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From The Shadows

The Perfect Evening Activity

Taehee was walking out of his bedroom when Hyuna stopped him. “Hey, are you okay? I know that things are tough on all of us, after last night,” She smiled at him, but it didn’t reach her eyes. Taehee pulled her into a hug, which she leaned into, letting out all of the pain and tears that had been threatening to fall since the night before.

When she pulled away, he kissed her lightly on the lips. “Thank you, Hyuna. Are you going to be okay?” Caressing her face, he looked very concerned. Hyuna had been one of the closest to Jihyun, so it was hard on her.

She nodded, sighing. “Yeah, I’ll be okay…Thank you.” Squeezing his hand, she moved away. “I need to go get ready for the memorial.”

Taehee smiled at her. “Yeah, me too,” he replied quietly.

They held the memorial for Jihyun outside in her favorite place: the garden. After Yooseung had read the letter that had been written in her memory, Taehee stabbed a cross in the middle of the garden. There was a plaque placed on the ground, and JJ insisted on melding in to the ground with his fire. He touched the stone gently, still feeling responsible for her death. He felt a hand on his back and turned to see Lumin standing beside him. He reached down and squeezed his hand. Lumin smiled solemnly, moving his hand to the small of JJ’s back. The older man shivered at the action.

Taehee allowed everyone to have the day off, unless they needed to go take care of something. He took a trip over to their contact’s house, explaining about Jihyun’s death and seeing that the other people would write up a death certificate with a reasonable death on it. That had also been the way he had handled his father’s death.

Yooseung caught Mika as he was heading to his own room. “Hey…I’m glad you are here now. I was wrong in thinking that anything was your fault. It wasn’t.”

Mika had a response sitting at the tip of his tongue, but swallowed that one. Instead, he smiled at him. “Okay. I’m sorry, too. I’m willing to let this all go, if you are.”

Yooseung smiled at him. “Yeah, I am. You couldn’t have stopped anything then or now. It’s just the nature of things. This job…”

Mika nodded, happy that Yooseung had finally come to realize that fact. “Yeah.” He touched the younger man on the shoulder before walking away. He smiled as he left the room, glad that Yooseung that finally forgiven him, though he was sad that it had to take something like this happening to get him to say something.


Around 6:00 that evening, Karam turned to Minho. “Hey, since we’re off tonight, would you like to go out and do something? Maybe we could go on a double date with Mika and Jay.” He grinned, his eyes shining.

Minho could see that his boyfriend was stressed from the tense look in his eyes. He nodded. “That would be fun, babe.” He touched Karam’s hand. “Are you okay?”

Karam smiled at him, nodding. “It’s been a tough morning, but yeah, I’m okay. That’s one reason I wanted to get out of here for a while tonight.” His mind flashed to the dream he had the night before, causing him to blush. “I, uh…would like to get my mind off of this stuff for a while.”

Minho kissed him, pushing him against the wall. Karam pulled him into his bedroom, allowing the younger man to suck on his neck. He threw his head back and moaned, grinding against him. This felt very good, and it was exactly what had been needed this morning. He thrust against the younger man roughly, feeling his erection clearly through the fabric of the jeans. He thrust harder as Minho kissed him more deeply, and he was becoming as hard as a rock again.
Pulling his shirt off, Minho looked at him. “I’m sorry. The shirt was getting really…hot.” Karam smirked, sucking on his neck. “Believe me, I don’t mind at all.” Biting gently, he heard Minho growl lightly. It was sexy and even more arousing than before. “If we had the time, I would love to show you just how much I really want you in me.” Karam’s voice was deeper than usual and rougher with passion.

Minho bit down on the nape of Karam’s neck. “What’s stopping us now?”

Karam thought about that for a moment, then pulled him over to he bed. “I suppose tonight would be a good time…for a SECOND time. I honestly want you NOW.”

Minho laughed softly. “Same here. Are you sure, though?”

