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Mended Heart

Where are We Going?

Just 2 more chapters and a chapter of epilogue left! Bear with Me!
Remember to listen to the music while reading!

BTS- Beautiful

~ Your POV ~

I fluttered my eyes open. 9:24 am. It was no longer raining, and the sun was shining through the sheer curtains.
I slipped out of Jackson's embrace and headed toward the kitchen to make brunch.

I decided to make western-style breakfast today. While the eggs were scrambling, a pair of arms were suddenly wrapped around my waist. I giggle in response while I was still busy making the eggs.
You: Good morning, Thunder Kisser.
Jackson: *chuckles* Good morning, angel.
I set down the plates with scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. I poured juice/milk into 2 cups and sat them on the table.
We sat down with our utensils but Jackson wasn't touching his food.
You: Jackson-ah, is it not good?
Jackson: *smiles* Aniyo, I'm just waiting for my angel to feed me.
I chuckled and picked up a piece of bacon and held it in front of his mouth.
You: Ahh~
Jackson: Ahh~
Jackson took the piece of bacon while taking my fingers with it also.
I quickly slipped my fingers out.
You: Jackson, not my fingers!
Jackson: *chuckles* Well you look tasty, so... *smirks*
You: Yah! Do you mind?
Jackson: *smiles* No, no I don't
I hit his arm playfully; he just laughed.

After we finished breakfast and finished cleaning the dishes together, Jackson decided that we should go somewhere; he told me to go dress in something nice.
I bounced my way upstairs and changed into a flowery one-piece dress, along with a pair of sunglasses and sandals.
When I got downstairs, Jackson was wearing his snapback, sunglasses, and his casual everyday outfit of a tank top and a pair of shorts.
Jackson: Wah! You look so nice.
You: Yea, I got this while shopping with Yugyeom last time shopping.
Jackson: *rolls eyes* You guys probably go shopping like every week.
You: Correction! We DO go to the mall every week.
Jackson: And he pays?
I nodded.
Jackson: Good. He is being a very polite boy. He is being very good for not letting MY angel pay.
I gave him a "seriously" look and he nodded back reassuring me that he is 100% sure.

We got onto Jackson's car and fastened our seatbelts.
You: Oppa, where are we going?
Jackson: Hmm~ You will find out.
You: *tsk* I want to know right now.
Jackson: Nope, not telling you.
You: Jebal~
Jackson shook his head immediately.
You: *sigh* Fine.
Jackson: Go to sleep, it's going to be a while.
You: (-_-) But, I just woke up.
Jackson: *sigh* Just find something to keep yourself occupied.

-After 1 hour-
Jackson: Jagi, We are here!~
I fluttered my eyes open.
Jackson got out of the car and rushed to get my door for me.
I slowly slipped out.
Jackson: *tries to mimic your voice* But Oppa, I just woke up~
You: *frowns* I really want to kill you right now.
Jackson: *laughs* I'm just kidding
You: Whatever *rolls eyes*
I looked behind Jackson and realized where we are.
You: Namsan? Are we at Namsan Tower?
Jackson: Yup! Do you like it?
You: *giggles* Is this a date?
Jackson: Hmm well, I guess you could say that. Now stop standing there blabbing, and let's go.

Jackson dragged me toward the elevator.
The elevator door shuts and the ceiling illuminated. It was galaxy themed.
You:*smiles* It's really pretty.
Jackson: Would you like to go to the galaxy one day?
You: *giggles* How on earth are we supposed to get there? Fly there?
Jackson: Hey, I can fly! *sings* Fly~
You: Yah, yah, hajima.
I hit his chest playfully. I couldn't help laughing at my childish boyfriend.
I loved his playful personality and his gleeful aura.

The elevator door opened. Jackson grasped my hand and dragged me again. We looked at the scenery around us.
Jackson: This is really pretty isn't it.
You: *smiles* Ne
Jackson: But it's not as pretty as my angel.
You: Myo?
Jackson: *smiles innocently* Nothing~
I just shrugged. Then, Jackson took me to another place. He took me to the edge to show me the now distant city. We marveled at its beauty.
Jackson: Jagi, selca~
You: *confused* Huh?
Jackson: Selca!
He took out his phone and placed it in front of us.
Jackson: Let's do something cute.
He pointed at his cheek. I just giggled and pecked his cheek.
Jackson: Good, now I want you to get on my back.
You: Huh?!
It was too late, I was already on Jackson's back. He pointed at his cheek again. I just giggled and attempted to kiss his cheek, but he turned his head so our lips met.
You: *pouts* You stole a kiss.
Jackson just laughed.

We took nearly 10 minutes just posing and taking pictures. After a while, Jackson had another idea.
Jackson: Hey! Let's go get the [promise] locks!
I wanted to get the food first but before I could object, Jackson already was dragging toward the shop to get the [promise] locks.


Hope you liked this chapter! I made it extra fluffy for some of you!
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It is isn't it? So, book two or nah?

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It's so cute with Angie in it

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