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Not so Perfect


Your POV I look up at the time and jump out of my seat or I tried to. I trip and fall over my own feet but before I fall down someone catches me by wrapping his arms around my waist. I look behind me to see that it’s Yongguk.
“Thank you sorry I have an important client today.”
I bow to them and run off to find my tennis shoes. I bow to them again and race out of the room.
I make it to the shop and pull out the outlining that I made for my clients appointment today. I sit down at my little station and spin around.
I hear my boss yell for me to look up and I look up at him, “Yes?”
“Your client is here.”
I nod and stand up to come face to face with my first famous client, Junhyung from Beast.
“Oh Annyeong,” I bow to him as I straighten up I flash a smile at him.
“Annyeong,” he sits down where he did when we had our meeting over what he wanted to get for a tattoo.
I pull out my design that I drew out for his tattoo and show it to him, “Is this, what you wanted?”
He looks at the tattoo and nods his head, “Yeah that’s just what I wanted?”
“Great so it was your back or chest?”
He laughs at me, slips his shirt off, and flips onto his stomach. I sigh and pull out the outline onto his skin so that it can leave its print on it.
“Alright is that where you want it?”
He doesn’t look up or anything simply nods his head.
I sigh and pull out my inks and needles even though all I’ll need is my black ink and a medium sized needle.
I play around with everything for a bit before Junhyung speaks to me, “So how is a person that doesn’t have any tattoos a tattoo artist?”
I laugh and look down at him as I plug in my power source, “I have tattoos you just can’t see them. I have one on my shoulder that I got when I turned 16. My parents signed off on it… Alright that’s a lie. My friend was a tattoo artist and I stopped by his shop to see how he was doing. I told him my birthday was that day and he told me that he would do a tattoo for me. So I got a lotus flower on my shoulder blade with a Confucius sang under it. I’ve gotten a tattoo for every birthday. It’s funny my boss is doing my twentieth tattoo for me. I’m getting to lovebirds done on my chest holding a banner up. That will be my first noticeable tattoo. Everything else I kind of covered at the moment.”
He nods his head as I keep at work, “So how long should this tattoo take?”
“Umm… this size sometimes takes up to an hour for some people but I think I can finish it in half an hour without wrecking it.”
“So why pick to be a tattoo artist?”
“Wow all these questions what should I do, Junhyung?”
He laughs at me.
Still I answer his question, “I picked to be a tattoo artist because I love art so much that I wanted to do something like this. The first time I tattooed someone was when they asked for a portrait of their mother who had died of cancer on their arm. I kept doing portraits for a while for people and some were stupid and other’s were good ideas. Soon I started to get other customers. I had to finish a private boarding school until I turned 19. When I did I moved to Seoul to live with my brother.”
“Did you ever get in a fight with another tattoo artist?”
“Yeah I did. I actually have a restraining order on me because of him. I kind of deserved it since I accidently stabbed him in the hand with a 17 needle prong because he let his wires for his power source get into my station. He didn’t like that I’m a woman tattoo artist and far better than him. In addition, he insulted my work so he deserved it. There’s a huge rule you follow when you’re a tattoo artist and that’s not to touch other’s works when their nothing wrong with it. Unless the person is getting a cover up or you had quit doing tattoos you don’t touch it.”
He nods his head as I finish up the tat, “There all done.”
I start to wipe off the excess ink from his back, “I don’t need to go over what you should do should I?”
He laughs and shakes his head as he stands up looking at my work in the mirror.
“This is really good.”
“Thank you,” I sit there in my seat and flash him a smile.
He nods his head as he walks back over to me for I can place a bandage over her tattoo. Before I do I ask him if I can take a picture of it and he says that I can. So I happily pull out my camera and take a picture of his tattoo for my small book where I put all my tattoos in so that I can remember them.
“You took the ink pretty well,” I tell him as I place it on his shoulder, “Still if it needs any touch up just give us a call and I’ll fit you into my schedule.”
He nods his head and we walk up front so he can pay for his tattoo. Junhyung pays for his tattoo and as he pays for it he also hands me an extra two hundred. I look at him shocked and he simply waved to me as he leaves.
The boss simply nods his head and pats my back, “Nice work did you take a picture of it?”
I nod and pull my camera out of my pocket and show the boss. He laughs as he sees how excited I am.
“You should have seen if you could have gotten a picture with him.”
I shake my head and give him a look, “I’m not some fan girl.”
He laughs and hits me in the back, “Alright but it would have been cool to add to your scrapbook of clients that you’ve worked with.”
I nod my head and ignore him since he knows that I worked in a tattoo shop back in LA and NY. I pull off my sweatshirt glad I didn’t get ink on it.
I laugh as my phone goes off playing my brother’s ringtone, “Yoboseyo.”
“Hey how long are you going to be at the shop today?”
I look at the time and think for a second, “I don’t know counts by when I finish up with my last client that’s at six.”
I finish up with my last client glad that they all let me take a picture of what I did for them. I start to whistle a little tune when the boss calls out to me that I should come up front. I do to come face to face with Junhyung again.
“Annyeong,” I bow slightly.
He laughs and looks at me, “I forgot how long I have to wait to take the bandage off and I think I forgot my phone at your station.”
I nod and pull out the phone that I found at my station I had placed in in the front of my jacket so whoever’s it was come back for it I could hand it straight to them instead of running to the back.
“Here I thought whoever owned it would come back to get it. Also you can take if off in about now if I think so with your tattoo latest is tomorrow, but by the time you get to your dorm or apartment it should be fine to take off since the tattoo needs to breathe. Still I can’t really be sure with yours.”
He nods and I smile over at him but the boss calls out to him like he did with my other famous client that I had today, “Junhyung can you take a picture with ____.”
He nods and walks over to me and puts his arm on my shoulder. I smile at the boss secretly killing him in my head thirty times by the time the photo is done.
“See ya, you have my number so send that picture to me sometime. Alright boss.”
He nods and calls out his thanks to Junhyung and I simply give him a glare as he hands me back my camera that he had somehow grabbed from the back room.


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