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Not so Perfect

Need to Stay Calm

Yongguk’s POV
“We believe that what has caused this hemorrhage near her brain is too deal with the past trauma she had when she was a child and the trauma last week. May I ask do you know what had happened?”
Himchan and I shake our heads.
“Well you see it seems that someone knew where to hit her too cause the hemorrhage and luckily it didn’t present itself until now while she was still in the hospital.”
I stop him, “Are you saying someone was trying to kill her?”
Dr. jun seems too pause as if he’s thinking, “Yes, that old trauma should have been fine for a long time, but here we are. Look I know Miss. Kim since she was here when she was a child and I was on my internship. I know of her past and what she went through after her parents died.”
I sigh as I lean my head back, “Couldn’t it have been a coincidence that this all started to happen?”
God, someone tell me that it is and that I don’t need to worry about Jin’s life.
I take a deep breath as I look at the doctor, “Look whatever else you have too say you can say it too her brother,” at that moment Himchan’s mother bursts into the room so I add, “And her mother.”
I walk out of the room and find myself in the intensive care too look inside to see Jin look so weak. I touch the glass as i lean my head on it feeling like I want to cry.
Before anything else can happen I see a flash and I look over too see someone snapping pictures which pisses me off.
“Go away don’t you have common decency she’s in there after a important surgery. Leave her be,” I’m glad I didn’t shout that but I sure in hell growled it.
I sit down in a chair that’s set in front of the room as I rest my head in my hands. I’m not sure how long I sat there like that thinking of Jin trying too picture of when all of this will be over. I snap out of all of it when I feel a hand on my shoulder causing me too look up too see Himchan, his mother, and BAP standing there looking worried.
“What? Is something wrong with Jin?”
They shake their heads.
Mrs. Km smiles at me as she answers, “No, she’s awake and eating. They’re going to move her back to her room. We were wondering if you’d like to be the one to stay the night with her. Since we know it’d make the 2 of you feel much better.”
I know this means a lot since Mrs. Kim really loves her daughter since the day she met her from all the stories she’s told of the years which is why I fell in love with her before I even met her. So when I laid my eyes on her I feel deeply in love with her.
I smile as I stand up and hug Himchan and Jin’s mother, “Thank you. I really needed this.”
She smiles at me as she pats my head, “I know. Ahh here they come.”
Dr. Jun is pushing Jin’s bed from the room and they seem to be chatting though I can see that Jin is having difficulties with what I’m not entirely sure.
We walk over to her and she gasps, “Wow, all I’m missing is my sister.”
“I’m right here. Sorry I was in a meeting and such and didn’t get the call until a bit ago.”
She walks over to us and gives Jin a hug careful of her. Something we’re all glad about.
“So who will be staying with Miss. Kim?”
I raise my hand, “I will be staying with her tonight.”
Dr. Jun nods, “Your relation with the patient?”
“I’m her boyfriend,” I answer with ease.
He smiles as he writes that down, “Alright. I’m sorry for everyone but can you say your byes to the patient and Mr. Bang follow me.”
I nod my head and follow them too a pretty normal hospital room.
Your POV
I wake up too see that I can see through a window to see my boyfriend sitting with his head in his hands.
I want to get up, but all I feel is a fuzzy feeling coursing through me telling me it wouldn’t be a bright idea too even try.
I look up too see Dr. Jun walking into the room and he seems shocked that I’m awake.
“Miss. Kim, you’re awake,” there’s something wrong with his voice… am I not supposed to be?
I nod my head and a smile appears on his face very slowly… slower than it has in the past.
“Dr. Jun, can I go home yet?”
He shakes his head, “No, at least not from having surgery give it few more days.”
He sits down while looking out the window at my friends and family, “They all are a nice bunch they’ve been here since they got the news earlier today.”
I smile sadly, “It’s nice to know that, but I’m not sure what to think of all of this. I mean someone is trying to kill me and I don’t know who. I only know the why. Still I can’t believe all of this. I just too find out why the person at least didn’t anonymously apologize for making me an orphan. That’s all I’d ask of."
Dr. Jun gives gives me gives me a look, "don't you want revenge?"
