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Not so Perfect

Our Introductions

Your POV “Sis let me explain.”
“Oppa shikuro! I don’t want to hear it.”
I hear a deep voice say behind me sounding so confused, “Oppa?”
I turn around to see the guy that looks my cousin’s age it’s hard to tell them apart at the moment because they all have blonde hair again from what I’ve seen my cousin dye his hair for the last nine months.
I pull my head from my deep thoughts and look at my cousin, “You never told them about me did you?”
My cousin shakes his head, “No, I didn’t”
“Fine, I’ll explain the situation. Let’s all sit down.”
They nod and walk down stairs. Sitting on the couches are the other four even though the brat is still unconscious. The deep voice sits in the only open seat which means he had to push the kid up. Himchan goes to sit in the chair that’s on the other side of the room but I grab a hold of his shirt collar and make him stand by me.
I give him a look then introduce myself, “I’m Kim ____. I’m Himchan’s cousin. I was raised most of my life in his home. I only really ever knew his mother as mine. So since I’ve been young my cousin in my mind has been my older brother.”
They nod understanding still they look between us trying to see the likeness that some cousins have. This this keeps going on until the brat wakes up and screams when he sees me.
He grabs a hold of the deep voice guy, “Hyung who’s the brute and what she’s doing here?”
He looks down at the kid, “She’s Himchan’s cousin.”
He looks between us and I see a cheeky smile, “That makes sense. How young are you?”
This kid’s rudeness is getting on my nerves still I answer, “I’m only 2 years younger than Himchan. I’m turning 20 next week. I’ve been staying here because I moved back to Seoul and have yet to find a place in my own price range.”
“How long?”
I ignore his familiar tone and rude words, “I’ve been here 5 months I think.”
“Must not be looking,” the brat mutters.
I hit the brat again hard just lighter this time then before, “Shut up you brat. I don’t have a lot of money rolling in. It took me 2 months to find a tattoo shop and talk my way out of an apprenticeship since I’m already have my license.”
“Maybe you should have another job.”
I’m starting to get annoyed majorly the kid is going to get knocked out again.
“I do have another job, but I’m also going to art school here in Seoul.”
“Is this why you don’t live in the dorms?”
How rude I answer a question and they ignore me as if I don’t exist anymore.
Himchan nods, “Yeah I got this place almost 2 years ago when she told me she was going to move back when she finished boarding school.”
As he talks everyone is listening well the brat is looking me up and down.
I hit him a third time and mutter, “Pervert.”
“Ya, it was an accident. Maybe you should have locked the door behind you?”
“I don’t care. It was a bathroom in my room. I don’t have to lock my door because Himchan knows not to go into my room. Still did your mother teach you to barge into an occupied bathroom, especially when you hear water running?”
The guys are looking back and forth between us since I yelled that in his face.
Deep voice looks at me, “Did we happen to miss something important?”
“That Brat walked in on me when I was naked.”
Himchan hits him then looks up at me, “How much did he see?”
“Everything,” I mumble loud enough for them to hear.
Both deep voice and Himchan hit the kid hard.
The kid looks up and tries some aegyo, “Noona, I’m sorry,” he whines.
I jump behind Himchan and look at the kid.
“Noona I’m sorry,” he whines again.
I shake my head as I peek from behind Himchan so the kid can’t see an ounce of my figure.
Deep voice starts laughing showing a very gummy smile.
“What’s so funny Gummy Bear?”
“Gummy Bear?” God this guy looks so cute confused.
“Oh ____ his name is Bang Yongguk.”
I nod my head as I look up at them.
I smile and shrug still, “Yongguk… No, I like Gummy Bear far better for him.”
They sigh understanding right away that they can’t change my mind.
Himchan laughs at me, “Are you sure you’re going to be turning 20?”
I stick my tongue out at him and sit in the mushroom chair that I brought over with me.
“So what are your guys names?”
I only hear the other guys names not matching them to faces.
The person that I matched with a face beside Yongguk was the brat who's name is Zelo or something.


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