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Chapter 3

A month later, Eve stops me after dinner. “So I know I haven’t hung out with you a lot since we started school, so how about we hang out in my common room tonight and you can sleep over! It’s been such a long time since we’ve had a sleepover! You can go back to your room to get your stuff, but I’ll meet you at the changing staircases in an hour, okay? Don’t make me wait too long!” She exclaims and runs off before I can say anything. Smiling, I shake my head a little and go back to the dorms. I quickly wash up, pulling on my uniform but choosing jean shorts over the skirt. Grabbing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top for later in the night, I go out to the changing staircases.
Eve’s face lights up the moment she sees me and she grabs my empty hand, pulling me down to the dungeons. She stops in front of an empty wall and announces “Serpentspine.” The stone melts into shadow to reveal a large, dark wood door. “Who’s this, Eve?” The metal gargoyle door knocker I hadn’t noticed asks, causing me to jump. “My cousin! She’s really very nice once she gets out of her shell!” The gargoyle chuckles and Eve yanks open the door, dragging me into the Slytherin common room. Once again, amazement seizes me.
The common room was humongous. Its ceiling was half as high as the one in the great hall but that still said something about the size of the place. Green lanterns hung from the walls and there were multiple fireplaces filled with green fire. A large stain glass window looked out into the depths of the Black Lake with many smaller windows on the sides of it. Leather couches were spread across the room, three around each fire place as well as in the center of the room. Eve drags me over to one of the fireplaces where I recognize the boy she’d been sitting with at my try outs, sitting across from the fire. The two other couches were also taken. The one that I could see had Jihoon and Wonwoo on it, reading and doing homework. The third one had a pair of feet dangling over the edge. Eve let’s go of my hand and drops down next to her friend, leaving me to sit on the last couch.
Looking over the edge, curse words fill my mind when I see Jun. His body is sprawled across the couch and his eyes are closed. Steeling myself, I reach down and prod at his cheek lightly. As quick as a viper, his eyes snap open and he’s gripping my wrist so hard that it’s painful. “Ow.” I gasp and his eyes widen when he recognizes me, quickly letting go. “Sorry.” He breathes as I rub my wrist. I nod and say “It’s fine. Move so I can sit down.” He obediently sits up and I look at him, confused, before dropping down into the vacated spot. I yelp as he lays back down, smirking up at me. “You didn’t say I couldn’t lay back down.” I poke at his chest and he catches my hands easily, chuckling. “How’re Auntie and Uncle?” Eve draws my attention back to her. “They’re fine. Probably overworking themselves now that they got their new jobs. Mom says she misses you.” I grin. “She also wrote me a letter last week, talking about how much she misses me.” Eve snorts. “She would.” “And about Christmas break. She didn’t know if she and dad would be busy, so she might not want me or us to go home.” Eve nods and Jun reaches behind his shoulder and pulls out my iPod from my pocket. He tosses it onto the plush carpet and sighs. “There, more comfortable.” I whack him and start to reach down for my iPod but freeze. If I reached down any farther, he’d get a face full of my chest. Which, from his grin, he wanted.
“Turn over you horny motherfucker.” I snap, pushing him until he does. Snatching up my iPod, “Fuck,” Slips from my lips as Jun’s teeth close onto the skin of my thigh. “Jun, stop playing with her. She’s getting angry.” Jihoon says and he turns over, winking at me. “So,” Eve draws the attention to her again. “Leave anyone worth mention in Japan?” I swallow, knowing what she meant. I’d been avoiding addressing that too. “Not really. I left my friend Kenji there.” I keep myself from saying random details. “We’ve known each other since we were seven and he was my quidditch captain.” Eve pouts. “So only friends?” I roll my eyes and shrug. I wasn’t going to give her a clear answer. “You still haven’t introduced me.” I jerk my chin at her friend to change the subject and see her cheeks just barely turn pink.
