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My Black Pearl

Night As Mi Ok

Chanyeol’s POV I look up to notice that Mi Ok looks a bit sad when they head out to leave.
“Mi Ok, are you alright?”
She looks up at me and smiles slightly, “I’m supposed to go home alone for the next few hours.”
I don’t stop myself as I say, “I can hang out with you. If you’re okay with that?”
She looks at me and smiles, “I’d love to do that…”
“What would you like to do though?”
I ask her as we walk towards her and Sooyeon’s apartment.
She starts to rub her arms a bit and I notice that she doesn’t have any kind of jacket on.
I take off my top layer and hand her the jacket.
“Thank you,” she says while keeping her eyes down.
“Why do you always look down like that?”
“It’s just I’m not sure how else to react when people treat me like this. Most of the time people are mean to me.”
“Well your sister, Jonghyun, and Mr. Yoon all seem to care about you a lot.”
“Yea, I guess you’re right on that. It’s just I never thought that everything would be like this.”
I smile at her like I do to everyone but I feel like this time it’s brighter.
All of this causes her to smile at me and I notice how she looks really pretty with it plastered on her face.
As we walk I notice how she would keep her head down so no one would notice her eyes.
It must be a slight insecurity that she has about them.
“Why do you always hide your eyes they’re really pretty?”
“A lot of people think they’re really odd. I mean it’s pretty rare to have heterochromia.”
As we pass a nice traditional Korean restaurant when I notice Mi Ok looking inside with a longing look.
“Are you hungry?”
She nods her head, “I haven’t had traditional Korean food in what seems to be years.”
As I lead her inside I say, “Are you serious?”
She nods her head, “I stopped eating out when I was 16 when I noticed the looks I got.”
I frown as I look at her but slowly a bright smile appears on my face, “I think it’s cause you’re a very pretty and bright person.”
She looks up at me and smiles, “You’re 1 big flirt aren’t you.”
I shrug my shoulders and she smiles at me more.
As we sit down and order our food I can’t help but to ask her, “So why do you live with your half-sister?”
Her smile disappears as she says, “When I little kid I was forced to wear contacts by my mother. I learned quickly that I was to wear them at all times. One day when I was I think 8 or something my left contact fell out and she saw my blue eye. She started screaming about me being a monster. I didn’t know what she meant I thought I was pretty normal. I thought the contacts were for my eye sight. I later found out that my mother after giving birth to me her schizophrenia started to come in. A big part of it was something to deal with my eyes.”
I look at her shocked by this piece of information that she just told me.
“Well you seemed to turn out great.”
She smiles when I say this.
“Yeah, some people would disagree.”
“I don’t know what they’re thinking then.”
I chuckle as I look at her and how when she takes a bite of her food she smiles brightly.
“Are you not eating?”
“Oh… Sorry I guess I was just lost in thought.”
“What were you thinking about?”
“Just about a song that I want to write.”
“Really you write songs,” she says all excited.
“Umm… Yeah I try at least.”
“That’s really cool. I’m taking a class at the university for music writing mostly cause I didn’t know how to until a little bit ago.”
She nods her head and smiles brightly at me.
“That’s really cool. You must be working hard on all of that.”
She nods her head as she plays with her hands, “I do try to do so, but I’m not sure if I’m any good.”
“I know what to do to test that.”
We leave the restaurant after I pay she wasn’t very happy about that.
Still we end up on a small strip where street performers are very popular.
She looks at me and seems to notice that I have my guitar on my back.
“You’ve been carrying that all day?”
“Kind of had to since I had my class so I needed it and I went straight to the park to wait so I could give you your bag.”
She smiles at me as she plays with her bag, “So what are we doing here?”
“We’re going to play a little something. Can I see your music book if you have it?”
She pulls out a notebook with sheets of music paper.
“I have one song that I’m almost finished with the rest are all half-finished.”
As I look at the music to see that it’s pretty simply yet I know when I play it it’ll sound really beautiful.
I look at the song to see that it’s really beautiful she just needs a way to end it well.
I start to play the song on my guitar.
Mi Ok, sits right beside me and starts to sing to the song.
As we play it she seems to be making notes and everything to the papers.
When the song ends she seems to smile sadly.
People are standing around us applauding and dropping some money into the guitar case that I had set down by us.
Mi Ok seemed completely surprised by this.
“I can’t take this,” she tells me.
“People gave it to you for the music that you played; they’re paying you for your services.”
Your POV Chanyeol scoops up the money and hands it all to me.
“I’m supposed to take care all of this. You played the guitar so you should get some of this.”
He shakes his head so I pull out one of my songs that I know that I wasn’t going to finish anytime soon.
“Here then you can have this song. The concept is all written down, but you can change it if you want.”
He looks at me shocked, “I can’t take that.”
“Please I feel wrong with how you are treating me. Paying for me to eat and letting me take all this money that we both earned from our performance together.”
He stands there looking at the paper until he nods his head, “I’ll take this. When I finish it will you be the first person to listen to it.”
I nod my head as I flash a smile at him, “I’d really like that. When you finish it I really want to hear it.”
As we start walking I smile at him as he walks me to my apartment.
I look at the time surprised how I had no urge at all to change my eye color the entire time with him.
“Do you want to come inside?”
“No, I should probably head home myself.”
I pout a bit as he turns to go, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”
He turns back towards me and smiles, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“What classes do you have?”
I tell him my classes and he smiles, “Well I guess I’ll see you first thing in the morning if you don’t mind that.”
I shake my head, “no… wait… What do you mean?”
“I’ll stop by here to pick you up and walk with you to school.”
I smile as I nod my head, “I’d like that a lot. Ummm… Can I get your number?”
“Oh yeah,” we trade phones and he gives me his.
I type in my number and even leave a note about my kakao ID since I usually have do not disturb on, on my phone.
As we trade our phones back I smile up at him.
“See you in the morning,” he says as he leaves for the night.
As he leaves I smile slightly as I question if he’d really like me got being who I am, someone with a slit mind.
Still he turns around to look at me smiling as he waves to me.
I wave back as I shut the door.
Looking out the peephole I notice how his smile seemed to affect me.
I turn to see Jonghyun staring at me confused, “Sky, why are you looking so happy?”
I shrug my shoulders, “I’m not sure. I just am. Also why are you calling me Sky?”
I walk into my room actually feeling like I’ll sleep through the night.
“Night Jonghyun,” I shout from my room as I happily change and jump into bed.
In the morning I’ll see Chanyeol.
I can’t wait.



When are you going to update?? T^T

Klover22 Klover22

Thank you so much for updating :D

Klover22 Klover22


Thanks I will try my best to see the brighter side of things

OMG I'm so sorry about your depression :( but I guess that's just part of life and we have to learn how to go through. Hopefully you'll get through it well :) and always look at the bright side of everything

Klover22 Klover22

sorry I went through a small depression after losing my job I'm picking my self up and hopefully I'll be able to update soon