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Not so Perfect

Addressing Things with Bossman

Your POV
I’m sitting in the tattoo parlor since I have to worry less about being harassed here especially when my boss told me that I’m going to be working fulltime here.
The pay had gotten a lot better, but when I have to be dropped off and picked up every day because of crazy people.
Yongguk keeps apologizing to me and I keep telling him it’s nothing. I knew what I was signing up for when i agreed to date him.
I don't care really well one Yongguk spoils the heck out of me and so do the BAP members.
It’s sad how much I’ve been getting I mean we had to throw paparazzi out of the shop before, but this time they are after me and are harder to get rid of.
Also no one has a clue that my cousin and adoptive older brother is Kim Himchan who kind of the reason i was introduced too Yongguk.
I sigh when I look at my phone too see that Yongguk is calling me, “Yoboseyo.”
“Another good thing about the boss is he lets me answer my phone counting that I live with an idol and dating one.
I play with my headphones connected with my phone as it rests in my shirt pocket.
“Is this Kim Jinkyong?”
“Yes, who is this?”
“Yongguk-ah’s manager. I’d like to talk to you along with a few other’s here at TS Entertainment.”
“ahh yeah i can… but Is it a bright idea to have me walk and the boys are training?”
“I’ll come pick you up along with Himchan since he’s trying too get out of it anyways.”
. I look down at my shirt and black skinny jeans and nod my head in approval since I’m going to meet my boyfriend and brother’s manager and maybe even their boss.

