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The Bloody Night

Chapter 18

Marks Pov

We finally got Rose back to her house with her grandfather,which is where she should be. Before we left her house, I had to make sure that their wasn't anything secretive about the other vampires that she knew,so I had touch her in order to see all the information that she may know about them. However, to my knowledge their wasn't anything,so it was clear that they didn't harm her. So, I glanced over at both Jungwoo and Lucas signaling them that nothing was suspicious.

We let Rose rest in her room and headed back to our Arcade hangout space. Jungwoo was happy that nothing serious had happened to her,which made us all happy with the exception of Lucas who didn't seem to care. I didn't understand the reasoning for Jungwoon and Lucas to be arguing about Rose unless Jungwoo really was in love with her. In Vampire literature, it is forbitten for us to fall in love with a human because they could easy exploit us. It has happen 4 century's ago with our elders before and they don't it to happen again.

This is why I can understand were Lucas is coming from as well as our leader Taeyong. We shouldn't have accepted Rose into the group as she would've eventually become a prey for Vampire's around Korea. Furthermore, we don't know when they would show up again and if she would be safe. Something was off with Johnny it seemed like...he was nowhere to found. However, this wasn't the time to be concerned about him as he always disappears,so I felt like this wasn't serious.

Everyone went back to their usual normal self's again,but Jungwoo who seemed to be a bit up tight lately. I sat next to him as he was still bothered about something unusual. I wanted to question him about what was bothering him,but something told me not to do it. Then, on the other side of the room was Lucas who was sitting outside stargazing as usual. Winwin and Doyoung was busy playing pool as normal,while Jaehyun was busy testing his protecting ability.Then, our leader Taeyong was busy reading his book quietly in the corner with his legs crossed.

I could feel the mood in the room was like it used to be before we met Rose. Everyone seemed not care about Rose except for Jungwoo and I. However, she really did some much for us and educated us about the humans. This is why I really agree with Jungwoo that if it wasn't for her,we would be stuck in our old ways stubborn and savages of the earth. I couldn't blame the human race for hating us as we never learn to educate ourselves and change within time.

I called my close friend Lily,who I've friended and since turned into a vampire. Furthermore, the vampire council had accepted her into the community,so she would be able to share are world. However,she had to leave her family behind and forget about being a human. For me, it was sad to bring her into my world,but it was her decision and rather choice. On the other hand, we don't really talk much anymore, since she disappeared.

When she was a human, I was also in love with her as she was a nice and caring person at the time. But, I soon forgot what she was like as we never talked anymore. I heard many things about her over times such as she has began studying in the UK and even America. Which made me envious of her that she could better herself more than I could. However, I still loved hanging out with the boys because they were like my family.

Rose, to me was like being with Lily whom I've not seen in 6 years or even more. I didn't want to let her go for one moment as she was just like Lily. Someone that I really care about and hoped to see again. Yet, I knew we probably wouldn't be able to meet each other again somehow.

''Mark, are you still thinking about Lily?'' Doyoung asked suddenly

''Yeah! I kind of miss her.'' I said softly

''I could see that obviously, When she is ready to see you, she will find you and hopefully take you back.'' Doyoung said hopeful

''Thank you, for being here for me,but I think you need to be there for Jungwoo more.'' I replied glancing back at Jungwoo

''Yeah! You're right about that. First, it was you will Lily now it Jungwoo with Rose. You guys must really love human girls,which to me it might be a new vampire trend. Should we post it on Vampagaram?'' Doyoung said laughing

''You're an idiot!'' I yell out at him while running towards him

The following morning, we got a recent call from Rose's grandfather that all has been taking cared of and she has been instructed to loose all her memory of us. The thought of it was sad for us to learn,but it was the right thing to do. When I glanced over at Jungwoo, I could tell that he wasn't to happy about this decision. Then, Winwin was also not happy as he loved to be next to her and play with her. Furthermore, they would enjoy playing pool together as she was good at it and he would always loose to her.

Rose's grandfather had urged us to not visit her nor see her forever. Which made me,Winwin and Jungwoo pretty sad and lonely for a while. However, their was times where we would spy on her as she went back to school and made new friends. It was as if she never met us and we never met her times became even more unsatisfying. We lost two very most important people in our lives and we will probably not be able to get them back in our lives.

One thing I wanted to know, was what happened when she was kidnapped. It almost seemed impossible that they just took her for no reason. Then, Taeil had just decided to hand her back without a single harm done to her. What really happened in that abandoned house of their's? The question stayed lingering inside of my mind for the whole day without end.Furthermore, I wanted to talk to Lucas about it has Lucas was close to her. But, he was nowhere to be found along with Johnny who still haven't returned since yesterday,which seemed a bit strange to me.

I walked towards Taeyong's room and sat down in front of him as he was sleeping in his red long couch. Taeyong didn't really like to be bothered as he slept,but I needed to talk to him. He may not like it,but it needs to be said. He was our leader,so I felt he deserved the right to know. I felt like something was not right with are tribe as well as the opposing tribe.

''Taeyong, my dear leader. Their is something you need to know and you need to discuss with the council as well.'' I said seriously

''What is it now,Mark? I don't want to hear about Rose nor Lily this time. Lily has now become a vampire and left to better herself. Which you should be happy for her and Rose has now began living her life as a normal human.'' he said softly

''Taeyong, its not about Lily. Its about Lucas,Johnny and Jungwoo. They both have been strongly affected from this decision and its breaking our tribe from within. Maybe this was not the right thing to do about Rose.'' I replied calmly

''Not right to do? Remember, I'm not a part of the vampire council and I don't make the decisions here,they do. If you don't like something than talk to the council about it not me. The others should know better and not do anything rashly.'' he said in anger

''Well, like they say if its not broken then don't fix it. However, if something happens to Rose then it would be your down fault.'' I said as I walk out of Taeyong's room

The others were out doing god knows what and the rest were doing the usual. It made me more mad,but their was nothing I could do about it. I really missed being with Rose,she was like a friend and even family. Furthermore, I didn't want to see the others hurt by the council's decision nor our own choices as well. However, Taeyong was right we've to obey the council's decision or else we'll be hunted and put to death.

(''What a sad world we both vampires and humans live in. The world were only one race can be happy and survive.'') - Mark



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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