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The Bloody Night

Chapter 17

As me and Lucas got into an argument, their was two guys dressed in white and black looking at us. We quickly let go of each other and was wondering what they were doing at an abandoned house in the middle of the night. Somehow, they both gave off this toxic vibe, like they were something suspicious about them. However, we had to trust them because they might know where Rose was.

Jungwoo: Do you know a girl name Rose? She has middle length,brown hair and brown eyes. *Curious*

Lucas: She is also a bit annoying as well. Furthermore, she looks like she could be a big of an airhead.

Haechan: Rose? *Looks at Yuta questionable*

Yuta: Yes, we know a girl by the name of Rose? Who are you may we asked? *Curious*

Haechan: Don't take it personally, we just want to know that she will be safe. Besides, she is a girl, we don't want to hand her over just to anyone.

Jungwoo: We're her friends and her grandfather is looking for her desperately. He is very concerned about her and wants to see her returned to him safely.

Yuta: Well, if you say so, then sure you may come inside the manor.

*Enter the house*

The house was the complete opposite from how it looked in the outside. This house was definitely not an abandoned house. It was nice and well decorated with white and gold furniture and decor. It was like a royal family or a celebrity of some sort had lived here. Me and Lucas was really stunned with the place from what we saw from the outside. They both told us to sit down and make ourselves comfortable.

They had nice and kind manners towards us. I wanted to know what type of people they were because it just seemed kind of weird. Likewise, they kidnapped Rose now they're acting friendly with us all of a sudden. I didn't buy into their kindness as much as the next person would. Rose's grandfather is going to be upset knowing the mess that his granddaughter got herself into.

Jungwoo: Lucas their is something really suspicious about them. Can you feel it?

Lucas: Yes, I can sense it.

Jungwoo: They are acting so nice to us,yet they literally kidnapped a human girl out in front of a public area. *Whispering*

(Appears out of nowhere) Yuta: I know what you're probably thinking ...We suddenly kidnapped a girl out of nowhere in front of a mall.

Jungwoo: Who are you? *Curious*

Haechan: We are Vampires like you, we're not that different than you. Let me guess...You thought you guys were the only vampires living. *Laughs*

Yuta: Well, you're dead wrong.*Serious* We wanted the girl Rose because we knew that she was special and we needed her.

Lucas:How dear you! We are going to Kill you both in an instant! *Upset*

Taeil: Enough! *Yells out*

Yuta and Haechan: Prince Taeil! *Stunned*

Taeil: Yuta and Haechan get Rose and hand her over to both of them.

Yuta and Haechan: What! Taeil! *Shocked*

Taeil: No, buts! Do as I instruct you to do without any questions or regards.*Serious*

Yuta and Haechan: Yes! Sir. As you command of us. *Saddened*

*Leaves with Rose*

Taeil's Pov

I want to keep Rose for myself and me only. However, I knew that it wasn't safe for her to live in my world. She would get hurt and I didn't want that for her. She seemed like she had a good family and friends for her. They cared for her and wanted her back. I never thought that those vampires would come in time to look for her,but they did in the end. It seemed like she didn't have much faith in them, as she had for me.

Furthermore, I knew that the others wouldn't agree with my decision to suddenly let her leave,but it was the right choice in the end. She didn't belong here with me and I didn't want to force anything on her. Somehow, I felt like she pitted me only because of all of that I went through in my past. She didn't really love me as she loved them or anyone else.

Me and the others, had to get to used to being alone again with just the three of us. The thought of being alone again was terrifying,but this is how it was. However, their would be nobody who would make me more happy like my wife. She was the only one for me,yet Rose reminded me of her in some way. Even though, I can't have her I'll always remember her. The short moments, we had with each other and the long nights as well.

The way she sat next to me as I was sleeping. The way her fingers went through my hair as I slept. Also, the way she kissed me for the first time up until the last. The way her eyes glistened at mines as she laid right next to me in my big bed. Those times were so special and dear to me nobody could take them away. It hurted me being a vampire,yet it was something I had to deal with. On the other hand, she made me accept my new self now and love myself for who I truly am.



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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