I look at him then my hands, "I did until a couple of years ago. I realized wanting a life for a life wasn’t what I really wanted. I wanted my parents to be able to rest, but they deserve justice.”
I sigh as I lean my head back onto the pillows as if to tell Dr.Jun the discussion is over with.
He seems to catch my drift cause he stops talking about that and says, “You’ll be moved back to your room in a little bit. I’m going to talk to your mother real quick. Also I think your boyfriend will be the one staying with you tonight.”
I had a feeling that would be so when we leave the room and Yongguk says he’s staying I’m really happy to know that he’s that worried about me, but at the same time I’m upset cause I’m so weak.
I sigh as we leave too go too my hospital room and the entire time Yongguk is holding my hand until my bed is pushed too the wall and he sits down in the seat next to me.
I look at him as he again takes my hand in his own, “Are you alright love?”
I look at him and smile, “I’m alright. I just was thinking how pathetic and weak I look.”
“You don’t look weak at all. You are always so strong. You always have been since you came here.”
I smile as I look at him, “Yongguk, come up here and sleep with me.”
He seems eerie to do so, but when i give the puppy dog eyes he seems to cave in and I almost shout in joy about winning against him.
I smile as he gently moves me a bit so he can crawl into the bed with me. His arms are even more gentle as they wrap around my waist.
“Hey, so they everything is better now right?”
“Yeah, from what Dr. Jun told me the surgery went well and you just have a bit too recover until you can leave.”
I smile as I snuggle, as best as I can without pain, into his chest, “Yongguk, you’ll never leave me right?”
He looks down at me frowning, “What? Why would I ever leave you?”
I look away from him, “Cause I’m weak I always cause trouble. I mean look at me. I’m in the hospital everyone believes that I had been attacked, but there was no signs of any of that. I had a freaking stroke from what they told me earlier.”
Yongguk is silent and I look up too only see worry in his eyes. So I keep quiet and holding onto my loving boyfriend.
I watch as he falls asleep thinking I was doing the same, but in truth all that’s going through my head is who is the person that hurt me.
I’m not sure when I fell asleep all I know is I wake up when I hear the door too my room open. When I open them I notice that it’s still night. I look at the door and I swear I see a figure standing there staring at me and I feel a small amount of fear or else I’m just freaking tired.
I slowly push into Yongguk hoping in doing so he’ll wake up soon. As I do so Yongguk looks towards the door as if he’s trying too escape from me.
“What the fuck?” I hear him gasp.
“What is it Yongguk?” I ask trying too sound tired and not scared.
I hear footsteps running and I shoot into a sitting up position ignoring the pain I can feel from the pain meds that I have in my system.
“What the fuck?”
I look at the door too see something on the floor.
I point at it, “Sweetie, can you grab that?”
“Sure,” he answers as he gets out of the bed and walks over too grab the letter from the door.
He opens it while holding it at a distance and pulls out a sheet of paper.
He goes over too turn the light on that’s by my bed as he slips back in by me.
With a shaky hand I take the note and read it, “Too the daughter of the scumbag and Mrs. HwaYoung,
I’m sorry for what I had done. It was never in my plan for you or your mother too be harmed cause of my anger towards the scumbag that you call your father. You might not have known that that he was cheating on your mother and even had another family. I cared for Hwa Young she was very dear too me. Still the day I saw that your father had hit her I had lost it. Before I knew it your family was being rushed too the hospital. I was so blinded by anger that I had done something so stupid. Please forgive me… my daughter. I had heard you were brought too the hospital after the interview with your boyfriend. What happened were you attacked.”
I stop reading when I read the daughter part and I question what the fuck that’s supposed too mean.
I look at Yongguk, “Do you know what this means?”
He shakes his head, “I don’t. It’s not like we can ask your real parents.”
“I can ask my mother’s family… Damn, I guess Himchan’s mom will have some things too answer to.”
I open my phone and stare my adoptive mother and aunt’s number.
“I can’t do this, Yongguk. What if the guy is nuts? What if he’s telling the truth?”
“You’ll never know until you start asking people questions. Just stay calm and we’ll find the answers.”



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