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Not so Perfect

C.O.D. and a Kiss?

Your POV I didn’t expect everyone to be at the apartment when I get back, but here they are sitting around the TV with game consoles in their hands. I look at the screen to see them playing Call of Duty. I smile and plop down by Gummy since it was the only seat left in the room. I watch as he shouts in victory as he keeps winning. Soon Youngjae quits playing after he loses again.
So I sign him out quickly and sign in.
Channie looks over at me and sighs mumbling, “This is going to be hell.”
The brat looks over at him, “What do you mean?”
“You’ll know in a little bit.”
I pick my simple set up as the game begins.
Slowly one by one everyone starts quitting as Gummy and I go on our rampage of going back and forth with our winning. We keep at it for a few more hours yelling at the game and each other. I’m going to win again putting myself in even more of lead in front of Gummy Bear when Channie unplugs the PS3.
“Himchan! What the hell! I was winning there.”
“In your dreams I was the one winning, Gummy Bear,” I say the last part as I lean over saying it in his ear in a seductive teasing tone.
Channie simply sighs and unhooks all the cords from the PS3 well saying, “This is for your own good. Knowing the two of you you’d keep at it for days.”
The two of us hit Himchan with our controllers once before tossing them onto the empty mushroom chair.
“Ya, what was that for?”
“You could have waited for the round to be over before unplugging it,” I state being the smart-alack that I’ve always been.
“Well at least we don’t know who won,” Himchan says.
“Me,” gummy Bear and I say at the same time.
“No, I would have won,” again we say at the same time.
We have a staring contest until I’m thrown off balance and my head is knocked into Gummy Bears, but not just our heads touch but our lips.
There’s a shout heard close to us. I pull away shocked touching my bruised lips. Gummy is just standing there shocked. Standing in the door is my cousin and the one that pushed me Zelo who’s on the floor with the most shocked expression I’ve seen.
I simply place my hands on my lips as I turn away and run off to my room passing Yongguk and my cousin.
Yongguk’s POV
I stand there shocked by what just happened. Not that I did not just enjoy the feeling of her lips on mine… its just she’s Himchan’s cousin… little sister… I think he saw the kiss.
“What the hell? Yongguk go apologize to my cousin.”
“Huh why I didn’t mean to kiss her.”
“You idiot she may not look it but she’s never kissed anyone but family before.”
I look at him surprised, “She’s 20 years old and has yet to kiss a guy…?”
“Yeah because she doesn’t trust anyone... She love tattoos and art a lot so she focused on that and not the gender of a person ignoring the passes guys try on her. Zelo you should apologize to her as well since its mostly your fault.”
“For crying out loud it was just a kiss. Why should it matter?”
“Should I get some person you hardly know to kiss you…? Hmmm… Should we have kissed you? Should we have Louis some over?”
Zelo looks afraid and races off to ____’s room. We hear him knock then the door opens.
“Is it true what you said? Your cousin is innocent in that way?”
Himchan laughs, “No, trust me she can get more perverted than all of us together. Just when it comes to a conversation about her then it gets uncomfortable with her.”
I nod my head and soon Zelo comes down the stairs with a shocked expression and a slit pink brushed across his cheeks, “So you know when you cousin really does forgive you she hugs you?”
Himchan nods his head, “Yeah though I’ve had yet to have a reason to apologize for a long time. Cause her I forgive you hugs are a little strong...”
Zelo looks at him, “A little strong. What are you smoking?”
I laugh at them as I walk up the stairs to ____’s room. I knock on the door and she opens it. She looks up at me and covers her mouth with her hand.
I try to soften the air by trying a joke, “Don’t’ worry I won’t kiss you again.”
She gives me the stink eye and slams the door in my face.
Now that was surprising, “I’m sorry I was trying to make you feel better. I’m not very good at this usually I don’t have to do something like this.”
She opens the door again and nods her head, “Don’t worry I’m sorry for overreacting. Its just I’ve never kissed a guy before.”
“That’s what your cousin had told me.”
“Its just I don’t trust a lot of people and I’ve truly let anyone but my cousins into my life so it’s not like I have anyone outside of family to talk to.”
I nod my head since I don’t’ truly don’t know where she’s coming from, but of her history that I know I can understand why she has trust issues yet I’m still confused.


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