“This is Arthur Mogrin. He’s in Slytherin too, as you can tell. He’s my really good friend. You guys would get along.” She smiles at him with adoring eyes but he doesn’t even glance at her, smiling at me. I bow my head from where I’m sitting. Jun picks up my hand from where it’s sitting but I choose to ignore it. He could bite, do whatever, as long as he didn’t try to get in my pants. “You’re on the Hufflepuff quidditch team, right? We played you last week.” Arthur asks and I nod, my hand twitching as Jun bite on the skin of my wrist. “You guys won, which is surprising, since, no offense, the Hufflepuff team lost pretty much all of their matches last year.” I can’t help but feel the twinge of annoyance at the arrogance in his tone. I forgot Slytherins were generally cunning and arrogant. His ‘no offence’ warning was just empty words. “If you find the right captain and the right players, the game is easily won.” I reply, swatting at Jun as he bit another spot on my forearm. “No, I think it’s just because you joined the team. Their seeker last year wasn’t even half as good as you are.” I don’t reply, annoyance spiking again. If he was going to talk bad about my classmates, I didn’t like him.
“Jun,” Wonwoo snaps and the boy stops, turning to look at his friend.
“You’re making her look like she has a disease.” He snarls before returning his eyes to his book. It’s true, there were at least a dozen red marks covering the arm he’d been holding. I hadn’t realized how many times he’d bit me. “Eve, how about you show me to your room? I haven’t seen it yet.” She quickly nods and I get up, not bothering to wait for Jun to sit up. I follow Eve down a spiraling staircase and down a hall to her room.
“I’m a little surprised to see Jun throwing himself at you.”
Eve finally says and she points at her bed. “I think it’s just because I won’t let him fuck me and he feels like it’s a challenge. Like sure, he’s a hot piece of ass. But I won’t fuck him because he expects me to.” Eve nods, sitting down on the edge of her bed. “I really want Arthur but I don’t want to make a move on him and have him say we can’t be friends anymore. He’s the first person that was nice to me when we were first years. Like with your friend Kenji.” I look at her, confused. “Don’t expect me to buy your bullshit story of just being friends with him. I saw the way you looked when I asked out there. You’re still hurting from leaving him, aren’t you? You’re letting Jun manhandle you because you miss your boyfriend.” I press my lips together. She’d guessed correctly enough like she always did. We knew each other too well, despite having grown up so far away from each other.
“I’m trying to get over him. We both knew that it was a silly adolescent thing. Just to test the waters and lose our virginity the way we wanted. I knew a lot of the male students at my old school that didn’t think it’d be past them to pull me into a room and fuck me. Kenji always protected me from that. I’m more upset about leaving my childhood friend in Japan than I am about leaving my lover behind.” The explanation tumbles from my lips and Eve gives me a small smile. “Here, let’s go get you some comfort food. The entrance to the kitchens isn’t that hard to find.” I leave my clothes on her bed and follow her out to the common room. Jun’s sprawled out again and all the boys look over at us. “We’re getting a snack. Be back later.”
Eve drags me out before any of them can insist about coming with us. I follow Eve down the hall to the Hufflepuff basement but she stops at a painting. I knew that a few of the paintings were used to disguise passages around and out of the castle, so I watch her curiously as she reached up and tickled the green pear in the painting. Giggling, the pear transformed into a door knob the same color as the fruit and Eve pulls it open, beckoning for me to follow her. My mouth falls open in amazement for what probably was the hundredth time.
