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The Bloody Night

Chapter 7

It was another busy day with the boys and it made me happy to spend more time with them. However, I couldn't because I just remember that I had to attend class today. So, I had to go to school and get back to my normal life as usual. Winwin and Jaehyun was busy playing pool again,but this time not with me on the table which was kinda weird. As they were playing, I put on a new pair of clothes to go to school in while they were doing their thing over in the back. When all a sudden, Winwin saw me getting ready that he came over and touched me with his cold hands.

Rose:What are you doing? What is it? *Removing his cold hands from me*

Winwin: Where are going? You know you're are not suppose to leave here until we say so.

Rose: I know,but I've to go to school you know, as much as I love being here already,but I've a life you know. I'm human you know and we have things to do that are important.

Winwin: I know that you've to attend school,but at least let us know because its dangerous.

Jaehyun: Thats right, listen to us please Rose.

Rose: Well, you have a point,but- Wait! How do you know my name is Rose? I haven't told you my name and you always use pronouns like she or her.

Winwin and Jaehyun: Its on your name tag on your shirt.

Rose: Oh! (Laughs hysterically)

Doyoung: Who is this girl? What is she doing here at the arcade room?

Winwin,Jaehyun and Rose: *Looks at Doyoung in shook*

Jaehyun: Oh! its just you My bro! *Puts hands on his shoulder*

Doyoung: If nobody is willing to answer my question then I would have to kill her.

Winwin and Jaehyun: *Runs towards rose in defense*

Rose: Hi my name is Rose. Sorry about the intrusion on being here. Whats your name? Who may you be?

Doyoung: Rose! What a nice name by the way. Um...i'm doyoung and i'am the watchman in the group.

After meeting Doyoung, who is the watchman in the group, I felt like their were probably more of them that I would suddenly have to meet. Doyoung did come off as kinda a bit strict in a way,but maybe that's because they have rules or thing. I just noticed that they all are very different from one another in terms of personality and style of clothing as well. They all are handsome with the exception of Winwin and Jungwoo who look more cute than handsome.

After spending sometime hanging with winwin and jaehyun over at the pool table, I decided to hangout with Doyoung to see what he was up too and get to know him a bit better sense he was a little strict. He was outside looking out into the distance while drinking something in a small class cup. As I stood next to him, he looked over at me and turned his head back to glance out into the night sky. The night sky looked so peaceful and quiet just like him as he stood out glancing at the stars.

Doyoung: Why are you here anyway?

Rose: Well, because... its a bit complicated at the moment and a bit of a long story.

Doyoung: You're a human! Right! Have you ever heard of a summary.

Rose: Oh! (Surprised) Right! Well, Jungwoo had saved me from three bad guys near my grocery store who tried to kill me,so ever since he has been trying to protect me. I guess as to the reason why I'm here. Also, he was the one who told winwin and jaehyun to make sure that I don't go anywhere.

Doyoung: So that is the story that I wanted to know,so boring.However, it is what it is,so it can't be help.

Rose: Boring!!! What did you expect? Don't tell me- you wanted it to be about rainbows and unicorns flying around the sky with diamonds and sparkles.

Doyoung: (Shocked)

Rose: Listen, Doyoung. I'm a human okay, we don't live forever like you vampires, and we definitely don't heal quickly when we get hurt by others. We have to enjoy the world as it is because we never know...when we will disappear. *Tears up*

Doyoung: Rose, I didn't mean too- say those things like that. I meant that... this is difficult...shit! Hold on, you're only a girl. Why am I having a problem talking to a human?

Rose: (Cries)

Doyoung: Forget it! *Puts hands around her shoulder* Don't cry-i'm sorry, Rose. Cheer up!

Image result for nct doyoungImage result for galaxy Just imagine Mr.Watchman (Doyoung) looking out into the galaxy with you.
Doyoung looks extra handsome in this outfit *_*



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

Hana Hana

i missed u thanks for updating xoxo

I sure will!

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thank u sooo much for these updates , Living ! also pls give mark another cameo, love him lol xP

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great updates, queen. always looking forward to your work. xx. thank u.

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