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From The Shadows


Taehee called Lumin into his office. The young officer felt a pit forming in his stomach. Sighing, he opened the door to find Taehee pacing back a forth. The leader ignored him when he walked in, but stopped pacing to stare out the window. “Have a seat, officer.” His voice was low and cold. Dangerous.

Lumin sat down and grit his teeth when Taehee turned around. He didn’t sit down, but remained standing. “What the fuck were you thinking? Jihyun could have been saved, if you have just listened to me and taken her back with us.”

Lumin nodded, his lips pursed. “Yeah…We could have taken her back with us so we could watch her kill us all. I’ve been down that road…” His eyes were gleaming with tears now. “You don’t want to do that. They will kill everyone, when given the chance. She tried to kill Jonghyun right after she came out of it.” Lumin was silent for a moment. “Like I said, it’s not a pretty sight to see your dongsaengs killed in front of you…just because you think it was avoidable.”

Taehee shook his head, trying to clear the sight of JJ killing one of his own people in front of him. “Officer Lee, I’m NOT a rookie, and I DO know how it is to lose people. Especially now,” he knew he was being irrational, but didn’t care. “Don’t you dare put your past mistakes on me! This is different.” He sank down in the chair, leaning back and closing his eyes.

Lumin was quiet for a moment, then took a deep breath. “Taehee, I’m not trying to put any of my mistakes on you, and I DO understand that this isn’t easy. I knew her, too. I’m sorry…” Licking his lips, he smiled weakly. “Please don’t take this out on JJ. He was only doing what was needed to protect Jonghyun.”

Taehee shook his head, looking defeated now. “I won't. I should have been a better leader and not taken my guys into that.”

Lumin was surprised at Taehee’s change in demeanor. He was a bit unstable and still seemed to be angry.“Look, I’m going to go find JJ and talk to him. He’s most likely beating himself up right now.”

Taehee simply nodded, and Lumin left. Going to JJ’s room, he found him in on the bed, holding a beer. Lumin sat down on the bed and JJ offered him the can. He accepted a small drink from it, then handed it back.

JJ was tense, but also subdued. “I wish it could have been different. She was going after Jonghyun, and…” He took another drink of the beer. “I didn’t see what else I could do. She would have killed him, in that state of mind and the form she would have taken later. Why did it have to be one of our own?”

Lumin took JJ’s hand, rubbing it gently. JJ frowned and jerked it back. “That’s just how it plays out sometimes. It sucks, but you did the right thing, hyung. I know how hard it is.”

JJ nodded, still tense. “I know. You’re a good friend. Thank you for coming in here.” He hugged Lumin, who pulled him close. “Thank you, Seunghyun.”

Lumin swallowed the lump in his throat, then replied. “Of course. That’s what friends do. I would have done it for anyone.” The feeling in his heart said otherwise. He felt like someone had it in a vice grip.


Jay found Karam lying on the couch, watching television with a bag of chips in his hand. He wasn’t really paying attention to it, which showed his state of mind. He was obviously tense. “Hey, hyung.” Jay gently pushed Karam’s legs over and sat down next to him. He took a few chips when Karam offered them. “You know, that was a terrible thing that happened today, and it sucks that we lost someone, in the process.”

Karam glanced at him, sighing. “You’re not going next time, if that’s what you’re getting at, Jay.” He shook his head, with tears in his eyes. He hugged Jay, and the maknae cuddled into his arm. “Not yet. I couldn’t bear if it were you.” His tears finally fell onto Jay’s hair. “It was so damn quick. I know you’re capable, and Mika won’t let anything happen to you. You’re poisoning scared the shit out of all of us…especially Mika.”

Jay smiled. “I know. I just feel like dead weight right now. I have my strength back, and I can help, hyung.”

“I know you can,” Karam kissed his head. “Maybe I’ll speak with Mika and see if he’ll let you go out next time.”

