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Day By Day


Seyong is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it; especially when it came to women. His love life, if you could call it that, he wouldn't, consists of flings and one night stands in the bathrooms of clubs and bars. His simple playboy lifestyle becomes difficult when the, idol in training, moves into the dorm with the other members. And Gunwoo's sisters. When Eunji deny's his attempts to get her into bed, she becomes a challenge that Seyong is determined to conquer.
Insoo met Jiyeon for the first time in a club bathroom. Where they had, what they thought to be, a one night stand. They met again at the shopping center just days before they were due to move into together. Insoo was quick to put his playboy days behind him and focus solely on her.
Eunji is a sweet, innocent, collage student who was used to living only with her siblings who are very protective of her. She likes to keep to herself for the most part, and tries to avoid any form of conflict. Past events have given her fears that she's forced to face and sometimes relive because of him.
Jiyeon is a very closed off person, she doesn't talk about her problems,and often finds it easier to pretend like there's nothing wrong. She's not known for forming emotional attachments to people except her siblings, she prefers one night stands with people she'll never have to see again. Until Insoo, unknowingly she falls for him and only discovers so when she faces something she never thought she'd have too.



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