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Day By Day

Chapter One

We were walking down the path towards the shopping mall when Jiyeon stopped abruptly, frowning at a pair of guys using the treadmills that lined the gym window.
"What?" I frowned at her.

"I just recognized someone," she shrugged.
"Which one?"
"That one," she pointed at the black haired boy who was talking to his blonde friend.
"I wouldn't have thought he'd be your type,"
"Why?" she frowned.
"He looks like he drinks protein shakes," I smirked at the same time the black haired boy almost fell off the machine.
"If he does, he's clearly not drinking enough," we laughed - so did his blonde friend.

The black haired boy frowned at us then smirked directly at Jiyeon. He turned to his friend and said something before they turned their machines off and collected their things.

"Time to go," Jiyeon grabbed my hand leading me into the shopping mall.
"So what do we need?" she asked stopping near a coffee shop on the corner of the intersecting halls.
"I have a list," I pulled the slip of paper out of my back pocket and handed it to her.
"Do we really need all of this?" she frowned.
"It's what he wanted,"
"Okay, let's start from the top," she shrugged leading me into a bedding store.

Gunwoo had sent us down to get some things he wanted or thought we might need before we move next week. After walking getting the few items from the list this store had paid for them and walked out.

"We have stalkers," she smirked nodding behind us, the pair from the gym had followed us into the mall and were scanning the sea of people.
"What are they doing?" I frowned.
"Looking for us?" she shrugged.
"Why?" I asked as the black hair boy spotted us.
"Who knows," she shrugged.
"Hey," Black Hair smirked at Jiyeon as he caught up to us, Jiyeon just smiled at him and kept walking.
"Where are you off too?" the blonde asked keeping up easily.
"We have things to do,"Jiyeon stated.
"Mind if we tag along?" Black Hair asked, Jiyeon paused and turned to look at him for a while.
"You can say no, but we've got nothing better to do today so we'll probably still follow you," he shrugged.
"I don't remember getting your name," she raised an eyebrow.
"I thought you knew him?" I frowned at her.
"Doesn't mean I know his name,"
"How do you know him then?"
"We met in the bathroom of a club," he smirked - I frowned.
"I'm Insoo, and this is my friend Seyong," Black Hair stated still smirking.
"Jiyeon," she nodded.
"And you are?" Seyong smirked raising his eyebrow at me.
"Her sister," I shrugged.
"I mean your name," he frowned seeming a little impatient.
"So, now that we're all acquainted, is it okay for us to tag along?"
"As long as you behave," she smirked.
"Don't take me anywhere I can misbehave,"
"I can keep your sister preoccupied," Seyong winked at me,
"No," I shook my head, he frowned seemingly a little taken back.
We walked through the mall gathering the things from the list that Gunwoo had given us. The only time we sat down was for lunch, which Insoo kindly insisted on paying for.
"So, what's with the shopping spree?" Insoo asked stuffing a spoon full of rice into his mouth.
"We needed some things," Jiyeon shrugged.
"Strange collection of things to need,"
"Not if you're moving,"
"Oh, you're moving? Cool. Where too?"
"Isn't that too personal?" Jiyeon raise an eyebrow.
"Just trying to get to know you," he shrugged.
"Why would you want to do that?"
"Why not?" Insoo shrugged.
"Let's play a game," Seyong perked up.
"What game?"
"I'll tell you something you don't know about me, then you tell me something about you, sound fair?" Insoo smiled.
"Not the type of game I had in mind," Seyong huffed.
"The type of game you had in mind is inappropriate for a food court in the middle of a crowded mall," Insoo smirked at his friend.
"Whatever," Seyong rolled his eyes.
"So?" Insoo turned his attention back to Jiyeon.
"Okay," she nodded putting down her chopsticks.
"Who's first?"
"Your game, you go first," Jiyeon shrugged.
"I'm really flexible," he winked.
"I thought you were suppose to tell me something I didn't know?" she raised an eyebrow.
"I'm actually a nice guy," he shrugged.
"I have a twin," she smirked.
"Two of you? That sounds like it could be a lot of fun," he winked.
"I didn't say my twin was female," she laughed at his reaction.
"Relax, my twin is right there," she nodded at me.

No one could tell that we were twins, or even the same age, they always thought Jiyeon was older. Probably because she acted like an older sister, or sometimes a mother.

"Your turn," she turned her attention to Seyong.
"We're training to be idols," he had a smug smiled on his face.
"Eunji?" Insoo asked.
"I'm not playing," I shook my head.
"So you get to know everything about us but we're left in the dark about you?" Seyong raised his eyebrows.
"I never said I was playing," I shrugged - anxiety rose in my stomach.
"Seems unfair to me,"
"Just something small?" Insoo smiled.
"Okay, I don't like arguments," I sighed.
"Why? You seem good at it," Seyong challenged.
"So idols?" Jiyeon was quick to divert the conversion.
"Yeah, we're going to be a five member boy group. We move into our dorm next week," Insoo handed Jiyeon his phone - she smirked holding back a laugh.
"What?" Insoo frowned at her reaction.
"Nothing," she shrugged showing me the photo; the five boys were huddled together, Two people I didn't quite recognize, Insoo, Seyong and then a face that was all too familiar - Gunwoo. So we were going to be living with them?
"You should be-friend us before we become too famous to even care about you," Seyong stated.
"We already have idol friends. I'm not going to cry if I miss my chance with knowing you," Jiyeon shot back.
"Where did you find her?" Seyong frowned clearly not liking the way she spoke back.
"We should finish getting the rest of the stuff," I rubbed the back of my neck.

