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Not so Perfect

Our Horrible Meeting

Your POV My phone rings waking me up in the early morning, “Yoboseyo?”
“Hi, _____ can you make it to the studio today?”
“Ne, Just give me an hour.”
“Mwoh? Wae?”
“One I just woke up and it’s only,” I look at the time, “eight in the morning and my first appointment isn’t until nine-thirty a.m.”
“Alright you have an hour max we want you to be in half an hour in before the appointment.”
I agree and hang up on the shop owner mostly because there’s nothing that he can do he won’t fire me.
I pull myself out of bed and strip off my pajamas racing to my bathroom in my room I turn on the water and start to take a nice short shower.
I hear my cousin’s friend deep voice as I call him since I have never met him or any of Himchan’s friends.
It’s kind of funny since I’ve been living with my cousin for the last few months and have yet to meet anyone that he knows.
I simply shake off the thoughts as I take a step into the shower and rinse off how tired I am. I forget my cousin’s rule about using the shower when his friends are over, but I have a huge client coming in today.
Therefore, his rules can go down the toilet!
Yongguk’s POV I shout for Himchan and no one answers the door as the five of us stand outside Himchan’s door.
No one answers so I ask if anyone had grabbed the extra set of keys that Himchan had given us. I pat my pockets to find out that I had them.
As I unlock the door and enter Himchan’s apartment that looks more like two people are living in it.
I walk inside the other’s stand in the hallway as I walk inside I walk straight into the kitchen to find a surprised Himchan.
“Guys stop we’re here to get Himchan we need to head back for…”
I hear the shower upstairs turn on and a slight feminine voice singing. Himchan sighs almost hitting himself as he looks up at the ceiling.
I can’t help but to ask him, “Who’s here Himchan?”
“No one important just a family member of mine,” he answers a little too fast for my taste.
Yeah right I’ve met his entire family and I don’t think any of them sound like this.
Zelo must have thought something along those lines because he runs past Himchan well yelling, “Liar.”
Himchan runs after him I simply sit down and wonder if I should go after them. I mean Himchan is probably going to try to kill Zelo.
I hear a feminine scream. I raced up the stairs and the others followed me.
Your POV Through my entire shower, I’m singing Body2Body. As I come to the end of the song, I’m slipping out of the shower.
As I pull the curtain open for I can step out the shower I hear my door bust open.
I sigh and go to grab a towel when my bathroom door bursts open.
Standing there is a tall blonde looking brat.
I scream on top of my lungs and bring the towel I had just grabbed and wrapped it around myself.
I hear the kid go, “Holy shit, Himchan.”
The way the kid stared at me pissed me off so without thinking I hit him as hard as I can.
When he hits the floor, my cousin seems to round the corner, walk into my bedroom, and make his way to my bathroom.
“Kim Himchan you better explain who the fuck that kid is! Do it now before I kill you!”
He looks like a whipped puppy but he still has the guts to ask me, “Before or after I kill Zelo?”
“Before so explain to me now! Or else!”
Soon four guys turn the corner into my room looking at Himchan, the brat that Himchan called Zelo, then me, and make it into a cycle.
I start to scream at them, “Out all of you. I need to put clothes on and if you are not out at the count of five I’ll stab you with my seventeen needle prong.”
They just stand there staring at me, as if I was a piece of art that they wanted to buy.
Therefore, I shout, “ONE!”
As if on cue my cousin tries to pick up the brat only to have one of the guys run up and help pick him up. When they leave my room, I slam my door shut, lock it, and look to see that I had blood on my hand.
“Ahh shit I hope I didn’t do too much damage to the brat’s face.”
I walk to my bathroom and clean off my hand and sigh, “I’ll have to ice my hand when I get to the kitchen.”
I look at my clothes that I have laid out on my bed. I sigh as I walk up to it and slip into my jeans, tank top, and a sweater over it with my underwear under it all of course.
I sigh as I exit the room to see my cousin sitting in front of my room, “Sis let me explain.”
“Oppa shikuro! I don’t want to hear it.”
I hear a deep voice say behind me sounding so confused, “Oppa?”


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