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If You Do


Charlie and Thea live fairly simple lives, busy, but simple. Charlie is an aspiring Zoo Keeper who juggles work, study, and hobbies. Shes more into one night stands or casual flings than actual relationships both Due to the convenience and her distaste for most people.She's not one to look or involve herself in drama but it is often hard to avoid when she lives with Thea, who is a short tempered over dramatic and slightly accident prone chef in training.
It's not that Thea goes looking for drama, those gah she is usually the source, she is just someone who doesn't like to sit still and often gets bored in her endless stream of relationships which usually results in her picking fights until they break up.

The two barely keep each other sane, but some how manage with the help of their douche trio of friends; Sam, the quiet dreamer, Jae, the sarcastic shit stirrer, and BM, the adult child.

Their simple and mostly drama free lives are turned upside down the day Thea literally runs into Jackson who was in no way prepared for what she would do to his life (and probably mental state). After being set up by Jackson and Thea, Mark and Charlie embark on a winding road of tactics and mind games resulting in Charlie turning her reasonable quiet life into a raging vortex of confusion, drama, and heartbreak.

Funny how one small thing can change your entire life.



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