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The Bloody Night

Chapter 6

My back was suddenly hurting from being on something completely hard and very uncomfortable. Not only was it hard,but around my arm,I felt something cold and hard that hit me. Then, I could hear loud noises in the background, it sounded like their was people laughing or more like giggling. It was hard to stay asleep or act like I was asleep so it wouldn't be awkward,but I had to react to whatever was going on. So, I sat up,but little did I know that they had me sleeping on a pool table scattered with the pool balls on it.

When I saw their faces, they literally stopped what they were doing and looked at me shocked. They stared at me like I was a ghost, It made me weird and uncomfortable. However, I tried to get use to their reaction at the fact that...I really don't know why their staring at me like this. After ten whole minutes of awkward staring, I finally stepped off from the pool table and put on my shoes. Then, grabbed my jacked and was heading to the door to leave the arcade room to head back home. It was probably really late and my grandfather is also probably already stressing about me.

WinWin: Where are you going?

Rose: *Looks back at WinWin* Um...are you talking to me? *Points finger at self*

WinWin: Yes, I'm talking to you miss. Where are you going?

Rose: Well, I'm going back to where I live before it gets too late.

Jaehyun: You can't leave this place.

Rose:But, I can't stay here, my family will be worried about me and I've school.

Jaehyun: Well, we can't let you leave here, sadly.

WinWn: Yeah, you can't leave here because a certain someone said so.

Rose: Who said so? Whoever said so then I'll fight them anytime.

WinWin and Jaehyun: *Smirk*

Jungwoo: Well, sure I do take on your request to fight me and trust me I don't intent to hold back.

Rose: Jungwoo!!!(Shocked) How did you get here so quickly?

Jungwoo: I'm a vampire as you already know.

All other guys, were nice and kind too me since I woke. However, I didn't really know much about them,but the fact that they was vampire. It was about disappointing,but I did hope that I could get to know all the members. Furthermore, I wanted to see what they do sense they do not really go out much. Despite me not being able to go home, I still had fun with the member because they were funny and caring at least.

They won't let me go back home because I know so much about them. Also, according to Jungwoo and Winwin. So,I've to stay with them for a couple of month to make sure that i'm safe enough to go back home and that I've to watch out to make sure nobody is trying to catch me or harm me. At least, that's what they told me as I was sitting down eating the food that Jungwoo went out to go get me.

It made me happy to see that Jungwoo had a people to call family. Also, now thinking about it, he had a special point, me not dying because I might give away my family for nothing big. Moreover, I would be putting my family through a lot rather than helping them,so I decided to quick the search and return to my normal everyday life.
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Image result for nct jungwooSnack boy(Jungwoo) is the best LOL ^_^



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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i missed u thanks for updating xoxo

I sure will!

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