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Not so Perfect


Himchan’s POV It’s not that I feel like if Yongguk has a thing for my cousin/sister I would have a problem with it, but it unsettles me that he gives her an envelope and won't’ tell me what it was.
When the part is over we all pile in the van which is a bit difficult with how many presents __- got this year.
My phone goes off and I open it to see it’s from Yongguk.
I open it to see what it says, “You seem unsettled by the last piece of ___’s present. It was a water soaked letter that she had gotten from her father. The reading was almost faded so I had a friend have someone look at it and move the letter onto a different sheet of paper.”
I laugh at my stupidity and message him back, “thanks for telling me, you’re a great friend. I have a question though do you like ___?”
When we stop at a red light Yongguk checks his phone and I see from the mirrors that his face pales.
Soon my phone goes off and it says, “How did you know?”
I look over at him and sigh well i text him, “You think I don’t notice when my best friend is staring at my little sister. You think I don’t notice that my friend who has hardly paid attention to a girl has done such a huge thing for her like what you just did for my sister.”
I hear a voice knowing that it’s my cousin/sister, “Oppa, pay attention to the road if you crash I’ll have mommy kill you.”
I look back and mutter about what she had just said since I’d more than likely die before she would.
Your POV I’m sitting in the back while Yongguk and Himchan are in the front. I’m playing with some of the things that I got smiling at how sweet people are.
“Hey can you guys play EXO,” I call to them as they turn back shrugging.
Well EXO plays I sing along. Slowly I watch the boys act like they are children with me. Zelo and Jongup end up laughing with me and wrapping his arms around my waist. I watch as both Yongguk and Himchan send them death glares, but Yongguk’s seems more dangerous.
I look at my phone to see that EXO had sent me a video.
I pull it up and smile.
I watch as Suho waves to the camera, “Hey we didn't’ get to talk to you very much so we thought we’d send you our birthday wishes in a small little video just for you.”
They pass the camera around and everyone gives me my birthday wishes making me smile as they kept going around until all 12 of them. I chuckle as I save the video at how stupid they can be.
I send a quick text telling them my thanks and that all of us should get together soon.
I watch as Yongguk looks back with a sad look in his eyes.
I look down to see a message from Suho, “Just tell Yongguk your feelings, because from the looks of it you have feelings for him.”
I look at my phone shocked at what he told me.
Suho’s POV “Why did you tell her that she should tell Yongguk that she has feelings for him when you are in love with her?”
I look over at Kris and sigh, “I told her to do so, because I know that since she has feelings for him she will not try to tell him unless she’s given some courage. I’ve known her fo rhow long and we had tried to date once, but it had never worked. The fact we could be friends again is enough for me.”
I get a small look and they sigh knowing that I’m getting over ___ and how I want her to be loved again.
Yongguk’sPOV We make it back to the apartment ____ and the rest of them carry her presents to her room.
When the rest of us are going to leave Himchan asks me to stay with them and I simply agree to stay so Daehyun will drive the rest home.
___ is deep asleep Himchan finally says something to me, “You know what tell my sister how you feel.”
I look at him surprised, “What do you mean? Isn’t that wrong of me to do so? You’re my best friend and we’re in the same band.”
“True, but I can see that you like her and I trust you. I know that you won’t break her heart. Just tell her how you feel.”
I hear a small sound of someone falling and I run up to ___’s room.
I open the door to see her there on the floor rubbing her nose, “That hurt way too much.”
“Are you okay?” I ask her as I kneel down by her side.
She looks up and I notice a slight blush on her cheeks, “I’m alright. Umm... Just had a weird dream.”
“What kind of dream?”
I look away not telling you.
“Do you want to know what the dream was earlier this week when I fell off the couch.
She nods her head, “Yes, and I guess you want to hear my dream?”
I lean down so my face is cloe to her’s and gather as much courage as I can to kiss her on the lips while I take her face in my hands.
“I dreamt I kissed you then I told you how I feel for you.”
“What would that be?”
“I think I might be falling in love with you.”
She looks at me shocked and mumbles, “I must still be dreaming.”
“Cause this is almost just like the dream i just had.”
I smile as I look her in the eyes, “Well Kim ____ will you be my girlfriend?”
She smiles as she leans up and kisses me, “I’d love to go out with you, Bang Yong Guk.”


*gasp* YOU UPDATED!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!! Hiii!!!!

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