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The Bloody Night

Chapter 15

For some reason, I felt like this wouldn't end well for me at all in this situation. Even though,I knew their motives,I felt like they would not be easy on me and also I'm just a human to them. If they couldn't get with they wanted out of me, then it would be even worst for me. To make matters even worst, the others seemed like they didn't care about me as they haven't showed up to help. They probably don't know that I'm being held captive without my will or that I've been kidnapped by these other vampires.

The thought of dying was replaying in my head nonstop and I was going to soon lose everything. However, my life has been a living hell just thinking about it, since I've been involve with these creatures of the night.I thought that they wasn't bad at first,but I was very naive at thinking it wasn't bad. The new vampires that I had just met aren't bad at all ,but I don't know what they will do to me.

Yuta: Rose, you look a bit uptight and nervous. We are not going to hurt you anymore,since you're pretty nice. *smiles*

Rose: Really! *smiles*

Haechan: Yeah, Taeil said that he wasn't going to hurt you because he now understands you and actually wants to learn more about you.

Rose: Really! *curious* (What is it that he wants to learn about a human like me?)

Haechan: You're pretty lucky to have a prince attention. I wonder what is so interesting about you?

Rose: Haechan, Why do you say that? *curious*

Yuta: Well, Haechan is right. The prince has never been interested in any woman before especially a human. *surprise*

Rose: I still can't believe it. Is it okay... if I can talk with the prince for a minute.

Yuta: Sure! Why not?

Haechan: Yuta, What are you doing? You know the prince doesn't like to be talked to without being requested. Also, he is sleeping right now,anyway.

Yuta: Calm down, I want to know how special she is anyways.

*Enters Taeil's room*

When I suddenly walked into Taeils room, It felt so warm and cozy. The room was very big and organized. It was well furnished like an actual royal family would sleep in this room and it was colored with white and gold decor. As I glanced around, I wanted to know more about him and get unravel his thoughts about me. It seemed so unreal to me that someone like me would have such interest with me. To him or the others, I should be their meal not of any interest if anything.

As I walked over to him, He looked so peaceful as he slept in a natural position. I personally found it to be cute and just funny. Then, I sat on the side of the bed next to him to only watch him sleep more, as it became more interesting. I put my hands on his face and played with his hair,only to have him wake up in shock. He sat up and glanced at me with a serious face. Furthermore, he brushed my hand off of him, which made me sad.

Taeil: What are you doing? Don't ever touch me like that ever again. *Upset*

Rose:Well, I wanted to talk to you,but you was sleeping. Also, trust me- I will not touch you like that again. *Rolls eyes*

Taeil: What could you possibly want to talk about?

Rose:Now that I think about it, their is nothing to talk about anymore, since you're in such a bad mood. *leaves room*

Taeil: Wait! Don't go! *shouts*

*Walks back*

Rose:The others said that you've slowly found some type of interest in me,so I wanted to know what this was about. Also, that you've never been interested in any type of women before and especially not a human.

Taeil: Well, I wouldn't possibly say that. I wasn't born a vampire, I had a normal life like you and many others. However, I just chose not to share it with anyone. The others have a story as well,yet they don't want to discuss it.

Rose: Will you share it with me? I want to hear it as I'm curious to hear.

Taeil: As you already know, I was a prince before becoming a vampire. My life was happy and more exciting. I wasn't so angry all the time as you probably think I'm now. The people loved me and I loved them as well. Furthermore, my family was perfect as well until it was time for me to get married. The future princess was so beautiful,kind and caring. She was the first women that had ever loved and would die for. We spent some many days together until, she became sick and died.

Rose: Wow! That is a pretty sad and tragic story. Did you ever find another women to love? I know that being royal isn't really glitz and glamour. You must have to marry another women, because their must be a queen or princess beside a king or prince.

Taeil: You're right! Even though, my first love was gone and no longer beside me. My family still wanted me to be married,so they had me remarried to my cousin.

Rose: What! No way! You had to get married to your cousin. *stunned*

Taeil: Yes! I know it is pretty shocking. My sister was very shocked and even disgusted as well. But, she couldn't do anything to stop my parents from agreeing with it. My cousin was not a good person,she was greedy and cold. She would use her beauty to get anything she wanted and it always succeeded without due.

Rose: How did your cousin become like that?

Taeil: From rumors, her mother wasn't crown queen because the king my father fell out of love with her and my mother didn't despise her. Also, she wasn't my fathers real daughter as many may think. Some think that her mother had an affair with my father's brother and she is his daughter. However, we got married and because of that she became so scheming. She was hard to live with as she taught me and even made front of my ex-wife. So, I killed myself from depression.

Rose: Wow! That is so sad. If you kill yourself from depression then...How did you become a vampire?

Taeil: You've lots of questions for a human. But, to answer it-Yuta had found me and turned me into a vampire.

Rose: I wonder-how your family is doing without you on the throne and even your cousin who is now queen.

Taeil: Who knows,but I don't like to think about it much.

It was fun talking with Taeil and everything. However, I felt so bad for him after hearing his tragic story. His story was worst than mine and it made me see him in a new light. Their was a lot of things that I didn't know about him and this was one of them. I wished that I could do more for him in terms of not seeing him suffer internally. Naturally, people don't hold things like this inside themselves,but he does unfortunately.

A part of me can see why he is interested in me as I'm a human. He knows that I can relate to him in some way shape or form. When he saw me, he hesitated on killing me,which made me and the others wonder why. As a vampire, he is now having feeling in which not many have or at least that I've seen. I sat next to him by his bed side,leaned in and kissed him on his lips.

As I kissed him, I could tell he was a bit shock to see me acting like this. However, I didn't care at all. My body was acting on it owned, it was like- I couldn't control it.



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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