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My Black Pearl

Bright Side Met

Chanyeol’s POV I’m hurt that I had just broken up with my girlfriend when I caught her cheating on me.
I sigh as I sit down in a garden in the park and sigh to more so myself, “Come on Chanyeol this should have been expected. You need to pull yourself together.”
I move my hand from my face and feel it hit something solid, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”
I turn to look to see a small framed girl with short brunette hair I notice that her bohemian dress is a bit dirty. On her shoulders is a light tan sweater that she had loosely tied.
“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”
She shakes her head as she looks up at me to see two different eye colors. Her left eye is a caramel coffee color while her left is a bright blue-green shade. I also notice that she has little to none makeup on and it’s a refreshing look.
When she sees me looking into her eyes she looks down as I hear her mumble, “Go ahead call me a freak.”
“Why would I do that I find your eyes curiously beautiful.”
She looks up at me shocked, “You mean that?’
I nod my head, “yeah, I find your eyes beautiful and it doesn’t help that so are you in general.”
She blushes as she smiles up at me.
I notice her pick up a small basket with what seems to be gardening tools.
“Oh I’m sorry am I keeping you from your work.”
She shakes her head, “No, it’s fine I like that someone is walking to me and not giving me looks for my eyes.”
I laugh, “I can help you work if you want. I know a bit about weeds to know which ones to pull.”
I hear her giggle and a smile appear on her lips, “That would be nice, but do you know how to pull them and what to use if you can’t.”
I watch her smile something that kinda shocked me when I become so enticed by it. I’ve seen hundreds of people smile before so why does this girl’s affect me so much.
She looks up and I notice a slight shine to her eyes and a blush on her cheeks, “You’re staring at me.”
I look away and chuckle nervously, “Ahh sorry. I kind of got lost in your smile.”
Her smile flickers but stays the same, but not as bright, “Lucky you since I never really smile.”
“Huh, why your smile is beautiful?”
Again, she giggles, “Ahh this is refreshing. Maybe because I was never liked because of my eyes so I locked away my emotions so I wouldn’t feel the pain.”
“So do you work here for a living?”
She looks at me, “why so interested?”
I shrug as I show her my ever present smile hoping that it doesn’t creep her out, “Just trying to strick up a conversation.”
She nods, “Alright but what questions I answer you have to as well.’
“Alright I see no problem with that.”
“Yeah I guess I do this for a living, but I also work in the market down the way. I work here since no one seems to take good car of flowers. So I do some landscaping for those who can afford to pay me, but I do some work for free at some schools.”
She looks back at me and smiles, “By the way you are wearing an interesting outfit?”
I look down to see my patched up black dark jeans, black shirt with a tattoo looking design that says ‘run with the wolves’, and my leather jacket.
“Ahh thank you. I was going to go on a date with my girlfriend to a concert tonight, but I walked in on her cheating on me.”
I watch her nose wrinkle as if she smiled something bad and a dark look cross her eyes as they slowly disappear, “That’s horrible people like that should just die.”
I’m shocked by the girl who had just smiled and looked so innocent just a bit ago say something like that.
Almost like she didn’t’ say anything her face goes back to her smiling one as she looked at me with a bit of sad eyes, “That’s a horrible thing to see. You seem a bit happy though for seeing such a thing.”
I don’t’ say anything about what she had said before because it seemed to be that she was trying to hide that.
“Oh can you hand me my hat I think it fell off when a certain someone hit me?”
I wince as I look back and see a simple straw garden beach hat with nothing but a black and white lily stuck on the side.
“What’s with the flowers?”
“I’m not sure,” she answers, “My mother stuck them into my hat after I bought it.”
She seems purely confused as she says, “When I asked my mother why she did that she said they represent the two halves of me.”
She rubs her eyes as she yawns and I can’t help but to ask, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I guess I didn’t get any sleep again last night.”
“Why do you sound like it’s a regular thing?”
“It is, most weekends I get little to zero sleep at least I think I do.”
I looked at her shocked, “I’m not sure what I should say about it.”
She shrugs, “Nothing. I’m used to it since it’s been like this since I was a kid. Where about half of the nights in the month I get little to none sleep and other nights I’m just fine.”
I wonder what her problem is. How could she get so used to not sleeping half of her life?
I sigh when my phone goes off playing my hyung’s ringtone.
“Sorry, I need to take this,” I tell her and I realize I don’t know her name.
I look up to see a beautifully designed white archway covered in green vines leading to a more proper garden for rich tea parties.
Since when did we have parts like this in parks…
Oh well I better answer Suho’s call.
“What took you so long?”
“What do you want?”
“I heard what happened from Baekhyun. He said after you called him you’ve been ignoring all calls.”
True cause I blocked all calls and texts from Baekhyun for the day since he was freaking out worrying about me.
“Look are you still coming to the concert tonight?”
“Yeah, I already paid my ticket price. Luckily she had said she was going to pay for her own.”
“Well yeah, I heard that they have a new DJ to. She only works with them once in a while they say it’s rare to see her at all. Some people think that she’s just the old DJ dressed in some costume.”
“Luckily I’m coming tonight to see huh.”
I hear him agree and I wonder just who the girl I was talking to was.
I turn around and walk to find her again, but I lose my way and when I finally get back I find that she had left but sitting under a rock is a small piece of white folded paper.
“Sorry I had to run back home since I finished my work for tonight. I’m working here again tomorrow and every other day at the same time. I hope to see you again. Hopefully next time I will catch your name.
Han ____ Ps.
I hope you don’t get lost on the way back.”
I smile as I happily fold her note and stick it into my jacket pocket.
I guess I know what I’m going to spend my free time doing now.
Your POV I never thought that someone would sit there and talk to me.
My mother always said I was like a pearl compared to faux ones that would be found by divers. Some people just couldn’t tell who are the rare amenities while other’s will fall for the fakes. Truthfully, I find my mom’s metaphor confusing because personally it makes no sense to me. Could she had been talking about my eyes as well since my left eye is a caramel coffee color while my left is a bright blue-green shade
Talking to the guy was refreshing to hear someone’s voice besides my parent’s, siblings, and my bosses’ voices being directed at me and most of the time it’s them yelling. The only one that has never yelled at me was my mother and I’m glad about that since to me my father has been dead for years instead of being the stupid drunk he is.
I just thought today was going to be a nice day even though I was to spend half of it weeding and planting new flowers in the garden in a few plots I had made for the city.
I never thought that I would run into someone that looked to be as upset as I am and to be knocked down and then apologized to even after he saw my eyes. I didn’t even think twice when he left and I realized that I was running behind schedule so I left him a note telling him where I’m going to be.
It was getting dark and I didn’t need to worry about him seeing the other me.


When are you going to update?? T^T

Klover22 Klover22

Thank you so much for updating :D

Klover22 Klover22


Thanks I will try my best to see the brighter side of things

OMG I'm so sorry about your depression :( but I guess that's just part of life and we have to learn how to go through. Hopefully you'll get through it well :) and always look at the bright side of everything

Klover22 Klover22

sorry I went through a small depression after losing my job I'm picking my self up and hopefully I'll be able to update soon