Jay smirked. “I think I could convince him, hyung. He’s just worried, right now.”

Karam laughed softly. “I don’t even WANT to hear the details on what you can convince Mika to do.” He shook his head, seeing the twelve year old he had met six years before. Jay was not that kid anymore, but he could still charm anyone for anything, and he didn’t want to imagine what he did with Mika. He already knew that they were having sex. That was enough to know about their relationship. “We’ll see who Taehee sets in the special team, and maybe you can charm your way into one of them.”

Jay grinned at him. “Maybe…or I could just suck up to Mika.”

Karam cringed, then smiled at the adult maknae. “I’m afraid you already do…” He squeezed Jay’s shoulder. “You should go…convince him now. He’d probably like to see you.”

Jay smiled softly. “Are you okay, Karamie?”

Karam nodded. “Yeah. It’s just been a hard day. Thank you, little one.”

Jay nodded. “Thank YOU.” He started to leave, then turned back. “Saranghae, hyung.”

Karam flashed him a smile. “Saranghae, babe.” As soon as Jay left, Karam turned off the television and lay back down. He needed sleep and this was as good a place as any.

He woke up later on Minho’s bed in his strong arms. Turning around, he pulled his all boyfriend over him. Minho smiled, kissing him lightly. “What’s this all about, sexy?”

Karam stared into his eyes. “You. I want you. That’s all,” he kissed him more deeply, thrusting up against him. “Are you afraid of me?”

Minho chuckled. “Maybe.” His voice was heated. “I want you, too.” He helped Karam push his sleep pants off, and he removed his own, also. It helped that neither one of them was wearing a shirt.

Licking his fingers, Minho slipped on inside of Karam. He noticed that he wasn’t nearly as tight as he thought he would be. He was more experienced than he looked. Thrusting his finger in and up, he heard Karam gasp. Inserting another one, he began stretching his lover. It didn’t take long for him to be ready, and Karam drew one of his long legs up.

Minho positioned his cock against his Karam’s opening thrust in gently. The clenching heat on his cock felt amazing as Karam encouraged him to thrust deeper. He thrust all the way in, and Karam cried out. Minho stopped, looking worried. Karam grinned as we as he could with the other feelings he was having at the moment. “Why did you stop? You…you feel incredible inside of me. Move, babe.”

Minho smiled and pulled out slightly, just to thrust back in all the way. Karam was already moaning, which was a good sign. He thrust harder and faster, and Karam thrust against him. They fit so perfectly together. They move as one, and Minho hit a spot that made Karam shake violently. It was a beautiful sight and feeling to Minho, and he could hardly believe he was inside such a beautiful man.

Karam suddenly pushed him off and rolled them over. Straddling the other man like he had in the truck, he pressed down onto his lover’s cock. He began to ride the younger man, controlling to pace and moving faster. He had Minho slamming into him as a fast pace, sliding in then almost completely out. That was when he would slam back onto his cock, riding him until he felt the other man’s cock pulsating against his tight walls. Minho thrust harder, and grabbed Karam’s ass as he began to pour his hot sticky seed into the beautiful man. Karam followed seconds later, crying out once more as he came on Minho’s stomach.

He lay catching his breath and kissed his lover passionately. “Thank you. It was…unimaginable.”

Minho kissed him lightly. “Yeah, it was. You’re so beautiful, Hyunchul.” He pushed the other man off of him gently, reluctantly leaving his lover’s wonderful heat. He pulled him close and buried his face in Karam’s hair. “Goodnight, my love.”

Karam kissed his hand. “Goodnight, sexy.”


Karam woke up with a major hard-on. He was also aware that he was in Minho's arms. He also vaguely remembered a dream he had. It had seemed so real...HAD it been a dream, or had he had sex with Minho? He glanced behind himself. His hot boyfriend was still fully clothed in his dark blue pajamas. Oh well. Dream or not, Karam still needed to go take care of himself. Damn...


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