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The Bloody Night

Chapter 14

They came back into the room, only to have untie me from the chair and sit me down in the couch near the chair. They had also placed different snacks on the table in front of me. Which made me question their sudden kindness or because they wanted something from me. However, they didn't want to be to obvious about it or they was told to be nice. It just seemed a bit weird and sudden that they would change their attitude towards me.

Rose: Why're you being so nice to me all of a sudden?

Yuta: You've misunderstand our intentions. We're not mean people,we're actually pretty nice and mean no harm. Please forgive us for our rude introduction.

Haechan: I'm the one who kidnapped you from the mall,but I didn't mean to hurt you in anyway. So, I hope that you're okay and also those things I said back there was not to be taken seriously.

Rose: Thank you! But, Why am I still doing here? Can you just take me back home?

Haechan: We can't do that because our boss doesn't want that at the moment. However, we will make sure that nothing bad happens to you and your family.

Yuta: As they're bad people out there that want you dead.

Rose: Can we please cut the crap? I know everything...you're vampires. You want me here because you think that I'm something special. Also, your boss hasn't really figured out something,which I'm not sure about for myself. If he wants answer then he would need to come out from his cave and talk with me first.

Yuta and Haechan: *shocked* How do you know all of that?

Rose: I've been thinking about the reasons why you're being so nice all of a sudden. Also, you're making things so obvious all by yourselves and you just gave me the answer to my question.

They both exited the room in shock that I had figured everything out. So, they probably went to go talk to their boss about what they just witnessed. To be honest, I wanted to know who this boss was in seemed like he was some big bad guy trying to get answers. However, he could've just made himself known and talk to the one and only Rose. Likewise, I didn't want to come out strong and naive or they might really kill me in the end.

On the other hand, I wondered if the others had figured out that I had gone missing or not. These guys were becoming so annoying because they couldn't get to the point as to why they kidnapped me. So, I had to basically filling the blanks for myself and get them to talk. It was so awful,but I thought to myself I would just see how thinks place out in the end. Which means I would just have to give them a chance just like the others and hope for the best.

Yuta: This is our boss.

Haechan: You better respect him!

Taeil: You must be Rose, I'm Taeil. Its nice to meet you and I'm sorry about how they treated you before. *sits down*

Rose: Nice to meet you,Taeil.

Taeil: Yuta and Haechan,you guys please excuse us.

Yuta and Haechan: Yes,sir! *leaves the room*

Rose: You're the boss? This is not what I had expected. *stunned*

Taeil: Yes, what did you expect from me? Let me think a man who is strong physically and who had muscles. You're a typical human with normal typical human thoughts.
*sips tea*

Rose: Please, you don't even know what is it like to be a human. Also, not being to protect yourself and not having any powers to change the outcome. So, you've to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. *sad*

Taeil: I'm not understanding, what you're trying to say. *confused*

Rose: I'm trying to say,you're a vampire. You don't know how hard it is to live as a human and not have any will power to change the outcome of life. You can live as you want without no worry in world of someone trying to kill you or the people you love dearly. *sad*

Taeil: Listen, that is not true at all. We vampire have to worry about those things and just because we have powers don't mean anything. Some of us was once humans before dying in the inside and it took us a long time to adjust to our surroundings. We vampires have to keep our identity a secret to the world and we can't drink human blood often. However, we've to eat human food and hope for the best. We understand how you feel and humans try to kill us. Its not that easy as you may think believe me.

Rose: I'll stay,but you've to not be to rude to me. Also, sense I already know everything I'll help you about finding out information. Since, I don't know what is so important about myself either.

Taeil: Thank you!

Jungwoo's Pov

For some odd, I couldn't contact Rose after Lucas had dropped her off home the night before. It made me nervous that she might be in trouble again,but I didn't want to be to unsure about this. I told the others,but they wasn't to concern for her as they didn't want her around. However, I still cared for her and she was nice towards us even though we're vampires.

She didn't tell anyone about our identity or put us in any harm. She was always cautious and even smart before making a move. It was like we was the one who put her in some much harm because we had beat up so many bad people and now they want her dead. Even though, we protect her from those people,yet they won't stop until she is dead.

Coming to think about it, I'm the one who put her in this situation in the first place. I just didn't want to see her get hurt and if she is dead it would be my fault. So, I've to find her at all cost even if my life is at risk. She probably think we don't care for her at all or something more terrible. I went to go see Lucas, Mark and Taeyong, who was the leaders of the group to see if they would help.

*Kicks door open*

Jungwoo: We've a issue! Rose have gone missing and we need to find her. She could be in complete danger and we wouldn't know.

Mark: How do you know this?

Jungwoo: Mark, I can feel it. The way my body feels is not right, Its like i'm having this bad feeling and it won't stop. The feeling as if something is wrong.

Taeyong: Did you perhaps drink her blood at some point? *curious*

Jungwoo: What are you trying to say?

Lucas: Just answer the question and get on with the conversation.

Jungwoo: Yes! I did drink her blood.

Mark: Well then that it.

Taeyong: Something about her blood is special, she is calling you to save her and she is in trouble. We need to go and save her at once.

*Leaves the arcade room*

*stops to talk with Lucas alone*

Jungwoo: I know you can feel it too. You had also drink her blood as well and she has a special feeling for you.

Lucas: Yes, I know that. I can feel it as well,but I don't care for her like that.

Jungwoo: How can you be like that? She has tried to be nice to you as well and you should take her feelings into considerations. If not then I'll be the one for her and make sure she doesn't get hurt even from you.

Lucas: She hasn't done anything for me at all,but cause us harm. I'm only helping because this is what the others want not me.

Jungwoo: You'll see! Keep acting like that,something terrible will happen to her and it will be because of you.



You're welcome! Instead of having mark as a cameo I decided to make him have a huge part in the story and tell one part of the story in his point of view(pov). Which would still keep the story going.

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