I play with my side braid that I did when i was told I had a tattoo appointment today. That ended an hour ago, because it was a small tattoo on the person’s shoulder and it wasn’t her first.
I sigh when my phone goes off too see it’s a text from Himchan.
Annoying Brother- We’re here get in the car.
I sigh as I pick up my studded purse and wave too my boss.
“I’ll be back hopefully by lunch. I have an appoint at 1.”
He nods, “Just call me if you can’t make it.”
“Of course don't’ I always,” I call to him as I exit the shop and open an umbrella too halt an egg from hitting me.
You’d think that they’d all give up by now, but no it’s been 2 weeks since Yongguk and my relationship got out, and I still have a few girls and even maybe 3 guys harassing me still. One girl keeps throwing eggs.
I hear a car door slam and Himchan scream something and I know he’ll regret it later on the message boards.
I sigh, “Kim Himchan you better shut up or I’m going to tell mom you’re being over protective. I have it under control.”
I walk towards him and he says, “Sorry baby sis I got permission from mom to be over protective. Remember I’m supposed to look after you when she’s not there.”
I sigh as I open the car door, “I have a boyfriend for that now so over protective boyfriend and brother is far too much for me.”
We’re still standing outside the car, “I don't’ care I made a promise and I’m going to keep it. I’ll just leave most of it too him.”
i stick my tongue out and he mimicks me and I push him into the car, “Come on let’s go before someone thinks I’m flirting with my brother.”
“Oh i forgot about those rumors,” he says as he shuts the door and slips in.
The manager looks back at me, “Hi, I’m Kim Jinkyong, Himchan’s little sister and yongguk’s girlfriend.”
“Why didn’t we know you have a sister.”
“I was adopted when my parents his aunt and uncle died when I was just turning too a teen. I got sent to America a year or so later too visit my dad’s family.”
“ahh alright. Well I think we’re going to have to do a press conference tomorrow and you’ll have to be there.”
“Huh,” Himchan says, “Aren’t we doing an interview today they’re probably going to ask about her? So why not address it then?”
“True,” He looks me up and down, “she looked dressed for it too.”
“Hey,” I whine, “I had an important client in today and I swear too all heaven if I miss it I’m going to slaughter the two of you.”
We reach the TS building and I’m surprisingly calm while my brother seems nervous.
“Come on you two,” I tell them as I jump out of the car and race into the building without a second thought.
I look up when i hear my name called and I’m tackled by a tall maknae and an odd dancer.
I sigh looking at Jongup and Zelo, “Can you two let me go? I don't’ need to worry about more rumors.”
“But noona you’re Himchan-hyung’s sister and Yongguk hyung’s girlfriend why can’t we hug you?’
“Cause of crazy people, fans, or just crazy fans.”
Jongup nods and Zelo simply pouts.
I see Yongguk walk up to me and he pulls me into a hug leaving kissing for when he’s not at work and the prying eye since I don't’ want to cause a bother. Mostly with the crazy fans that have been harassing me.
I hear someone shout about P&A or something and I let him go.
I look up too see a few trainees had been walking through and about a few of the girls are glaring at me.
I shrug my shoulders as I take Yongguk’s arm in my own, “so where are we heading. I really hope this is fast I have to do a tattoo at 1 and I need to be there by 12 to set up.”
I look at the time and sigh, “I have 2 & half hours still.”
They nod their heads and we make our way up to the CEO’s office so he can have his little talk with us.
When we reach the room I’m given all kinds of looks by everyone when we pass them.
We make it too the CEO’s room.
“Please have a seat,” he tells us.
“Miss. Kim it’s nice to meet you. You keep showing up on all kind of BAP boards.”
“Oh really?” I question him and I know it’s not a good idea, but I’m a little annoyed.
“Yes, it seems that you and your brother love causing problems.”
I tip my head, “Since when was that known?”
“As of a few minutes ago. Right when it hit the web I was told by one of the secretaries that we have here.”
“Ohh… Himchan it’s your fault.”
“You’re the one that didn’t try to stop them I just told them to leave you alone.”
“That’s cause if I did wouldn’t it cause problems for you guys. I maybe hot headed, but at least I’m better than you.”
Before we can fight anymore I feel someone pull me into his warm embrace and I calm down.
I still mumble, “maybe he should get a girlfriend or at least laid.”
I look up too see shocked faces, “What? You have to admit he needs someone to calm him down like I have Yongguk or too get rid of his tension. Trust me I know what he does in his room during his free time.”
“Hey!” my brother shouts at me and I sigh as he says, “I don’t do that anymore.”
I give him a look and sigh, “himchan I’d shut up your boss wants to talk to me.”
“Thank you. I’d like to know why I wasn’t informed of you dating Yongguk.”
Before anyone can answer I lie off the bat, ‘we kept it from Himchan and them. They just thought we were close friends. Also I knew we’d either have to break up or some out that we were a couple and I knew this was going to happen.”
Boss man nods his head, “True. though now after your brother and your outbursts today some of the opinions of you two have changed. So I was wondering if you could do an interview with Yongguk sometime this next week.”
“One second,” I pull out my phone and pulled up my calendar, “I’m open in 2 days since it’s my day off.”
He nods his head, “Alright. Also do you think you’ll make it too their interview tonight?”
I look at my clock, ‘I should be able too, but I’m not sure when I’ll finish the tattoo. When is the interview?’
“It’s at 7.”
I nod my head, “I should be done by then as long as no walk-ins come in today.”
“Just tell your boss you’re expected somewhere.”
I nod my head and smile at everyone when i see the time, “I need to get back to the shop if we’re done.”
I watch as Bossman nods his head, “Yes.’
He tells their manager to take me to work, but Yongguk insisted that he wanted to since he wanted a few minutes with me.
He nodded his head and I sigh in relief when we exit the building and enter the van.
When i get to work Yongguk gives me a short, but sweet kiss.
he rests his forehead against mine and whispers, “I love you, Kim JinKyong.”
“I love you, too, Bang Yong Guk,” I saw as I pull away and kiss his cheek.
Before I can get out he stops me and kisses my forehead, “I know. You better go in before someone realizes just who’s in the van with you.”
I nod my head, “I’ll see you later, I guess.”
He nods as I jump out of the car and sigh in relief that I don't see the egg thrower anywhere.
I walk into the shop too see the boss looking flustered.”
“Boss are you alright?”
He nods his head and hands me a bag, “Here a bunch of people dropped off letters for you saying they are their apologies.”
I nod my head as I go too sit down in my chair, “wow this is a lot.”
He nods, “Let’s lay down one rule,” I nod my head and he continues, “No fangirls or boys dropping off letters here.”
“No, promises. Remember who I’m dating and who my brother is.”
I hear my boss groan and I chuckle as I open the first one.
I look over the letter and smile at the girly handwriting.



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