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Not so Perfect


Your POV So I was only supposed to stay in the hospital for a day or 2 and now it’s been a good 5 days and they still don’t seem like they want to release me.
During the last 5 days it’s seemed like an eternity, but the kids helped me pass the days by.
No matter what was happening with me they were always stop in my room and see me any hour of the day.
I even woke up with 1 of the kids in my room.
The nurse was mad with me but all I could say was, "is it really my fault that 1 of the kids snuck into my room late at night?"
Still they are planning on moving me too another hospital or discharge me.
I sigh as I roll over too find that Jonghyun is sleeping in my bed again.
I groan as I gently shake him, “Wake up, Jonghyun.”
He looks over at me with a slight smile and I kiss his forehead.
He smiles as he giggles digging into his head into my chest as he mumbles, “Not yet mommy let me sleep a bit longer.”
I look at him shocked that he called me mommy… some of the kids that are orphans call me mom and that as a joke.
Its sad that not a lot of people seem to adopt here when it’s pretty common too run into those who lost their parents.
I smile as I lean back into the bed with the small boy having his arms wrapped around me as I hum him a song.
I sit up slowly carefully bringing up with me. I look at my hand in distaste too see the IV still stuck in my hand.
I carefully take it out and wrap my hand in a piece of tissue.
I lift the small boy into my arms and place him into a wheelchair that they’ve been keeping in my room since I’ve been having spells of light headedness.
I slip on my slippers as I open the door to my room and try to push the wheelchair with the sleeping boy back to the children’s ward.
As I reach the ward I feel myself fall too my knees and pain push it’s way into my body.
I groan in pain as I fall down near the wheelchair right in front of the nurse’s station.
Yongguk’s POV Himchan’s phone goes off in the middle of practice and we all groan knowing that he’ll get yelled at for keeping it on loud, but since his sister was admitted into the hospital until further notice he’s kept it on.
Without listening to what the manager or choreographer he jumps over too his bag and shouts, “It’s the hospital calling.”
We all go quiet worrying about Jinkyoung.
In a matter of seconds Himchan grabs his jacket and runs out the door and I know that the rest of us followed him.
As soon as we reach the van Himchan falls down and starts crying.
“Himchan what’s wrong?”
“Jin… she’s in surgery. There’s extensive bleeding in her brain. They don’t know what caused it.”
I take a deep shaky breath and say, “Get in the car we’re going to the hospital.”
“Are you okay too drive?” he asks.
“Yeah, I’m fine.”
As we drive to the hospital all I can ask or is that Jinkyoung is alright.
Jonghyun’s POV Last night I had a bad dream so I went to Jinkyoung noona’s room.
This morning I was still half asleep when she moved me into the wheelchair.
I was a bit worried since she’s hardly been able to leave it without fainting since she came here.
Still I was so tired and she made it easy to sleep so when I woke up with a nurse screaming I didn’t expect to see noona too be on the ground looking like she died.
I slid out of the chair and too the ground next to her and started shouting, “Noona. Noona. Wake up. Stop playing around. Is this for sneaking into your room again. Noona, I’m sorry.”
Someone grabs me and pulls me away from her and I kick and scream for noona.
All the other kids that I’ve become friends with in the hospital come out and see that noona was on the ground and not responding to the nurses or doctor that had come into the area.
I don’t know what’s wrong with noona but I’m scared.
Junhong comes over too the nurse that’s holding me and pulls me into his arms.
I feel a bit calmer but it’s not like noona’s arms is where all of us feel a love that could replace any mother’s.
I look at hyung and ask, “Is she going to be alright hyung? Is noona going to be alright?”
He shrugs his shoulders since he’s the one out of all of us that’s been here the longest and seen far more than any of us has.
Noona is more of a mother to me than my mother was before she sent me here when I started too have bad stomach pains and since then I’ve been in here.
I hear my name being called as I look up I see my mother standing there looking worried and shocked by my behavior.
“Jonghyun, what do you think you’re doing acting like that?”
I sigh looking away knowing that mother would not like knowing that I became attached to Jinkyoung noona knowing she wasn’t like the rest of the friends and family that are kept around me.
“Noona….” I start to say but I quiet down when my mother looks at Jinkyoung noona.
“Her… What of this woman?”
“Noona, is hurt.”
“Dr. Jun what’s wrong with this girl?”
“It seems that it’s a brain hemorrhage.”
“A stroke,” my mother says and all I am is confused.
“Not exactly. Bleeding in the brain isn’t always a stroke it be caused by a lot of factors like she had a head injury that was messing with her coordination. There’s been a few other problems with her.”
I don’t look at mother or Dr. Jun instead I’m focused on noona who is being rushed away from us.
I turn too Junhong hyung and ask the 1 question that I don’t want to ask but I have to….
“Is noona going to be alright?”
Hyung looks at me and shakes his head, “that is a question that I’ve never been too answer, but let’s pray that noona will be alright.”
“Neh, hyung,” I whisper as I watch the ward turn deadly quiet as noona is moved to a different area of the hospital.