We finished our food before getting the last of the things from the list. Insoo shamelessly flirted with Jiyeon who would flirt back. Seyong made obvious attempts which I ignored or brushed off - don't get me wrong, he's attractive but he's immature, loud, and his mood switches.
By the time we'd gotten everything, the cart was full and the sun was setting.

"We should go," Jiyeon stated - we had been here for hours.
"Do you need help getting this home?" Insoo offered.
"It's fine, we'll call our brother," Jiyeon stated.
"We don't mind helping," Seyong shrugged.
"I don't think it would be smart to show two guys we've know less than a day where we live,"
"You're moving anyway right?" Insoo winked.
"Still not a good idea,"
"Don't flatter yourself," Seyong rolled his eyes.
"Can I get your number at least?"
"I don't think that would be a good idea either," she shrugged.
"How am I suppose to get to know you then?"
"I'm sure we'll meet again," she teased.
"What if we don't?"
"You sound winey,"Seyong grunted.
"Then I guess I'm the one that got away," she smirked knowing that we'd be living together in less than a week.
"Eunji, can call him?"
"Sure," I nodded.

I dialed Gunwoo's number while Insoo and Jiyeon continued to banter. Seyong who had been loud and messing around all day was finally quiet and staring at me.

"Hey, I was starting to worry, are you on your way home? It's getting late,"
"Sorry. We got a little distracted,"
"Did you get everything? Do you want me to come and get you?"
"Yes please,"
"I'll be there ASAP," he spoke the last word in English.
"Have you been watching western shows again?" he just laughed.
"Wait out near the entrance, I'm leaving now,"
"Is he coming?" Jiyeon asked.
"He's on his way," I nodded.
"We'll wait with you," Insoo offered.
"You don't need too," Jiyeon frowned.
"There are some real creeps around here, it's almost dark, it' not safe for the two of you to be standing out here alone," he insisted.
"You're right. In fact we've had some creeps follow us today. Right around the mall," Jiyeon joked.
"Us?" Seyong, who was looking me up and down, frowned - not creepy at all.
"You followed us into the Mall and then followed us around all day," She stated.
"You two were staring at us while we were in the gym," Insoo shot back.
"Maybe I was checking my reflection,"
"Or maybe you were checking us out," Insoo winked.
"More like making fun of you,"
"So you admit it,"
"I admit nothing," she shrugged.
We waited no more than ten minutes before Gunwoo arrived, both Insoo and Seyong were confused when Gunwoo got out of the car to help put everything in the trunk.
"Oh, hey, what are you doing here?"
"They've been helping us all day," Jiyeon shrugged trying to hide her smirk from Insoo.
"How do you know Eunji and Jiyeon?" Insoo frowned - did he not here the 'brother' part of the conversation earlier?
"I'm their brother, good thing you're getting along. It'd be really awkward if you didn't like each other and had to live together,"
"Live together?" the boys frowned.
"See, I told you we'd meet again," she winked at Insoo as she got in the car.
"Let's go Eunji," Gunwoo smiled patting my shoulder.

The drive home was mostly quiet, Jiyeon turned the radio on and began singing along to what was playing. Once we got home she wondered off to the kitchen and started making dinner. Out of the three of us she was the best cook - her food is amazing. It's not like I can't cook, Jiyeon is just better. Gunwoo however can't cook to save his like. He likes to experiment with really strange combinations which he enjoys but anyone else that tries it would rather eat their own hand than try it a second time.

Everything had been brought inside and placed in the lounge room, Gunwoo was sitting with it in front of the suitcases and boxes that had already been packed. He started packing it away in boxes that had room - Jiyeon would probably re-pack it later, she had a system and knew where everything was. I left him to it and went to see if Jiyeon wanted any help but she was busying herself around the kitchen in her own little world.

I wondered off to my room and pulled my text books from my bag laying on my bed.

"Hey Eunji?" Gunwoo called from the other side of my door.
"Come in,"
"Are you busy?"
"Just studying," I shrugged.
"Do you want to come help me?"
"Sure," I nodded closing my book.

I helped him pack until dinner was ready then we all sat down and ate together. What was it going to be like living with more people? We've been just the three of us for so long the thought of living with others was strange. Besides the idea of living under the same roof as Seyong was a little nerve wrecking and not in the good way. Insoo didn't seem so bad, but the two of them were very, well, they were bro like. At least they seemed like the fist bumping, gym junkie kind of guys.

I hope for Gunwoo's sake that it all goes well.


First chapter; welcome, to the world of MYNAME, or at least my version. Keep in mind the first chapter may still be a little boring but it will all get better as the story starts to flow. Feel free to comment on what you think, I accept both positve and constructive so just be honest or I can't grow as a writer, otherwise just enjoy - NubNub.


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