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My Black Pearl

Getting Closer to a Pearl

Chanyeol’s POV
I sigh as we leave the club as I realize that I have class today in the art center.
I look around until I find the room that I’m going to have class in too notice a familiar sweater weaving through the halls with her head down.
I shake my head as I look after her, “I must be imagining things she wouldn’t be in this department.
“Sky!” I shout and the girl just keeps walking doesn’t bother looking back to where I am.
She keeps walking until I notice her slip and everyone just walks around her and he head stays down as she tries to pull herself up.
I sigh as i walk over to her and take one of her arms in my hand and pull her up right.
“Are you alright?”
She nods her head as she look up I see her caramel and blue eye causing me to smile at her, “Mi Ok, you go too my school?”
She looks at me and I notice something other than shock pass through her eyes almost like relief.
“Ahh… I do… I never caught your name yesterday.”
“I’m Park Chanyeol,” I tell her as I carefully walk with her.
“So where are you going?”
“I just finished my class today and I just thought I’d pick up my baby from Mr. Yong.
She shrugs as she walks away from me and into Mr. Yong, the guitar teacher.
“Mr. yong where i my poor baby?”
The teacher laughs as he pulls a guitar case from behind his desk out, “You know you’ll confuse people by saying that.”
Mi Ok shrugs, “What my guitar is my baby?”
“Chanyeol, you’re here good. This is Han Mi Ok she’s transferred her the other day.”
“Where did you transfer from?”
“I was doing some at a small college at the other side of the city and I just ended up here when I moved on this side.”
I give her a look over and somewhat remember what she said, “You’re lying.”
“Yeah i am. I transferred classes that’s all.”
She gives me a strange look as she shrugs me off much like Sky did too everyone that was hitting on her last night.
Almost like someone dumped cold water on her she as her face turns too something that look innocent.
“Sorry… I need to go. Thank you for fixing my guitar for me. I’ll see you for class tomorrow.”
She turns around and runs off and it simply shocks me seeing her act like that.
I watch as she turns around to leave and she leaves her bag behind her.
I pick it up and shout after her but she keeps running.
I look at Mr. Yong, “Do you know what that was about?”
He shrugs, “I don’t know really. She’s like that a few times a month. I think it’s because of the insomnia that hits around that time.”
I look at him surprised, “How do you know that?”
“I was an acquaintance of her mother’s sister.”
“You mean ex…”
“Yeah, I was dating her aunt until she kind of left me for another man, but I kept an eye out for Mi Ok in school when she started to come too this school. Chanyeol, how do you know Mi Ok?”
“I met her yesterday in the park after me and my ex broke up. I guess I just want to become her friend I guess. From what I caught on yesterday she really needs one here.”
“That’s true her mother’s sister’s daughter Sooyeon and Sooyeon’s step brother is all she has.”
“I thought they are half sisters?”
“They are, but their mother’s are also twins which is why some people say the dad cheated on one with the other.”
“Yeah the 2 sister’s don't care for that fact though unlike their mother’s.”
“You know a lot for a aunt’s ex-boyfriend.”
“We broke it off last year after dating each other for 4 years.”
“Wow after that long?”
“Yeah, it was because she found a guy more handsome and younger than me. It’s not that I mattered at all.”
It’s surprising that someone could do something like that too someone that dated for 4 years.
When class is over I wave to Mr. Yong as I leave class and too hang out with the guys for practice.
I don’t know why instead of practice I’m sitting in the same area in the park doing nothing trying to figure out what had happened today and everything I’ve learned about Mi Ok.
I look over at the flowers too notice the love and care they must get everyday too have blossomed like they have. They are beyond beautiful just like the one who takes care of them.
“Chanyeol….ah… what are you doing here?”
I sit up quickly too see that Mi Ok is wearing a beautiful long blue summer dress.