The kitchens were the same exact size as the Great Hall with the same layout of tables, aside from the pots and pans, the ginormous fireplace and the sound of cooking. “Misses Eve Wilson and Yuki Park! How may we help you today?” A house elf runs over, a tray of uncooked cookies in her hands. “My cousin is feeling awfully homesick. Do you happen to have any crepes available? She used to eat them a lot back home.” Eve asks with a kind voice and I look at her. She was never one to honey her words when asking for something. “Crepes? Of course we have crepes! Anything else you would like, misses?” “Strawberries please. And maybe some whipped cream if you have any?” I ask in a small voice and the house elf bobs her head, running back into the kitchen. Eve leads me over to a small table in the corner of the kitchens. The house elf returns with a plate heaped with crepes in one hand and another plate filled with bright ripe strawberries, a can of whipped cream balanced on her arm. “Thank you Cotton.” Eve smiles at the house elf and the small creature smiles back. “Always a pleasure Miss Eve Wilson! If you would like more, please call for me!” Forgetting all about Eve’s behavior, I immediately dig into the food in front of us and it’s like we’d gone back to when we were kids. When she came to visit us in Japan and we’d bought at least a dozen strawberry crepes from a food truck. Finally, the plates are empty and we sigh, too full to talk. Putting some whipped cream on an empty plate, I swipe my finger through the blob and bring it to my lips just as we hear someone clear their throat.
We spin to find Arthur and Wonwoo standing to the side. I lick my finger off as Arthur says “We figured you guys forgot, but its past curfew.” “It is?” Eve gasps, looking down at her watch. “Shit.” “Uh, Cotton?” I call tentatively and the little house elf comes running. “Would you misses like more?” She asks, looking at the boys. “Would you sirs like some too?” “No, actually we have to go back to our dorms. Its past curfew. I just wanted to thank you.” I smile at the small elf and her face brightens. “Always happy to be of service. Come back soon and I will have more crepes and strawberries!” She takes the plates, leaving the can of whip cream and runs off. “Does that mean I can take that?” I ask Eve and she grins, shrugging. I grab it and we get up. “So how are we getting back to the dorm?” Eve asks Arthur. “Well, we’ll split up because a bigger group is easier to spot. We both have our own plans on how to get back without getting spotted.” He says and takes Eve’s hand, nodding at me and Wonwoo before leaving first.
“I’m surprised Jun didn’t want to come get me.” I mutter and Wonwoo’s lips twitch upwards. “He wanted to. Jihoon told him to sit his ass down and leave you alone for the night and sent me with Arthur. I wonder what made him think that I was the safer choice.” He cracks a smile and loosely takes my hand, leading me back up to the portrait corridor. “If I remember correctly, Professor Wood patrols this corridor in a couple of minutes. Should we risk running?” I shake my head. “I know where we can hide until he leaves.” I push open the portrait and race towards the entrance to the Hufflepuff common room. Tapping on the correct barrel, I drag Wonwoo in after me just as I hear the footsteps of Professor Wood. The passage curving down to the common room was small and I hunch down to give Wonwoo space.
Without speaking, I pull my wand out and recite the spells in my head. It’s another five minutes until they tell me that Professor Wood had finally walked out of the corridor. “Okay, let’s go.” I cast a disillusionment charm silently as we quietly leave the passage. This time he takes the lead, going down to the dungeons. “Serpentspine.” He breathes and the stone wall melts away. Yanking open the door, he pulls me into the common room and releases a breath as if he’d been holding it. “Why’d the door just open?” Someone asks and I see Jihoon shrug, glancing at the door. “Well as I was saying. That girl Yuki isn’t half bad, right Jun?” It was Arthur’s voice. “Don’t talk about her here you doofus. Just because Eve’s gone to change doesn’t mean you can talk about her cousin.” Jihoon hisses, angry. Arthur ignores him. “If you can’t get her then fuck, I’m going to try.” I suck in a breath. “I don’t think she’s ever going to fuck you if you try too hard. If I get her you can have her cousin.” Arthur says and the words echo in the room. I don’t realize I’m nearly crushing Wonwoo’s fingers until he takes a sharp breath. I quickly let go of his hand, giving him an apologetic look. He glances down at his hand and realizes there’s a spell on us.
“I won’t do that.”
Jun breaks the silence. “I’m not going to compete to fuck someone. Even though I want to fuck her, she’s still my friend.” He says and Jihoon sighs. “Friend my ass, you’re so desperate it hurts.” Arthur cackles and I close my eyes, swallowing before pulling out my wand and canceling the spells I’d placed on me and Wonwoo. “At least I won’t hurt her without permission.” Jun snarls back, causing Arthur to shrug. Reaching back, Wonwoo opens the door and slams it shut to alert them of our return. A little color leeches from Jun’s skin, afraid that we’d heard.
