but you don’t like it easy (Key x Reader)

    Group: SHINee - “I’m sorry, I don’t speak loser. Say it in a language I can understand.”

  3. With you, my life is art (TOP x Reader)

    Group: BIGBANG - “I’m not getting in there, no sir, no way.”

  4. Lick, kitty (JHope x Reader)

    Group: BTS - “This is so good, please don’t stop…!”

  5. Goodnight (Johnny x Reader)

    Group: NCT - “Hopes before hoes. Your dreams should come before some girl you just met.”

  6. Waffles or pancakes? (Seungri x Reader)

    Group: BIGBANG - “Kill me. You can choose the weapon, just kill me now.”

  7. Bad Kitten (Jimin x Reader)

    Group: BTS - “Is that… Is that a tail?!”

  8. Absolutely and utterly nasty (Jay Park x Reader)

    Label: AOMG - “Too late, she’s already there.”


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