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The Bloody Night

Chapter 19

It was early in the morning, it was a usual day of school again. I hurried downstairs to kiss my grandfather goodbye to head to school. My grandfather was nice,kind and humble to me as I didn't have much of a family. Both my parents had passed away and my aunt nor uncle didn't want to take me in as their own. So, my grandfather was kind enough to do so and give me a place to call home. I've always been grateful to him as he has done so much for me already at such an old age.

As I made my way to school, I waited for my new friends to come and hangout with me before class started. Ever since, I came back to school others would always say to me that I was different now. However, I didn't really understand them because I always had this feeling that I was social. Also, I was normal and would be well received by many at my school.

My friends came to hangout with me and we chatted until the first bell rung. In first period, the teacher had discussed the importance of us not staying out to late at night due to some stupid case. However, I wasn't to familiar with the case,which to me it wasn't that serious anyway. The police in Korea was always so uptight about anything they talked about,so I didn't really care.

On the other hand, it was dumb for anyone to stay out late in the first knowing that their could be gangsters on the streets of Seoul and especially if you're a female. For me, it would be common sense for anyone male or female to not want to stay out late out night by themselves,but their're girls out their who like to party and have fun all night. After class, one of my friend came near me and wanted my opinion about the lecture.

''What did you think about the lecture that Mr.Choi was discussing in class?'' she asked curiously

''I really didn't think nothing of it to be honest, who in their right mind would want to stay out late anyways. Its pretty much common sense to not stay out too late anyways.'' I said lightly

''Rose, do even know anything about the case that their looking into at all? I mean you don't look like you seemed to be educated about as its been talked about for more than a year now.'' she said

''No, I really don't know,but its pretty stupid anyway. They're really making it such a big deal out of nothing. I mean their is no such thing as vampires or any mystical creatures.'' I answered harshly

''Really! Their was two guys who was killed brutally and one of them had a bite mark on the side of his neck. No animal could've done that as it was done in a dark alleyway and their was a lot of blood.'' she stated

''Anyway! Like I said before this case is dumb and stupid. Whether it was Snow White and her seven dwarfs or vampires is a whole stretch on its own. Furthermore, its all ridiculous and far fetch to be the truth.'' I responded leaving the classroom

It was weird for the students around me to believe the things the police department was putting out to the public. It just seemed to be so far to be the truth like vampires actually existing in this world. Furthermore, it could've been someone human who tampered with the scene and tried to cover up the incident. I walked straight home and decided to research into this case.

It wasn't too hard because the police department in Korea is not really private on their information on a case. Furthermore, their was a lot of kids who could easily hack into the police departments hardware and leak certain if not all information. This is why their is a lot crime on the streets of Seoul because the police sweep in under the rugs as if nothing happens. Their was a video that was uploading on line,so I was curious to see it.

While watching it, it was very weird. It was dark and it seemed like their was two boys teens to be exact. Their faces was blurred as it was too dark to see it,but I doubt the police would know. Because the bodies were found at the scene and their parents were still begging for answers on their death. Then, their was a girl in the video who's face wasn't shown. It was weird because she looked exactly like me her hair, silhouette and even the shoes. The shoes that was shown was the same shoes that I was wearing today.

Upon finding that out, I was stunned about seeing that I was there. Furthermore, it had me pacing around in my room back and forth. Their was no way I could be at the crime scene or even be apart of it. I didn't even remember being there and the thought of it all had be me stunned for my life. Moreover, I didn't even want to tell my grandfather as he could be shocked as well. So, I didn't really know what to do about this issue.

[ At Midnight]

I decided to head out to the crime scene which was still taped up. The blood stains was still visible and the were the bodies were laying was still marked. Before, I knew it their was a bit of guilt still lingering in my small body. Furthermore, it made it hard on me to sink in since I didn't have any memories of being here. It was like I had some form of amnesia or something.

While glancing around the crime scene, their was this voice speaking out in the distance. I glanced around to see where it was coming from,but their was nothing just strangers walking about. So, I didn't give it any thought and return to what I was doing it seemed like my nerves getting to me. Until, this guy wearing a dark red jacket came to me and suggested we talk. I wanted to talk with him,but I remembered that it a good idea to talk with strangers in the first place.

However, he grabbed me quickly and ushered me to another alleyway. Then, he glanced at me as if he trying to reassure himself that it was the person he was looking for. Once he did that, he slowly too of his hoodie and began to reach out to me in concern. I glanced at me as if he knew me well and he had so much to say to me,but couldn't get it out.

Before I knew it, he had left in a blink of an eye without a word besides ''you're in great danger!''. I went home and began to recollect myself and inner thoughts as who that person was. But, it didn't seem to rink a bell and I didn't want to bring my grandfather into this. Furthermore, I didn't want to bring anyone into this even my friends,so I quickly got rid of the evidence. Then, laid in bed and hurried off to sleep.



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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