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Character Profiles


Charlie is what her friends would describe her as stubborn and quiet. She doesn't generally like loud atmospheres and will only be found in a club if she is with her friends, and that's more for their sake than her own because she doesn't drink and they make stupid decisions when they do. She likes certain things certain ways and will stand her ground to have them so. She is also not to good at sharing things she sees as hers and can come across as a little terrifying is you cross her. Unless you haven't realised you've crossed her in which case she is extremely talented in manipulation and mind games

THEA Thea is known for her weird out bursts and mood swings. She has a short temper and sometimes is hard to get along with, especially if she doesn't like you. Thea is someone who finds it hard to sit still and has to be doing something 90% of the time, whether it be cleaning, working, or studying. Her fidgety behaviors carries over into her relationships, being the way she is she finds it hard to be tied down to one person because eventually she gets bored and will begin to pick fights until they finally break up. This leads her through stages of being in relationships and sleeping around.

SAM Sam grew up in the care of his grandparents, which has resulted in Sam being what one would refer to as an old soul. He is a very creative and spiritual person who channels all of this into his music which is heavily inspired by old British pop. When it comes to his friends he's easily influenced which often ends with him getting into some form of trouble. BM
BM, the adult child, has been best friends with Jae, Charlie and Thea for as long as he can remember. He and Thea take turns being the mother of their group, BM is the only person that can tolerate and deal with Thea's endless moods and drunken episodes. On top of being Thea's protector, he has spend several years and most of his high school life working numerous jobs to be able to achieve his dream of opening a bar.
Jae has been Charlie's best friend since pre-primary. Jae is passionate about his music, so much so that he spends most of his time busking , however his personality is not what you would expect after hearing his music. On the street his voice is sweet melodic but the second he stops singing he turns into a swaggy douche nugget.

MARK Mark is the founder and CEO of Y.E.M (Yi En Marketing), a well-known and highly successful marketing company. For the most part he is quiet and reserved when it comes to social settings, unless drunk or overtired in which case it will be nearly impossible to shut him up. Marks quiet nature is perfect for his calculative and stubborn personality, he doesn't make a move unless he has calculated every move and possible outcome to work in his favor. His relationships are no exception to this rule.
JACKSON Jackson is known for ever exaggerating and being a little overly sensitive. He can be loud and dramatic at times but can also be pouty and whiny when he feels like he's being ignored or not taken seriously. Jackson is a self proclaimed mainly man, when in reality he is scared of pretty much everything from bugs to heights, this can create hiccups with his impulsive personality.
BEUNKA Bianca believes her name is pronounce Beunka, gets overly attached to thinks and isn't of high intelligence. She was dating Sam who she loves but who doesn't love her back.
COCO Coco is BM's twin sister. She's a travel blogger who is out traveling more than she is home. When she is home she tried to set BM up with someone so he isn't alone.
YURI Yuri is a model, and Charlie friend with the occasional benefit. He doesn't discriminate against sex and doesn't really love anything except his cat Lolik, who is the type of child that he will ever have.

JUNIOR Junior is a sassy gay man, he lives with his husband in an apartment across from Mark and Jackson. He works in the fashion industry as a designer who met Thea through her work as a photographer before Jackson even knew her.
JB JB is Junior's husband, he is weird when he doesn't appear serious. He works in the music industry and a song writer/composer/producer. As Junior flies around a lot he is on his own and can come across as a bit of a hermit.
LEO/DOJOON/HAKA Leo, or Haka as Thea has begun calling him, is a musician with a band. He seen Sam busking on the street one day and decided that Sam was what his band had been missing, he has been trying to recruit Sam ever since.



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