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The Bloody Night

Chapter 16

The following morning, I woke up next to Taeil. It was weird seeing us sleeping together,I didn't know what happen and it made me worry. All of a sudden, I had remembered that I had kissed him. He had woke up from his sleep and glared at me.

Taeil: I see that you've woken up and that you remember. Don't do anything that you must regret. *Mumbles*

Rose: I never regret anything that I do!

Taeil: Really, What if I had kissed you again? Then...What will you do? *Curious*

He leaned in towards to me to give me another kiss. Taeil's lips against mine was so warm and soft. He then laid me down and we both fell right back asleep.

Jungwoo's Pov

I didn't know where to began, when it came to searching for Rose. I thought to myself that she could be anyway and nobody would know anything. Me and Lucas was the only ones who drunk her blood,so we could feel her. Also, we could track her scent,but we didn't know were to began. We both try to think were she could've been,but we didn't have any ideas. Lucas wasn't even trying to help as he was being hard headed and cold towards her.

It seemed like,he never cared about her in the first place making him the only one. We all had good times with her and it seemed like he didn't. I actually thought we all had enjoyed her company,yet he was the black sheep of the group. I was the only one who caught on that she had special feelings for Lucas that nobody knew. Even though, out of everyone else I had met her first and was their for her. However, she fell for the one and only Lucas. The one who was cold and didn't take the time to notice those who're special.

We all decided to head over to her house, as we were welcomed in by her grandfather. He sat down with us and told us that Rose hasn't been for two days straight. He also had grew worried of where is granddaughter was as well. Furthermore, he had told us that he is more worried that their was more vampires out there than us around. Those vampires might know certain things about her and want to kill her as well. They can use her to gain more power from her and even knowledge.

Before leaving, he told us that we should start at the mall,since that is where she went. Then, he told us that he is not scared of us and that he knew about our relationship with Rose. After we left, we went to the same mall that she took us to.
There was a lot of people this time around,but we managed to find her bracelet. It was laying right on the ground, I was surprised that he was still laying her on the ground and in perfect condition.

The bracelet made it more easy for us to trace her scent and find her in time. I directed the others to go and look for her. While me and Lucas will go a different route to find her just in case something happened. If we both got nothing, then we would meet back at the same place. Me and Lucas both left and was on our way to finding her. On the journey of looking for her, Lucas didn't look as slight as worried for her at all. It made me upset to think that Lucas was an asshole all this time.

I was really hoping that Rose wouldn't have anymore feelings for him. As he acted like he didn't care about her at all it made me sad. He slowly glanced at me curiously,but it meant nothing to me at all. While we headed to where her scent was it was getting more stronger and stronger. As the scent grew less, we was brought to a house- an abandoned house. It seemed like it was placed in the middle of nowhere,so she wouldn't have been able to call for help or escape.

Lucas: What is she doing here?

Jungwoo: I don't know,but they really didn't want her to be able to escape. I don't know what their motives are for wanting her or bringing her here. However, we must not let them hurt her if they hadn't already.

Lucas: Do you at least have a plan? Because, if you don't than this would all be pointless and we all would be killed. Think about it, we don't know what their're capable of. I don't want to die because of you or her.

Jungwoo: Lucas! Shut up! *Grabs shirt* *Angry*

Lucas: Don't tell me to shut up! We would've been in this mess in the first place had you listen to Taeyong in the first place. When he told you it wasn't a good idea to bring a human into our world and to get rid of her. Maybe,she would be safe from danger and not be in this situation.

Jungwoo: You're really a douche bag! I can't believe Rose fell in love for you in the first place. You really don't care about her well being as she always cared for you. If she is not hurt in anyway I'll tell her everything you said and done here today.

Lucas: What! *Stunned* She is in love with me?

Haechan and Yuta: Hey! What are you guys doing here? Who are you?

Lucas and Jungwoo: *Glare*



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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