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Not so Perfect

Visit to the Hospital

Your POV They keep pestering me what had happened when really I don’t really remember.
I remember a deep pain in my body, but that’s all.
“What the hell?” I hear Himchan growl as he touches my head.
I wince and growl at him, “Oww that hurt. What did you do?”
“Nothing, but you have a nice cut on your head. I think you need to get that looked at.”
I pick up my phone from the floor and open it to see the date and sigh, “The date probably got to me again.”
I hand my phone over to Himchan so he can see the date and he sighs, “I guess that could be it.”
“What?” Yongguk asks.
“It’s the anniversary of her parents’ death. I forgot how they died again.” Himchan shrugs not that it matters.
“They were ran over by a drunk driver on the sidewalk, though it seems to be common to see cars on a sidewalk here.”
“Says a girl who lived in New York for the last how many years of her life,” Himchan tries to use as a defend for Korean drivers.
I roll my eyes, “Shut up, Himchan. You forgot I was with them that day and almost ran over myself.”
My cousin bites his lip and looks away from me.
I sigh as I shrug my shoulder as I rub my head and see how bad it is.
“Come on. Let’s go before I faint or something.”
We end up at the hospital and I have to say getting looks like this is horrible.
Still I smile at a small group little kids who look between the ages of 6 and 12.
I wave to them and they wave back to me and I notice that they all are wearing hospital garb.
I frown as I walk over to them careful how I lean over by them, “Hi, what are you guys doing in here?”
“Jonghyun is waiting for his parents. We couldn’t let him wait alone.” The oldest I believe says.
“Really how old are you guys?”
They tell me their ages and names and I smile as I look at Jonghyun the youngest and Junhong who is the eldest.
I chuckle as I look at Junhong, “You seem to be a lot more mature than the Junhong that I know.”
I slowly nod my head as I fall on the floor and mumble a few choice words under my breathe in English.
“Noona, are you alright?” Zelo asks me.
I look up at him as I start to see double slightly, “I’m fine. Junhongs.”
I start giggling and the younger one kneels down by me and puts pressure on my head and double disappears.
“Thanks Junhong,” I say as I hug the little boy, “Oh Junhong this is the Junhong that I know except we call him Zelo.”
“Cool, noona you know BAP?”
I nod my head, “My brother is Himchan.”
“The idiot?” one of the other kids ask.
I start laughing, “Oh wow how did you know that. He’s just a bit clueless sometimes.”
I hear my brother go to say something but I hit his knee
I hear my name called and I smile at the kids, “Can noona visit you guys later?”
They nod their heads and tell me to just stop by the children’s ward to see them since they are always outside of their rooms.
“Alright sweeties I’ll see you later. Yongguk, can you help me up?”
He looks down at me as he squats down and wraps his arm under me to pick me up.
They took me to the doctor where Yongguk set me into a wheelchair and I look back at the kids.
“Jonghyun’s parents aren’t coming today.”
“How do you know?”
“I know when a kid is lying about things like that since I was 1 of them.”
The doctor goes over my small head wound asking me questions and I answer truthfully.
“Well we should keep you here for a day or 2 for observation. The head wound looks pretty bad. I think you should file a report with the police as well.”
I go to rub the back of my head and Yongguk stops me as I say, “I kind of don’t remember what happened. The guys found me in a corner crying.”
“Well do you know if there were any cameras?”
“I’m not sure if they might have cameras in the area.”
I go over the same things with the police that show up a few minutes later and I simply want to freak out at some of the stupid things they ask.
I look around as I crawl into a wheel chair after I drag the IV over to that side.
“They are so lucky I don’t have anything scheduled for 3 days,” I tell Yongguk since he’s the only one that stayed.
“Where are we going?”
“To see the kids of course I promised them I’d see them later today.”
“You really meant it when you told them you’d visit them.”
“Of course,” I tell him, “When in the hospitals some families don’t visit even once even if it’s their own child.”
Yongguk’s POV Even though she’s supposed to be resting Jinkyong instead is focusing on a promise ot made to a group of kids she didn’t’ know until an hour ago.
“That’s very noble of you.”
“Not really… I just know what it’s like to really have no one visit you. I was a reminder of what had happened to my parents. I had over a year of physical therapy, physiological therapy, and surgery.”
Your POV I calmly talk to him about it until we get to the peds wing.
I look around and shake my head, “This place is a mess.”
I smile when I see a the same group of kids from before running through the hall, “Hey guys be careful.”
“Noona,” Junhong shouts as he runs up to wrap his arms around me.
“Unni, are you alright?” a small girl who looks like she’s small for her age.
“Yeah, the doctors just want me to stay here for a day or 2 since I got hurt.”
I nod my head as I point to the bandages on my head, “I got hit on the head.”
“Owwie…” I notice that she has a wrap on her head and I know why she’s in here.
“It’s okay though cause Yongguk here kissed it better.”
“Really?” the little kids asked me.
I nod my head, “Yeah, kisses always makes wounds feel better.”
A little boy holds up his arm, “I have a cast though.”
I smile as I lean over and kiss the cast then his forehead causing him to giggle.
“Noona is silly.”
I smile brightly at them, “I know right.”
I make a silly face not realizing that Yongguk is filming us.
Ass I’m making faces with them, doing word games, and even playing with them for a good few hours… Until he nurses come find them I have to say the day was entertaining with photos and videos with the lovely kids. Yongguk even played with them a bit.
I notice Jonghyun looking at me then Yongguk, “What is it sweetie?”
“How can my ouchie get better if mommy and daddy won’t come to see me?”
“I’ll help make it better than,” I tell him truthfully.
“Of course, I’ll visit you every day. I’ll visit everyone. I’ll kiss your ouchies so you can get better. Though I’m sure your parents are just not sure how to react towards their son being hurt.”
The little boy smiles at me, “Do you really think so?”
“Yeah, my parents were like that when I first spent a few days in the hospital.”
“What did you do noona?”
“I fell out of a tree and broke my arm. What are you in here for?”
“Something’s wrong with my tummy,” he tells me.
I smile as I lean over and kiss his stomach and then his forehead like I did for the little boy in the cast.
“There do you feel a bit better?” I ask him.
He nods his head, “Ye, thank you noona.”
“Of course, Jonghyun. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
He nods his head as Yongguk wheels me away with him.
“That’s very kind of you.”
I nod my head, “I hope I was right and his parents and come visit him. Kids that are in hospitals need love and happiness so they can heal and get better faster than a child who is unhappy.”
“Do you really believe that?”
“Yeah, it’s proven but something’s can’t be healed with happiness and love.”
We get back to the hospital room and I slip onto my Facebook page and create a folder for the kids that I spent time with today.
“I’m glad that they loved me though. It’s always really nice to see kids smile at me the way that they do.”
“I’m glad that you think that,” he says as we reach my room and he helps me back into my bed.
“Cause then I’ll just get along with you better and fall deeper in love with you.”
“Have you even said I love you yet?”
“Have you?”
“Touché… I’m bad with words though.”
“Oh then what can you do then?”
I take a deep breath and look at my hands as I say what I need to for him, “I love you, Bang Yongguk.”
He chuckles, “Bad with words huh. Good thing you love me cause I love you, too.”



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