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Mended Heart

Locks of Love

Sorry for the wait, I was busy with exams. But, I hope you like it.
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GOT7 (JB)-Forever Love

~Author POV~
Jackson: Here
He handed you a lock and a permanent marker.
You: What should I write?
Jackson: Well, whatever you want to write; whatever you wish for or something you want
to keep as a promise.
You: Hmm…
Jackson stood up and started walking off.
You: Jackson-ah, where are you going?
Jackson: A place where no one will stare at my writing.

~Your POV~

I just gave him a “seriously” glance; he just winked and walked off.
There’s so many things I want to write, to wish for, and I want to write all of them on this
one lock. It was really hard to decide on the most significant wish; I saw children laughing
and running around in the distance and finally got an idea.

~Jackson’s POV~

Ugh~ What do I wish for? Eternal love? Eternal happiness? I looked around for some
My eyes stopped at a couple sitting on a bench; both had white hair, grown from age.
They were sitting shoulder to shoulder, chattering, grinning from ear to ear and marveling
at the view. I smiled, as I got an idea.

~Your POV~ -time skip of ten minutes-

You: And… done!!
I wonder if Jackson’s done. I looked around and finally found him smiling at himself while
writing. I giggled at how adorable he looked, unaware that I was standing behind him.
Without disturbing him, I took out my phone and slowly took a picture of him to keep as a
momento. I smiled in satisfaction as I set the photo as my lock screen and calmly put my
phone back into my pocket; I walked toward him. He looked up at me and smiled.
Jackson: I’m done; are you?
I smiled and nodded.
Jackson: Good, let’s trade then.
You: Huh??
Jackson: Let’s trade so we can read each other's’ locks.
I shyly passed him my lock, worried about his reaction toward my message. Jackson
confidently gave me his.

We stared at the writing on the locks.
The lock said: //translation from Korean to English//
“I’m with the girl of my dreams; what more could I ask for? My biggest wish is that
we will stay together for eternity, even beyond the grave. I want to stay together, married or not; one day, we’ll age, hopefully together, and we’ll come back here from the pushing
of nostalgia on the same day we wrote on these locks just to rejoice the times of our life
we had together.”
-Jackson //mm/dd/yyyy//
My heart fluttered; I could feel the tears threatening to spill out of my eyes.


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Quick Question: I was wondering... My story rating is going down lower and lower everyday. It has never gotten to a 9.1. By 1 vote, it dropped from 9.9 to a 9.6. Now by 2 votes, it went from 9.6 to a 9.1?! Readers I'm afraid to proceed this story or my writing if my skills are degrading. Please help me. Give me suggestions and feedback. If everything go well, I will make a special series in August with 7 books/stories. Each story containing around 15 chapters. Trust me you will like this series ;)


Special thanks to my readers who commented on my story! Here is just a little something I made for you guys. Don't take it personally if you feel offended, it's just how I felt.

I thank you, @MarksonMandu, for being the very first to comment on my very first story. It made me glad that someone noticed me and was enjoying my story. Thank you!

I thank you, @Yerdy1999, for guessing the plot of one of my chapters right. I was so happy that you were actually reading it ad you actually tried to answer my question. Thank you!

I thank you, @gotiexo, for being there and reading my story (even though I took forever). I am happy that how we are still in contact and I feel happy that you send requests to me. I will happily write your scenario. Thank you!

I thank you, @Coconut_Mango, for being so friendly and nice to me. Your kindness made me happy. It helps me think positively and happy when I'm writing my chapters. Thank you!

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I thank you, @I_Enjoy_Food, for the supportive comment you wrote. Believe me, I look at it sometimes when I doubt in my writing. It really ensures me that I am doing what I want to do and I am going to keep doing it. Thank you!

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In summary, I thank all of you. Please don't take the number of lines I type for you as who I favored more or less. Trust me, my gratitude can't be expressed through words on this little comment box. I hope we can continue advancing together! 사랑해❤~! - TuanTuan

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catdog21 catdog21

It is isn't it? So, book two or nah?

TuanTuan TuanTuan

It's so cute with Angie in it

catdog21 catdog21

@catdog21 @Gimminey20
I'm glad you like my book. Now that I completed it, please do check out my other works and make requests on my form that is posted in my bio!

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