“You guys are pretty late.” Arthur smirks. Schooling my face like I’d been taught, I keep it empty of any of my real emotions, smiling. “Professor Wood almost caught us. We had to wait him out.” The boys nod and I don’t say anything, going down to Eve’s room. Her dorm mates were rolling their eyes as she sighs, a lovesick sigh that I recognized because I’d let out many of those in the last few years. “What’s up?” I ask her, picking up my clothes and slowly changing into them. “He kissed me. And kissed me and kissed me. Oh my god, I think I’m in love.” She gasps, sighing again. “Okay, as long as you’re careful with him.” I say and she looks over at me. “Why would I need to be careful? Do you mean about sex? Because I’ve already fucked a few guys. I already know what I need to take care of if that’s what you mean.” I just nod, bundling up my clothes and set them on her trunk with my can of whipped cream. “The boys are waiting, are you done changing?” She nods, having pulled on a pair of her girly silk pajamas. “That’s what you’re wearing to sleep? To go see the boys?” She asks me, eyeing the sweatpants and tank top. “I’m not trying to impress anyone, so yes.” I grin and she rolls her eyes.
We go back out to the common room to find it mostly empty, in exception of the boys. Seeing us, Jihoon gets up. “I’m going to sleep. See you guys tomorrow. If I wake up early enough for breakfast.” Tomorrow was a Saturday so there were no classes thankfully. Jihoon locks eyes with me and then glances at his empty seat before leaving. Getting the hint, I immediately go for the seat next to Wonwoo as Eve snuggles up to Arthur. Jun glares at me from the other couch. “That’s not fair, now I’m alone. Move over.” I blink at his words and before I can even flinch, he drops down onto the spot on the other side of me. I scoot over until my shoulder is touching Wonwoo’s. He glances at me from his book and then looks at Jun that is subtly inching towards me. I jump away as Jun runs his finger down my bare shoulder. Landing on Wonwoo’s lap, I nearly fall to the floor but he drops his book and quickly grabs me, hauling me back onto his lap.
“Jun, quit it. She’s going to hurt herself if she keeps trying to run away from you.” Jun breathes a long sigh and goes back to the other couch. I quickly go back to the other side of Wonwoo and look over at Eve. Contrary to Arthur’s statement earlier, he was trying to fuck Eve at the moment. His tongue was down her throat, his hands running up her shirt. “I think I’m going to go to sleep.” I murmur, causing Jun and Wonwoo to look at what I was looking at. From how intense the make-out session was, I wouldn’t be surprised if Arthur fucked her right on that couch. “Yep, agreed.” Wonwoo says and we both get up. He waves at me as we go down different staircases and I’m smiling until I open the door to Eve’s dorm room. I can’t find words when I see two of her roommates fucking on the floor. The girl facing the door looks at me and I quickly step out, closing the door. I grit my teeth as I go back up to hear Eve moaning and the sound of skin on skin.
Hurrying down the staircase to the boys’ dorm corridor, I search for Wonwoo’s name on the doors. I find it and quietly open the door and shut it. Eyes searching the dark room for Wonwoo, I spot his wand on one of the night tables. Tiptoeing to the bed, I lean in to check if it actually was him and feel relief wash through me. “Wonwoo.” I whisper, shaking his shoulder a little. “Wonwoo.” He sleepily turns towards me, rubbing his eyes as he looks up at me. I quickly cover his mouth as he’s about to speak. “There’s sex going on in Eve’s room. Can I sleep here? Just to sleep? Please?” It takes him a few seconds to process my words but he nods, scooting back and pulling his duvet back. I climb in and he pulls the blanket back to cover my shoulders. “Goodnight.” I whisper and he makes a noise of agreement before falling back asleep, his arm draped over my shoulder.



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