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Not so Perfect

First Interview

Your POV
“What’s with all the letters?”
I look up at Bossman and smile, “They are apology letters that are wishing Yongguk and I the best. This is so odd since they've been attacking me since our relationship was outed.
My boss nods his head, “I just want them to leave the work place alone and also my best worker alone.”
I smile at him, “Of course he will.”
I look up too see my last client and important client walks into the shop and I wave to her, “Hi, just come over too my little area and I’ll get you all tattooed up.”
It takes me about 4 hours to do my client’s tattoo since it covered her entire back and today we decided just too do the outline with some details done today then she’ll come on my next work day and I’ll color it in in a few days.
I look at the time and notice that it’s only about 5:30.
I look at my watch and realize t that I’ll be off the clock in less than half an hour.
Bossman looks at me and asks, “Jinkyong what’s wrong today?”
I look at him as I sit across from him, “I’m doing my first interview with BAP today since I started dating Yongguk and even when I first came back to Korea. I mean I’m kim Himchan’s little sister and yet no one knows who i am.”
“It’s alright BAP loves you and they won’t let anything bad happen during the interview.”
I give him a look and he starts laughing there’s nothing that you’ll have to worry about okay just go to the interview and smile. Also it anything bring your tattoo book with all your work to show people that this is what you do. You also send work too auctions… Oh that reminds me this came for you today.”
I’m handed an envelope and I look inside to see a check written out to me for in American dollars, $20,0000.
“Wow, that piece of junk made me this much. Wonder who bought it.”
“It’s a silent auction remember you’ll have to look into the files it anything just be happy that it made that much. I mean it was your first auction and it went this well and you're not even done with school. I’d put that in the bank and be happy.”
I nod my head as I smile at my boss and decide that I want to go home early-ish so I can change into something else.
When Himchan gets me I quickly get in the car then when we reach the dorms I race too my room.
I pull out my clothing. I had pulled a white tube lace dress with ripped back leggings and a black leather jacket. My shoes have a more brocade fabric used for them.

For jewelry I keep a simple chain on my neck though slipped inside my dress is a locket that my mother had given me for my birthday. The locket was my biological mother’s on it is a tree that is a tree of life. I guess I know where that came from.

