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My Black Pearl

DJ Sky

Chanyeol’s POV
“Chanyeol, what were you doing?”
I stop in my tracks as I look at Suho, “I was talking with a girl.”
“Really? Counting you just broke up with what’s her face,” said Baekhyun.
I wsigh knowing he’s right, “I don't’ care. Mi Ok is an amazing person who is misunderstood.”
I sigh as I lean my head back, “Are we going to the club or not?”
“Yeah, I still am.”
“Good now let’s get moving,” Kris says trying to act as if he’s annoyed when really he’s just being moody again.
I roll my eyes and they look at my clothing, “well it’s good as it will get.”
I almost want to hit them, but I know that I wouldn’t actually do that.
I watch a girl that looks like and wearing the aem clothing as Mi Ok, but she has brown eyes.
I call out too the girl too see and I get no response.
“Hey, are you okay?”
“Yeah, i just thought that she was Mi Ok.”
“She looked like Mi Ok and she was even wearing what she was except for the hat.”
“Oh well come on by the time we get to the club it’ll be just opening. Let’s get going.”
We finally reach the club as they wanted to walk there.
I watch as again I see a girl like Mi Ok.
I keep my mouth shut worried that I might be wrong again and feel like I’m going crazy.
I see our favorite bouncer, Jonghyun, wave to us while he stands up from the set of stairs that is on the other side of the club entrance.

“Hey guys it’s a bit early isn’t it for you too be here,” Jonghyun says to us.
I point to them, “talk to them. I just came along.”
“Oh I got the message from Yixing.”
“I didn't send it too you,” lay shouts at him.
“No, but you sent it too my sister who was with me today.”
“Big mouth and his girlfriend,” i mutter.
I shut up when I see her running up to us, “Hey, guys. Oh is Sky here yet?”\
I notice how she’s wearing almost an all black outfit but how she’s wearing blue skinny jeans. Also she’s wearing very little make up.

“Yeah, she just got here.”
“Great, Yixing I’ll see you later alright I have too talk too Sky about something.”
“See you Sooyeon,” Yixing shouts after his girlfriend.
“So Jonghyun are you going to let us in?”
He checks his watch as sighs, “Fine, but don’t bug Sky she’s not in a good mood today.”
Before we walk in one of the guys decides to ask, “How old is Sky?
Jonghyun taps his chin, “Oh she’s Chanyeol’s age. She even has the same birthday I think.”
He nods his head, “Yeah, but that’s all you get to know since people love to harass her already if they find out her age then it might be chaos.”
“Oh just she has a temper on her most of the time.”
We nod our head and enter the club.
It’s quiet because no one is here yet. So we decide to go too the main booth that has perfect view of DJ Sky.
I notice that today she seems to be wearing a loose sweatshirt with blue skinny jeans much like Soo Yeon’s.

She looks over at us and picks up the microphone, “What are you guys doing here?”
I notice that her voice sounds like Mi Ok’s except it’s laced with annoyance.
“Jonghyun let us in early cause we’re close friends,” Suho answers.
She nods her head,”Fine, but you better tell no one what you see now.’
We nod our head and she turns the microphone off as she sets it down again.
Lay is staring at his girlfriend, “Knowing that they are close friends I can see why there’d be something that both her and Sky would be wearing.”
The club is slowly filling up and Soo Yeon is making her way towards us.
When she reaches us Lay pulls her down onto his lap, “Hey love.”
she smiles at him and kisses his cheek.
“Ahh come on don't rub in our faces that we don’t have a girlfriend,” Tao whines.
We all nod our heads.
She looks at me silently apologizing, “Sorry that I told my brother Chanyeol he was just wondering what Lay text me out that he interrupted our brother sister time.”
I laugh, “That’s cause he’s a gossip just like you. Though I am surprised that you didn’t tell us about Sky being your friend.”
“Yeah… There’s a lot about her life I don’t tell people.”
‘Cause it’s none of people’s business who she is. Sky is Sky and that’s all they need to know.”
I smile at her, “That’s a good friend.”
She smiles over at me, “Yeah, if she was interested in dating I might introduce you too her Channie, but she doesn’t like people at the moment.”
“Are you saying that I should get back on the horse already?”
“No, not really except I never liked your ex. Also Sky would be a perfect match for you.”
“Why say that?”
“She likes a lot of what you do and you might not notice it she loves laughing and smiling.”
“It doesn’t seem like that.”
“That’s cause it’s hard for her. she’s afraid to show people who she really is.”
I look at the spin table too see that she has her mask on again, “You mean that.”
She nods, “Yeah, Sky she’s not like anyone else.”
I watch as Sky moves around at her switchboard table with one of her hands on her headphone.
We’re at the club until it starts closing.
We notice Soo Yeon asleep curled up next to Yixing holding onto her arm.
When the club is empty beside us Sky walks up to us.
“Ahh sorry about her… Umm… I”ll take her too her apartment.”
Jonghyun comes over to us, “Ahh, I’ll take my sister and Sky home.”
we nod our heads and someone’s phone goes off.
Sky pulls a phone from a small studded purse, “Yoboseyo…. that was today… Ah, neh, I’ll be there. What?!”
she stands up looking at us, “Neh, I’ll be there later. No, I need to go home and change.”
After a while she looks back at her brother, “ya, Jonghyun let me borrow your shirt this won’t work for class today.”
Jonghyun sighs, “I’ll be right back.”
He comes back and hands her what looks like was his wife beater and jacket.
“Here,” he hands her, “change into this at least.”
She runs off too the bathrooms and I look at Jonghyun.
“What’s up with that?”
He shrugs, “Probably her class. They are always changing the time and place.”
“Ahh okay,” I answer as I watch her come back handing him her sweatshirt, “Have Soo Yoen hold onto this for me.”
Jonghyun nods his head, “Got it.”
She turns to us and a smile appears on her lips, “it was nice meeting all of you. Hope too see you next time I work.”



When are you going to update?? T^T

Klover22 Klover22

Thank you so much for updating :D

Klover22 Klover22


Thanks I will try my best to see the brighter side of things

OMG I'm so sorry about your depression :( but I guess that's just part of life and we have to learn how to go through. Hopefully you'll get through it well :) and always look at the bright side of everything

Klover22 Klover22

sorry I went through a small depression after losing my job I'm picking my self up and hopefully I'll be able to update soon