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Not so Perfect

Friend of EXO

Your POV I wake up to find that the entire apartment is silent. Which is odd since it’s been two days since BAP has been spending here without leaving me alone.
Himchan seems to become a lot more protective of me since Gummy had accidently kissed me. He even visits me at work. I tell him to stop seeing me here since he seems to draw attention to himself. I mean people may think that he’s my boyfriend which is disgusting. He’s my cousin not my boyfriend but only my important clients know that and my boss. Therefore, when people ask me if Himchan is my boyfriend everyone laughs, as I say no. He’s just a close family friend, AKA my cousin.
Today I don’t have any appointments but I do have classes around noon. I look at the time to see that I’m okay.
I have to get to school since I have classes this morning. I dress in simple clothing yet it still looks like I’m going to go on a runway. I skip down the stairs to smell wonderful cooking but also like something is on fire.
“Shit,” I race into the kitchen to find a large pile of burnt toast and a few other things but looks like the eggs and rice is safe.
I hit my head and look up, “You guys suck at cooking.”
Zelo and Jongup look down ashamed, “Sorry noona.”
I laugh and take a piece of toast and take a bite of it, “Lucky for you I’m in a hurry to get to school on time, but I want all of you to clean up all of this by the time I get home.”
I mess up their hair and give Zelo a smile even though I still don’t like him, but we have started to get along these two days they have been here. Whenever he goes into a room with a closed door, he knocks, waits for someone to call out, and slowly opens the door plus he never goes near my room.
Himchan comes into the kitchen with my bag in his hand and I smile at him, “Thank you mom.” I laugh as I give him a quick kiss on the cheek, “See ya Oppas and dongsaengs.”
They wave to me as I run out of the house too and school.
Classes were boring nothing to talk about really.
I’m leaving the classroom when I run into someone.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” I look up to see a familiar face, “Oh Suho how are you?”
“I’m good and yourself?”
“I’m alright my brother’s friends are staying at our apartment for the last few days and its driving me insane.”
“Ahh why is that?”
“Maybe if you treat me to coffee then I’ll tell you,” I say slyly.
“You just want coffee.”
I nod my head, “Yup I want coffee so I can make it late to the night so I can finish my homework.”
“Fine how about come to the dorm and hang out with the guys as well?”
I nod my head and gladly make it to the dorm with Suho to see my friends of Exo.
I wave to them and give them hugs when I walk into their dorm. They simply smile at me and ask me how I’m doing. It’s funny that I’m friends with them because I was friends with Kris for a while back in Canada. I know its just one of the few places that I’ve lived at.
“So Exo-M is back in China?”
They nod their heads.
“Oh well. So how have you guys been? I hope I’m not intruding.”
“Nope,” Chanyeol answers, “So why did you drop by?”
“I needed to escape my brother and his friends.”
“Your brother is Kim Himchan of BAP right?”
I nod my head, “Yup my cousin and the rest of BAP have been breathing down my neck for the last 2 days driving me insane I mean they seem to have forgotten that my birthday is in 5 days.”
“Oh thank you for reminding us. What do you want for your birthday?”
I shrug my shoulders, “I’m going to get a tattoo from my boss or else I’m pretty uncertain.”
“Oh what’s this tattoo going to be?”
“I don’t know I think I’m going to get a two love birds holding up a banner that says something but I cant’ think of anything yet.”
“How about your real mother and father’s name?”
I look up shocked, “That’s a great idea. Then I can always keep them in my heart.”
“In the middle of the banner you can have a real heart design in it with a keyhole.”
I nod my head and start to draw out a beginning design. When I’m finished I show my friends.
“It looks awesome,” Suho praises me.
I smile over at me and sigh when my phone starts playing Himchan’s ringtone.
“One second,” I answer my phone, “Yoboseyo.”
“Hey sis are you alright?”
“Why wouldn’t I be?”
“Sorry it’s just that you’re not home yet and you usually are after classes.”
“Sorry I stopped by Exo’s dorm to see some of my friends.”
“Is it because the guys and I are annoying you?” Himchan asks me.
“No, not at all,” yes you didn’t’ give me any time to myself. “I’m going to hang with them for a little bit longer I’ll be home in an hour or two.”
I hang up and talk with Exo for an extra hour and I help the younger members with their homework since they aren’t that bad at it, but they do suck a tad bit at the common stuff.
I sit by them studying my language courses as much as I can even though I don’t’ need to with my English(don’t even know why I’m taking it), Japanese, and Mandarin. Still learning German and French on the side wasn’t a bright idea. Still languages are fun and it helps do some tattoo work since people are always asking for something in some dialect and I want to make sure I know I’m doing it right and it’s really what they want it to say.
Finally after we’re done.
I sit back and take a sigh in relief.
“I guess I should be going I’ll see you guys later.”
I give them hugs and head out back to the apartment I share with my cousin and for the moment also BAP. I leave them with my bag over my shoulder and hope a ride on the bus.


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