“I liked this place a lot yesterday it’s very relaxing.”
“Yeah… You changed clothing from what you wore at school.”
“Yeah that’s just a sweater someone gave me cause I stained my top on my way to school.”
“Yeah, it made me sad I really liked the shirt.”
“It’s surprising that your dress is kind of flashy but I like your dreamcatcher necklace that you're wearing along with your earrings. They fit you really well.”
I watch as her hands go up too her earrings and too her necklace, “Thanks you really think so.”
“Yeah, it’s very peaceful and carefree much like you.”
I watch as her eyes start to smile and her lips curve, “Thanks.”
“No need to thank me when I’m telling the truth. The blue brings out the color of your eyes again.”
“Yeah, just one eye probably.”
“No, the two colors have come out more and it looks really beautiful especially when you're smiling.”
Her cheeks brighten a little bit as her eyes brighten a lot more.
“Are you doing anything at the moment?”
“No… besides talking to you I’m not doing anything today.”
“Do you want to come too my dance practice with the guys?”
“Are you sure that’s alright?”
“Yeah, I bet Sooyoen will be there and maybe even Jungshin.”
“Still what will your friends think?”
“They’ll be fine with it.”
She looks at me and sighs, “Alright. I’ll go with you.”
I almost jump up and down when i ask her, “Really?”
“Yeah,” her answer is too the point but her eyes look like she’s trying to hide the worry.
“That’s great. I’m sure the guys will love you.”
I don’t leave her much too fight with as I drag her away too my crews’ hideout.
When we reach the old building that we use to practice she looks around and I notice something flash in her eyes, but I can’t tell what it is.
As I let her in she looks around too notice the guys are messing around again.
“Oh, Chanyeol…. Who did you bring with you?” Suho asks me.
“This is my friend Mi Ok.”
In saying her name I’m in a choke hold being done by Sooyeon.
I watch as I try too pull her away from me Mi Ok yell at her.
Sooyeon lets me go and asks, “What did you do too her? She never goes out this close too dark. Did you threaten her.”
“Sooyeon you know me and know that I’d never do anything like that”
“Sis, he’s right. Come on just let it go. He asked if I was doing anything and I said I had nothing too do. I followed him on my own free will.”
Sooyeon looks at her half sister whose head is still looking at the floor, “You I need too talk too in private.”
I watch Sooyeon pulls her sister away too the corner away from all of us.
Lay walks over to me and asks, “Do you know what that was about?”
“Mi Ok is Sooyeon’s half sister. I’m guessing Sooyeon has a strong urge too protect her sister.”
“They don’t look a lot alike.”
“They’re half sister.”
“You seem to know a lot.”
“Yeah… I kind of talked to her… uncle because he questioned my relationship with her.”
“Which is?”
“We’re just friends.”
“Yesterday you couldn’t shut your mouth about her.”
“It’s nothing we just started talking it’s nothing.”
“If you say so…”
Tao comes over with an arm of 4 pizza boxes.
“Is that going too be enough?”
“Shut up… Go get the girls if they want of the pizza.”
I walk over to them and before I’m in view of them and out of view of the guys I hear Sooyeon ask Mi Ok, “Will you be okay?”
“Yeah… Can you believe that once in my life I remember what happened while I was her for the first time in years. Can you believe it I remember fighting with you about what I was going to wear and how I was going to do my hair. I remember putting in the contacts and I remember everything that happened up until I was back to being Mi Ok.”
“That’s great Mi Ok… So do you think that you like Chanyeol?”
I lean up against the wall and wait for her too answer, “Yeah… but what would he think of the real me.. Who ever the real me is?”
I back away from where they could see me and take a more obvious way too them, “Hey guys there’s pizza if you want any I’d probably run too eat it now.”
Sooyeon winces, “Oh my god we might be too late. Come on Mi Ok if you want anything to eat until we get home I’d run too get the food now.”
They race past me and I watch them before I slowly walk after them in time to grab a few pieces of pizza.
What did Mi Ok and them mean by what she said?



When are you going to update?? T^T

Klover22 Klover22

Thank you so much for updating :D

Klover22 Klover22


Thanks I will try my best to see the brighter side of things

OMG I'm so sorry about your depression :( but I guess that's just part of life and we have to learn how to go through. Hopefully you'll get through it well :) and always look at the bright side of everything

Klover22 Klover22

sorry I went through a small depression after losing my job I'm picking my self up and hopefully I'll be able to update soon