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Not so Perfect

Dates Can Go Wrong

Your Pov You think that now I’m dating Yongguk things between us would be less weird.
Well that would be wrong since we are trying to keep the relationship a secret from people.
It’s so hard and I have to listen to the guys tell me and Yongguk all the time that we need to be more careful, because if we get caught then it’d mean trouble for all of us.
Today Yongguk and I are supposed to go on a simple date of a walk in the park and I know that my brother is going to follow us since he’s way too protective of me.
“So Gummy Bear, what do you have planned for us today?”
He laughs a bit quieter than usual as he answers, “Oh you’ll see but we have some time to burn.”
“What do you mean it’s going to get dark soon and I don’t want to be out when it does.”
“Do you not like the dark?”
I nod my head as I look at him, “Yeah, I was attacked once when someone broke into my apartment in California. Someone broke into my apartment at night and tried to rob me during the annual blackouts. Lucky for me I had a nice bat in the house.”
Yongguk laughs a bit, “Then why are you scared?”
“He stabbed me when I went after him with the bat. I was hospitalized for a few days they wanted me to stay longer, but I refused…”
“Your biological parents died in a hospital right?”
I nod my head, “Yea, I had enough time to see them cart them off to the mortgage. I remember seeing how they looked after the car crash and then seeing my mother and father being cart off with a white blanket covering them while it was soaked in blood.”
I feel Yongguk pull me into his arms, “Don't’ worry I’m here with you.”
I couldn’t help but to laugh and let him pull me into his arms.
I love Yongguk’s smell since it’s manly, but it has a sweet gentle feel to it.
“You seem to love holding onto my jacket are you cold?”
I nod my head thinking it’s the best thing to do, plus I am really cold since it’s getting darker by the minute.
I watch as Yongguk takes off his jacket and draped it on my shoulders.
“Thank you,” I tell him as I wrap the jacket more around me then my arms around his arm.
I watch as his face lights up even more in pure joy, “It was nothing. You are my girlfriend and I’ll do anything for you.”
I smile up at him as he leads me to a small ______ with a table in the middle and lit candles and dinner.
“This is beautiful,” I whisper and look at the sky to see more stars than usual, “How did you do this?”
“Ahh, know people who know people,” he says.
I know he did what he could for me, like he had said earlier he would do anything for me.
I know he would and that fact worries.
I don't’ know maybe I’ve seen too many dramas.
You know what now I swear off of dramas for a while.
“Alright, let’s enjoy our date,” I tell him.
He nods and carefully takes my hand in my own and leads me to the small table.
“So what I had made for us is a simple dinner of your favorite food.”
I look at him and smile, “Ahh ramen or teriyaki chicken with fried rice and extra veggies.”
He laughs, “Well I was going to pick ramen, but that would be to easy so I picked up the later.”
I smile at him, “Yes, amazing food for an amazing night.”
He nods his head, “Yeah.”
We hear someone whispering and we sigh, “So which ones do you think it is?”
“Himchan and… Zelo,” i tell him.
He nods, “Me too.”
Before we can say anything else I notice a flash along with yongguk and we groan.
“How did they know about this?”
“I swear whoever leaked this is going to be in trouble,” I mumble, “I want more alone time with my boyfriend.”
Yongguk looks down at me with a slight blush on his cheeks as he nods his head and takes my hand over the table.
“Don't worry about them,” he says.
I nod my head as we finish up I sigh in pure happiness glad that I only saw one flash during the whole dinner, but I’m still worried cause of that.
As Yongguk takes me home in his car I’m quiet thinking of what happened tonight and think that things could have gone better for the two of us.
My first date with my first boyfriend almost went down the drain, but this is what I get for dating someone famous.
When I get home I see my cousin just sitting there, “Ya, stop acting innocent I know you followed us.”
“Cause I know my brother better than he thinks. Also next time don't’ bring the oversized bean sprout with you.’
“Wait you knew I brought Zelo?”
I nod my head, “Hard to miss a giant walking around don't’ you think. You two suck at being sneaky.”
I sigh as I go to head to bed when I get a text from my boss, “You’re dating Bang Yongguk.”
“How did you know?”
“It’s all over the web.”
I feel myself pale since I’m not ready to be attacked by fans and reporters.


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