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Not so Perfect

Birthday Tattoo

Your POV Today’s my birthday and I have no idea what I’m going to do.
I sigh as I hear my brother and his friends making a mess of the kitchen down stairs.
“They better not be ruin my pans,” I mumble to myself.
I find a cute outfit to put on with a pair of tights as I leave my room.
I look around me to see that neither Yongguk nor Himchan are outside my room for once.
I shrug my shoulders and walk down stairs and instead of heading to the kitchen first, I walk to the closet and pull out a pair of heels with spikes on the heels.
I I set them by the door and I walk to see the boys for once didn’t destroy my kitchen. Instead, they are standing behind the table away from me with a small tray covered with smiles on their faces.
“Alright what did you guys do to my kitchen?”
They lift their eyebrow but after spending a week with me they know that the study and kitchens are truly my room not just my bedroom.
“We wanted to help out with today so we were smart and sent Himchan to get you breakfast.”
They pull a cover from the food to show my favorite.
“Himchan how were you able to find this?”
“I know a chief in the restaurant that makes your favorite Ramyun so I asked if they could do me a favor and open early.”
I hug my cousin and jump up and down, “I haven’t been able to find this. You’ll have to tell me the place when I get back.”
I sit down and pull the tray closer to me as I eat my favorite kind of ramyun, “Aren’t you guys going to eat?”
“Oh we would but we kind of have to do runs. Yongguk says he doesn’t have anything to do until 10 so he’ll be here for a while,” Himchan says as he pushes everyone out the door.
I nod my head and when I finish my ramen, I stand up and put the bowl on the counter near the sink, which has no dishes in it.
“We had the maknaes do them, but Himchan was being a mom character and hang over their shoulders well we cleaned up the mess we made last night well playing video games.”
I smile, “Thanks I’m glad.”
He smiles his gum tooth smile along with his eye smile that goes along with it, “It was nothing now we better hurry or else you may be late for your tattoo appointment.”
“You don’t’ have to leave until 10?” I question him.
“Truthfully that was to get rid of him and the youngers since they are so annoying.”
I laugh at him as I take his arm, “So why do you want to drive me?”
“One: you’re wearing heels that can kill. Two: You don’t’ have much longer until you appointment.”
I look at the time to see that he’s right, “You giving me a ride would be amazing.”
I tell him as he nods his head as he grabs a cap and car keys. We walk to the door to put on our shoes and grab our coats. Mine ends up being a new military like jacket that was sent by Himchan's mom to me for my birthday.
He leads me to the car where I’m more pushed inside, “Are you in a hurry to get rid of me?”
“No, truth is I have something I need to pick up before it slips my mind and it’s a little bit past the tattoo parlor.”
I smile at him as he drops me off at the door of the tattoo parlor where I work and today will be getting my first tattoo in Seoul.
I walk inside to see my boss smile at me, “Ahh you’re here, right on time. What do you think?”
He holds up a finished rendition of what he plans on tattooing on my chest.
I smile at the two hummingbirds that I remember to me mother’s favorite, in the middle is my father’s favorite flower, the lotus, well sitting on the lotus is a butterfly, and on each side of the lotus is my parent’s first names.
“I love it,” I tell him as I stare at the design, “this is just like it was in my head.”
He sighs, “I’m glad I was worried it would have been different,”
I shake my head, “It’s just how I dreamed it would be, but can you change the butterfly to a blue morpho.”
“Of course I’ll change the butterfly and be right back.”
I nod my head and wait for him to come back. When he does, I love the design much more than I did before.
“What color do you want the lotus and that?”
“White, but around the edges can it have shading of pink?”
“Of course it’s your tattoo,’ he laughs and he sets it so the outline is transferred to my skin.
I nod my head and right away, I’m chatting with him as we’re doing the tattoo. It’s all easy stuff to talk about.
“So have you met anyone in the last few months?”
I blush and try to think, “I’m not entirely sure in what you mean?”
“oh stop trying to act cool you’re in love. Who is the lucky man?”
“I’m not sure I’m in love with him, it’s just he’s my brother’s friend.”
“who’s your brother?”
“You wouldn’t know him since he doesn’t have any tattoos.”
“Ahh come on I’m sure I’d still heard of him. How many guys could be a calm girl’s brother?”
I hold in my laughter since he’s doing a tattoo on my chest, “My brother isn’t like me very much… he’s very… loud and childish.”
“Really hard to picture that.”
He’s finishing up the last humming bird which I almost want to jump up and down about since my chest is killing me not that it hurts, but I do feel where the needles were.
“I’m surprised I almost finished this in a short amount of time. I’m so jealous that you take ink so well.”
I shrug my shoulders as he wipes off whatever ink is left on my chest.
“All done,” he sits straight, “Alright what do you have planned for the rest of the day?”
“I’m not sure I think my brother and friends that I have made here don’t know it’s my birthday… Well the guys of EXO do, but I don’t’ know if they are on terms with my brother.”
“Well are you being picked up,” he asks me.
I’m about to shrug when my phone goes off.
I look to see that it’s from Yongguk and I smile.
I look to see what he wants has to say.
I read it out loud, “Are you done if not I can wait? If you are I’m outside.”
“Are we done for today?”
My boss nods his head and I pick up my purse and jacket slipping both on my shoulder and on race out to see Yongguk sitting in the car he took to drop me off.


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