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From The Shadows

Minho's First Fight

Two days later, Lumin called JJ, telling him he had some other info for them. JJ asked him to come over so they could talk about it. When he got there, JJ was also with his brothers, Taehee, Gayoon, Mika and Yooseung.

Lumin smiled at them, but looked tired. “I found out some interesting things from my father and also from research.” He pulled out a piece of paper, laying it on the table. It was obviously a work in progress, with scribbled out notes all over it. He glanced at Jonghyun. “I found out something interesting…and bad. The reason the Lights didn’t kill Jonghyun isn’t clear, but I suspect it’s because they wanted something,” he took a deep breath, turning to Taehee. “I’m not sure WHY they protected him, but they see it as a favor to us. They most likely will attack the rest of us, but Jonghyun is safe. However, typically they won’t kill the person they attached to through saving, but they won’t hold back with the rest of us or anyone else. I would suggest not taking him with you if you have to go after them.”

Jonghyun nodded. “So, what if I approached them alone, then turned on them? They aren’t doing this as a favor to me, no matter what they see it as. I would rather the rest of you be safe.”

Lumin shook his head. “That wouldn’t work, because if you turned on them, they would kill you. They aren’t peaceful creatures, and gain their power by killing. Jonghyun, if you’re around them for too long, they will cause you to believe as they do, and kill for power. You can’t go. The rest of us will take care of them. You can help with other creatures and problems. I’m sorry.”

Seon sighed. “So, Jonghyun’s a liability. I guess it would be the best idea to keep him back.” He shot Jonghyun an apologetic look. “Do you think it would be safer to let him go on the other cases, and the other two teams deal with the Lights?”

Lumin glanced at Taehee for direction and the leader nodded. “No, I don’t think that would be smart, because you will need the experienced members to deal with them, no offense to the newbies…I would suggest coming up with a team just for the Lights. It needs to be a separate thing. When there is word of the Lights attacking or approaching, we can send them over to take care of it. We need people that have powers to deal with them.”

Seon sighed again. “Okay. Don’t you think it would be better for Jonghyun to risk the Lights to help fight them? We can’t beat them without his help. We need his powers.”

Jonghyun nodded. “It’s true. I will risk it. I’m sure there’s a way around the obsession they have with me, and I’m not weak minded.”

Lumin frowned, turning to Taehee. “What do you think? You’re the leader of all of this?”

“I think that Jonghyun should stay away for safety reasons, but he is needed power wise. I think we just need to keep an eye on him. Are there any signs that show he is being affected?” Taehee smiled at them. “Jonghyun, you think this is a good idea?”

“Yes, I do. I think that if I can help take them out, it’s worth the risk of them attacking me. I happen to have powers that can combat them,” Jonghyun looked nervous. “Seunghyun, are you sure they’re bad?”

Lumin nodded. “Yes, I’m sure. They may not ALL be bad, as with any other creature, but they need to be treated as enemies, if they’re attacking people. It’s the same as any others.”

It was Jonghyun’s turn to sigh now. “Okay. I’d like to be part of this special team, then.”
Taehee turned to Yooseung. “What do you think?”

Yooseung shook his head. “I don’t like the idea of going up against them at all, but we have to, so we do what we have to.”

Karam spoke up for the first time. “I think it is, as long as we keep any eye on Jonghyun. I don’t want to lose him again.” Jonghyun smiled at Karam silently. They noticed that JJ hadn’t really spoken since the beginning of the conversation, even though he had been the one to call the meeting.

Taehee nodded. “Okay, then. I guess it’s settled. I’ll look through the list and see who has experience AND powers and we can set up the new Light team.”

Lumin glanced at JJ, who simply nodded. “I can help as much as possible, since I do have powers. Unfortunately, I need to keep it quiet that I am helping you guys with this. The department won’t be happy about me holding back information from them, but they’ll just have to suck it.”

JJ winced. “Be careful with that.”

Lumin shrugged, smiling at JJ. “I always am. I want to help you guys.”

JJ stared at him for a long moment, then turned away. “Thank you.”

Lumin nodded. “Of course, hyung.”

Taehee stood up, turning to Lumin. “Thank you for the info. We will definitely stay in touch.”


Karam informed Minho of the new plans for the teams.

Minho kissed him lightly. “Well, I guess I won’t be on the powers team, then. That would’ve been fun. That’s okay, though. I can see that it’s dangerous.”

Karam nodded, smiling. “I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.”

“Yeah, but now I get to worry about you, babe.” Minho sighed, looking tired.

Karam looked at his phone. “Well, I just got a text from Taehee. He says there is a werewolf attack going down right now, so I guess you get to see some action.” He winked. “Work action. No one else is showing you any OTHER action..”

Minho smiled, and suddenly looked nervous. “I get to see how it really works now.”


When they got there, they could see that the werewolves were attacking people, and also turning them. It wasn’t a pleasant sight, and the teams set to work killing them.

When they were mostly gone, Minho noticed one behind him. He didn’t know what to do and froze. Jihyun pulled out her knife, stabbing the werewolf. At the same instant that it began to turn to dust, she was attacked by one of the werewolves. JJ shot fire at the werewolf, but it was too late. It had already bitten her. She fell to the ground, and JJ roasted the werewolf, sending it up in flames, them ash.

Lumin turned to Taehee. “We have to leave her. She’ll turn and kill us all.”

Taehee shook his head and he noticed the blank look on Hyuna’s face. He could see that she was stricken by what had happened. “No. We’ll wait.”

Lumin shook his head violently, examining the wound. “It’s already going into her bloodstream. We can’t do anything.”

Taehee glared at him. “I don’t abandon my people! I don’t give a shit what you and your precious department do, but I am loyal.”

Lumin glanced at JJ, who still looked hyped up. “Fuck you. She’ll turn, but I guess that’s for you to deal with.”

JJ sighed. “I agree with Lumin, actually. She will probably turn and try to kill us all. There IS a chance that she won’t, though.”

Jonghyun turned and touched Jihyun. Her eyes shot open, and they were bright red. As soon as he showed the slightest fear, she lunged at him. Seconds later, she was incinerated by JJ’s fire. That was the end of the fight.

Once they got home, Taehee did speak to any of them for a while. He glanced at Minho, looking defeated. “I’m sorry that was the first fight you had the chance to see. That doesn’t happen every time.”

Minho nodded, hugging his hyung. “I’m sorry we lost one of our own. That’s what sucks.”

Taehee sighed heavily. “Yeah…”


While he was tending to the wounded, Red noticed Haru enter the room. “What are you doing in here? You’re not injured.”

Haru smiled at him. “I know. I just want to help you. It sucks for anyone to be alone right now.”

Red sent him a calculating look. “Well…thank you. I could use the company, and you could hand me those bandages.” He smiled at him.

Haru handed him the bandages and they worked in silence, patching up the wounded.


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