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Not so Perfect

Supposed to be Birthday Planning Not Snooping

Yongguk’s Pov It’s kind of funny watching Himchan start to freak out when it hits the mark of an hour since he talked to ___.
“Dude you need to calm down she said she’d be an hour or two. Plus you have to realize that Exo lives in the SM Dorms we live in the TS dorms they are not far apart at all.”
“Yeah but I live a block away from you guys.”
“True but it’s towards the SM dorm building.”
He nods his head and seems to calm down a bit more, but he is still pacing.
“Himchan what should we get your cousin for her birthday?” Zelo asks him and it seems to catch him off guard.
“Truthfully I don’t know… Maybe Baek and the other Exo members can throw a surprise party for her, but her presents… I know she loves books even though she likes to act like she doesn’t.”
“What kind of books?”
He lifts up an eyebrow and says, “Do you want to see her collection?”
We nod our heads and walk up the stairs to a room that’s across of ___’s room that none of us have tries to enter.
“This is the study for this apartment. It also has all her books inside. Take a look just don’t touch anything.”
We look around surprised by how organized the room is you would think the girl has OCD, but then you would look at how messy her room is it’s scary.
I look to see that she has tons of photos on the walls and shelves that are not covered with piles of books neatly organized in category then name. I look at the pictures to see that they are her playing different sports and with different people. I think this girl needs a girl memory book and camera. The camera of her’s I caught a glimpse of earlier wasn’t a very good one even though it gets the job done I still think a better one for her would be a better idea.
In the corner of the room, it’s a bit odd because it’s completely bare, but a cushion and a music player with headphones still attached.
“Oh that’s where she meditates and the open area by it where she can face her TV is for Tai Chi, because trust me she was a lot more of a angry problem child as she was growing up. She got into all kinds of things to focus her anger and attention towards.”
I nod my head as I make my way to the other side of the room that was a few awards for different areas from art to fighting to writing competitions.
“Wow she can do all kinds of things can’t she?”
“Yeah she can, but she has trouble with the law and in the aspects of love.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well she’s not very good at keeping people she loves close to her. I mean my mom and I are probably the people she loves that have been by her side the longest. Her exs now don’t get me started on those deadbeats.”
I chuckle, “You really sound like an older brother.”
“Well I like to think of myself as her older brother. I grew up looking after her everyone when we were in middle school and even beginning of high school thought we were dating. They had no idea that we were related”
I nod my head and get an idea, “Himchan did you ever think that for her birthday we can sing our song Happy Birthday. For a present from Himchan can be a photo album with pictures of the two of them growing up.”
They nod and we keep walking around to come to a case with an old book inside that looks older than… I have no idea but its yellowing and crumbling.
“Himchan what’s this?”
“Oh that’s a journal from her dad’s side of the family. It’s all she has of his. She barely has memories of her parents. All she has to remember them is a bunch of photos and that journal.”
I nod my head and look at the journal resting in the case. I smile softly and get an idea.
“Can I see the pictures?”
Himchan nods his head and thinks for a second, “I’ll call my mom and look around her. Why do you ask?”
“I just have an idea that’s all.”
All the guys find something to give to ___ for her birthday. It’s funny that in less than a matter of a few days we all feel like we need to be close to ___ even Zelo who still gets in arguments with her over random things. ____ acts as if she hates Zelo but she acts like a loving older sister or even a mother around him.
“I think we should run to the mall to get what we need for her party and also presents.”
“Presents first,” Himchan says, “for the party planning we should have Suho come with us since him and my cous are close friends.”
What’s this feeling I have in my chest when I hear that?
Himchan give me a look but in the end he shrugs.
“Oh I think she has some pictures around here. If you guys are good at placing things back in place you can touch things, just be careful and put things just how they were.”
I’m looking around the room to spot a desk in a corner facing the one window. I walk over to it to see that she has a good view of the city from this spot. I see drawings spewed all over the desk. I look at them to see that they are all over the city and even of people. A song came to mind as I look through her pictures. It’s funny that its our song Secret Love… Come on I can’ be falling in love with someone I’ve only known for a few days. I sit down on the chair at the desk, look at her drawings, and flip through her drawers to see that each drawer is for different drawing utensils, the biggest drawer utensils for tattooing. I pick up her sketchbook to the most recent drawing to see it’s of me. I blush as I quickly close the book and set it right where I found it.
“Guys I’m home,” we hear ___ shout as she opens the front door.
We all look at each other and move everything back to its original spots. We rush out of the room leaving Zelo in charge of closing the door. Himchan races into his room and comes back out with some random video game.
“Cover story,” he says.
“Sure… it is,” Youngjae says as he walks down the stairs.
“What were you all you guys doing upstairs?” ___ asks.
I study her face as her eyes look at us questioning making me smile.
Himchan answers, “I have the video game collection in my room still.”
She nods her head and smiles at us, “alright what game did you guys grab?”
Himchan slowly raises DMC and I watch ____’s eyes light up.
“OMG you bought that game. I call to play it!”
She takes the video game from Himchan’s hands and I see him let out a breath he must have been holding.
I laugh at how his cousin is acting. She’s very much the kind of girl I like. I mentally shake myself, ‘Come on Yongguk she’s your best friend’s cousin and you’ve only known her for a few days. Still that song seems to fit in right now.’


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