Karam thrust against him, showing him that he was serious. “We don’t have anything else to do, and this is a day off. Why would we need to leave this bedroom? We could fuck all evening.”

Karam’s dirty talk was making Minho’s arousal painful now. “Good point.” He reached down and pulled Karam’s shirt off in on easy movement, then began working on his jeans. Once he had them off, he could see Karam’s erection through his boxers. It was a very nice sight and too tempting for Minho to resist. He pushed Karam’s boxers off rather roughly, gaining a harsh groan from the other man as his cock sprang free into the air. He couldn’t believe he was about to be inside this beautiful body.

Karam didn’t waste any time in taking Minho’s clothes off the rest of the way. He was satisfied with what he saw when the pants came off, the black hair at the base of Minho’s cock already slick from sweat. Karam grinned, thinking of how that would only add to the lubrication of the lotion grabbed from the nightstand. Squirting some in his hand, he ran it up Minho’s member, feeling the hot ridges of his large cock. He rubbed the hardness around his hand, running his fingers down to the tip. Minho groaned loudly, sounding very masculine. He pushed Karam to the bed, unable to take the tortour any longer. Karam smiled and guided Minho's hand back to his opening, and the other man inserted one finger, pushing it in as far as he could. Karam uttered a sound that didn't quite sound human. It was beautiful, as was his body that was currently arching against Minho's in plesure. Minho inserted another finger, scissoring until he was about to place another one in. Karam moaned and kissed him on the mouth.

"Come on. Just get inside me already," the young beauty whined, urging his boyfriend on. Minho chuckled, earning a glare from Karam. "You know, a glare isn't very effective when your eyes are full of passion, my love." Minho teased him, but reached over for more lotion and rubbed in on his cock. Shifting over Karam, he kissed him again as he placed his hard cock against Karam's opening. Karam arched against him again, using force to press the head of his lover's cock into him. Minho took that as an obvious hint and thrust into Karam with a snap of his hips. Karam cried out when he was all the way in. Minho's eyes showed concern, but Karam offered a lopsided grin. Minho pulled out slightly, just to thrust back into Karam's clenching heat. He groaned in response to the incredible feeling of his lover. Thrusting just as slowly, he began to purposely drive Karam crazy.

Minho continued this slow pace, thrusting into Karam with powerful strokes. Karam finally yelled out "Harder!" So Minho obliged him by withdrawing almost all the way, then slamming back into his ass sharply. Karam's eyes were rolling into the back of his head with pleasure, and he thrusting his hips up to meet Minho's sharp thrusts. The younger man slammed into him and hit Karam's prostate. That action caused him to come unglued, and his entire body shook as he echoed off the walls. Quickening the pace, Minho hit the same spot over and over, thrusting as hard as he could into him.

After a few more thrusts, Karam felt himself about to cum. His walls tightened around Minho's cock, causing the other man to shudder as his release began to rip through him. He slammed into Karam with all of his force and poured his hot, sticky seed into the beautiful young man seconds before Karam came all over his stomach.

Minho collapsed on Karam's chest, catching his breath. Karam kissed his sweaty hair.
"Wow...That was better than my dream last night, love."

Minho gave him a confused look. "You dream about me?"

Karam laughed softly. "Duh. Who else would I dream about, silly?"

Minho snorted. "Yeah. True." So, I guess we should get ready to go out to dinner with Mika and Jay."

Karam thrust his hips up again, causing Minho to groan. "Well...we COULD stay here. I didn't tell them anything."

Minho pulled out and Karam shifted positions, kissing him as he lay on his stomach. "My ass is yours. We could fuck all night. I told you that."

Minho laughed, but kissed Karam on the back. The words were causing him to become hard again. "You're sexy." He watched as Karam san his back in, raising his ass up. Minho grabbed him around the hips and thrust into him again. Karam sucked in his breath sharply, causing himself to squeak. Minho didn't give him any time to react, taking full control of the sweaty body beneath him. He slammed into Karam, not having any mercy.



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