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Not so Perfect


Your POV Yongguk isn’t driving towards the apartment, but what seems to be more away from it into the city of Seoul.
“Where are we going?”
He shrugs, “Picking up a cake. I thought it’d be better to have you pick one instead of trusting your brother.”
I chuckle, “Oh good idea and not sending Daehyun to pick it up.”
He nods, “Yes, trusting him to get a cake would be a horrible idea.”
Soon we’re pulled in front of a... Alright I’m not good at naming buildings but it’s big and I have no idea where we are.
He takes my hand and pulls me along, “Come on.”
Before I can argue or the thought even crosses my mind we’re in front of some door and he pushes it open and pushes me inside. I almost have a heartattack to see my friends and my cousin shouting surprise. I look around to see not just Exo and BAP, but a few of the clients I’ve worked with since I came to Seoul.
They start singing happy birthday to me and I laugh at them, “Thank you guys.”
As the night goes by I get amazing presents from an amazing new camera to a new tattoo gun that has hello kitty on it.
Soon Yongguk’s present is last mostly because it took him awhile to bring it in since he forgot it in the car when we were coming it trying to make sure I’d be surprised.
Yongguk comes back into the room with a large present.
My brother shouts at him, “what the hell did you get her?”
“___-ah open it,” yongguk tells me.
I walk over to pull a string on the box to see that there’s a wrapped present inside that looks like a frame. I pull the wrapping paper to see all kinds of photos of my parents, me, and rest of my family that I love. In front of it is a smaller frame and I bend down to see what’s inside of this one. I look at it to see that there’s three pictures. One is of Exo and me the first time we hung out. Second is of BAP and me after their annoying week of staying with Himchan and me. Lastly there’s a picture of me and everyone at the tattoo shop.
I didn’t know I was crying until yongguk leaned down and wiped away my tears, “Hey why are you crying?”
“This is so sweet of you, but how did you get all these pictures?”
“Oh some are from Him Chan's mom and then i asked around. so truthfully this is from everyone.”
I hear Himchan shout, “Stop being nice and just take the credit none of us would have thought of this if you didn't’ start asking around for pictures and we didn’t know what they were for.”
“Yongguk this is so sweet of you. I hope you don’t mind but i also asked a favor of a friend of mine. Here,” he hands me a small envelope.
I open it to see a decent sized letter, “what is this?”
“Just read it,” he tells me.
I start to look over it and start crying, “How did you get this?”
“I went into the study and I found the letter. I had a friend of mine separate the inks and lucky for you he was able to do so without anything getting out of place.”
I start crying more and throw my arms around Yongguk, “thank you so much.”
“Hey sis why give him such a hug?”
I smile at him and smirk, “it’s a secret.”
“Yongguk you’ll tell me, right?”
He shrugs, “if your sister doesn’t want to tell you then why should i. To make sure it’s nothing more than a par of the picture present.”
“that’s not very helpful,” he says well pouting.
I kiss my brother’s cheek well I walk up to the cake, “when do we get some cake?”
Himchan’s POV It’s not that I feel like if Yongguk has a thing for my cousin/sister I would have a problem with it, but it unsettles me that he gives her an envelope and won't’ tell me what it was.
When the part is over we all pile in the van which is a bit difficult with how many presents __- got this year.
My phone goes off and I open it to see it’s from Yongguk.
I open it to see what it says, “You seem unsettled by the last piece of ___’s present. It was a water soaked letter that she had gotten from her father. The reading was almost faded so I had a friend have someone look at it and move the letter onto a different sheet of paper.”
I laugh at my stupidity and message him back, “thanks for telling me, you’re a great friend. I have a question though do you like ___?”
When we stop at a red light Yongguk checks his phone and I see from the mirrors that his face pales.
Soon my phone goes off and it says, “How did you know?”


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