Himchan’s POV My sister… cousin…. is in surgery and it’s odd cause waiting with us is about everyone from the children’s ward.
“Why are you guys here?”
THey look at me with a hurt and confused look, “Noona is like a mother too me… too all of us and we can’t lose her. We need her.”
I watch as Jonghyun stays near the oldest of the group and away from a older woman who looks distressed for some reason.
Still I stay near the guys ignoring the people who are taking pictures of us and I notice that Yongguk is sitting in a chair facing the door with his hands folded together and almost like he’s praying for Jinkyoung’s health.
I notice Jonghyun look over at Yongguk and how he carefully walks over to him wrapping his arms around him.
Yongguk didn’t even think as he hugged the boy back and stroked the boys hair as him and the children started to cry.
I hold back my tears and I know the rest of the guys are trying too but Yongguk doesn’t care he just cries with the kids.
This entire time we have no idea what's going on and we have to wait for the surgeon to finish with the surgery and tell us if she'll be fine.
Still Jin… whas been mad cause she’s had to cancel tattoo appointments and luckily the people were understanding and even have visited her a few times.
Still… I don’t know what to do. Everything is falling apart…
Wait Jin was talking about the night her parents died the night before she was attacked…
What was she saying that she think she figured out what had happened that night and she was about to bring her parents deaths too justice.
So what if it had nothing to do with BAP fan like people are saying, but someone who doesn’t want to be discovered….
Yet they’d have to know that Jinkyoung was getting closer to figuring out who had ran her parents down.
I shake my head and remember what Jin had said when she came back to Seoul that she was talking with a police detective that was on her parents case and there was a few discrepancies in the investigation.
I sigh as I sit there and watch the woman stare at us like she’s trying to figure something out.
“So who are you guys?”
I look up at her and say, ‘Why should it matter to you?”
She looks shocked but then her face quickly wipes that away with a scowl, “My son is being held by one of you and you ask me what does it matter too me?”
I raise an eyebrow as I look at her, ‘Wow he’s your son I wouldn’t know counting that my sister probably replaced a woman in the entire time that your son has been in here hadn’t even tried to visit him.”
The woman looks at me and I notice through the corner of my eye that Jonghyun is hiding his face into Yongguk’s chest even more.
When she notices her son’s actions she gets a look on her face like she smelled something bad.
I mumble under my breathe, “Chaebol woman.”
“What did you say boy?”
I look up and smile, “Nothing ‘mam. Please calm down you're scaring the children.”
She looks around to see that the children were indeed scared.
She scuffs as she walks away from us and I feel like I saw her picture somewhere, where i might fear what she’ll do.
I look at the doors as they open too show the surgeon that was working on my sister comes out of the room.
“Who is Miss. Kim’s family?”
At the same time all of us even the kids say, “We are.”
I almost laugh at the situation if it wasn’t so worrisome.
The surgeon didn’t question any of us as he says, “She’s in the safe zone now, but it seems that a cold head trauma from when she was a child was affected by the recent head trauma and caused slow amount of bleeding to happen in her brain where it wasn’t picked up on the scans that we had done when she was admitted. I’d like to sit down with you and talk this over with you more.”
The surgeon looks over at me probably knowing I'm her only real family in this entire room filled with people.
Yongguk looks up and asks, “Is there any damage done to her brain?”
“It’s hard to tell in situations like this until the patient wakes up.”
I watch as they bring Jin out of the surgery room in the bed with a mask on her face and her eyes closed but she looks peaceful something that scares me probably as much as Yongguk.
“We’re going to take her into the intensive care unit so we can keep a closer eye on her. Hopefully she’ll wake up in a few hours.”
I stand there until I feel like I need to sit down and whisper, “Why is it that everytime this time of year comes around something bad happens to Jinnie?”
I realized I said her nickname that I’d call her as kids until she moved to New York to be with her uncle or aunt from her dad’s family I believe it was.
As everything seems to calm down and the kids where taken back to their respected rooms.
Yongguk and I find ourselves in front of Jin’s surgeon’s door.
As we walk in I hold my breathe as he tells us to sit down.
Once we’re seated he says seriously, “I’m not sure how much you know about Miss. Kim Jinkyoung’s medical history but it’s not the best and we believe that we might have found the cause too most of it.”
Yongguk is the 1 too ask, “What would that be?”
“Well you see we believe…”


Okay sorry that the update took so long. I went into a small depression a bit ago after I was fired, but I have a new job that I really like and hope I will keep. I know this was another twist in yet another one of my stories that would have been fine if I left it out but I started to write this and I was going to have something happen with 1 of the kids, but I just couldn't bring myself to finish it like that so this came from that...... What do you think?


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