I smile as I look at myself. I look at my small table too see the frame with everyone’s photos on it.
I stop fiddling with everything when i hear Yongguk’s voice.
I smile as I race down the stairs and I look him in the face.
“Yongguk I’m not sure I can do this. I mean they are just going to focus on me.”
“If that's the case then we’ll show them how much we all love you,” he answers me as he places his hands on my cheeks.
I smile as I pull myself together, “Sorry, it’s just I’m so nervous about this. I mean i want everyone to like me.”
“Calm down there will be people that won’t like you, but they don't matter cause I have you and I love you just the way you are.”
I smile at my sweet boyfriend and sigh, “You know the guys are right in this room and rolling their eyes.”
He nods his head as he gives me a slight kiss on the lips, “I know and I don’t care. Let’s head out before manager gets mad at us.”
As we get into the van I tell the guys about my wonderful painting that I had just sold in the auction. They tell me everything that they think about how amazing that I am.
I smile as we enter the back of the studio and we are greeted by everyone.
We are lead to a dressing room and they were going to have me in a different 1 but BAP disagreed with them.
So personally they have no choice but to let me be in the same room with BAP.
When they are pulled out on stage I stay too the side and watch them.
As they start talking I’m brought up, “So tell me about this girl that yongguk is rumored to be going out with.”
“She’s here today if you just want to talk with her as well,” Yongguk says and the host nods his head.
“Of course we’d all love too meet her.”
I’m pulled out on stage and seated by yongguk and the stupid host.
“So are you going out with Yongguk?”
I give him a look that said, ‘no duh.’
I say to him, “I am dating him.”
“How did this come to be?”
“It came to be when the BAP members found me living with my brother after I had moved back in Seoul from living with my father’s family.”
“Are you not related to Himchan?”
“I am he’s my cousin in some way, but my parents died when i was a little kid. I lived with Himchan for a while then my aunt and uncle wanted to spend sometime with me. I ended up spending about 5 too 10 years with them. I kind of lost track.”
“What do you think of some of the rumors that was going around until yesterday when you and Himchan were caught fighting in public as brother and sister?”
“I thought they were disturbing since it was people saying that I was sleeping around with the members when I’m related too one and the other guys are more like adopted family too me.”
“Was Yongguk like that too you?”
“No… for some reason i couldn’t think of him as a brother to me.”
“Can you tell us a bit about yourself?”
I smile slightly at him, “I’m a tattoo artist but I’m also going to school for art in general still. I have quite a few famous clients that love my work and I enjoy working with them. I made my first sale at an auction last night of a painting that I had done just last month.”
“Have you sold anything in an auction before?”
“No, it was my first art auction that I had done since junior year of my high school back in New York. It was a for raising money for a few schools in a rundown area of the city. I was helping them out.”
“A friend of mine had dropped out of school and ended up in one of that public schools that had a great amount of students that needed funding. I thought I’d help out schools like that so i helped put up a fund raiser for them.”
“That’s very noble of you.”
I nod my head, “I guess so. When I become friends with someone they became family too me and when everyone abandoned her. I was all she had left since her family was torn into pieces and I was the only friend that stuck with her.”
“Was there any part of you that misses New York?”
I look at my wrist where my watch lies. I look at the old hello kitty watch that my friend, Mary, from New York had given me after i saved her life.
Great I’m here for them and the guy is trying to focus on my life, “I miss my friends i guess, but I told them I’d see them once I figure out what exactly I’m going to be doing with my life.”
Before more questions are asked I tell them, “I think you should be focusing on the guys right now. I believe Yongguk and I are supposed to be doing a different interview later this week. It’s not like it completely matters what I say in this one does it. Sure a lot of fans are watching this but they aren’t watching it too listen about my relationship with Yongguk or my brother or the other members they are watching this too listen about them. What they are really like and what they have to say about a comeback. So let’s focus on that before I decide just how stupid this really is.”
I lean back and sigh and notice that the host is now looking at my chest where my new noticable tattoo is.
“Can I help you with something?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re looking at my chest. So either you're looking at my boobs or my chest tattoo. Which is it?”
“Your tattoo.”
“Amazing isn’t it. Look too make sure that you won’t keep talking about me I’m going to wait backstage. Sorry too have wasted everyone’s time. Now can you get back on track with BAP.”
I walk backstage and slip into the dressing room they were given and lean back and open my tattoo book and start designing a new tattoo for me or for a customer I guess I’ll never know until it happens.
As the interview finally ends I stand up and wait for the boys to get back to the room.
I open my phone and look to see that their bags are still in the room.
I pull out my phone, “Where are you?” I text them.
I lean back on the couch in the room and sigh, “I guess I can’t expect them to come to me whenever I want them too.”
I open my phone when it goes off, “They wanted to talk to us about a few things then we’ll be right there. Don’t move.”
I sigh as I lean back and my stomach growls. I look around the room too see that all there is a few bottles of water that are probably laced with something.
I sigh as I look at the bottles in distaste anyways.
“Why don’t they have any kind of juices in her or pop. Pops always good. That’s not what my body wants it’s hungry. There was a vending machine just around the corner.”
Yongguk’s POV
We open the dressing rooms door to notice that Jinkyong is missing.
“Where did she go? She said she wasn’t going to move, but too hurry because she was getting hungry. Do you think she went to get food?”
“We text her that half an hour ago. I know my sister she would have gotten the food about 10 minutes after she got that text. Where could she be?”
I notice her bag on the couch and her wallet is inside just a few bucks are missing from what i know.
“There is a vending machine around the corner let’s see if she’s over there,” I tell them.
I drop her wallet back in the bag and I then grab my jacket that I left in here.
“Alright is everyone ready?”
They nod their heads, “Then let’s go find Jinkyong.”
We get too the vanding machines and I spot my girlfriend on the ground and what sounds like crying.



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