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Finding My Way


As students retreat to their classrooms, I finally spot Jungkook walking towards his car. My body, still tingling in shock from the skinship with Yoongi, somehow runs faster. My voice sounds desperate as I watch him open the car door. “Jungkook... Jungkook!”

He lifts his head and we lock eyes. Within seconds, he jogs to meet up with me. As soon as he’s in my reach, my arms secure around his neck and I go on the balls of my feet. I breath heavily and my hot, numb, body collides with his ice cold skin. I feel his hands gently muffle around me. “P-please, don’t go.”

“J-jae, you have school. I don’t have a place to stay in Buncheon, on top of that, money.” Jungkook reasons and pats my back slowly.

“Are you avoiding me? Do you hate me or something? Why do you always want to leave me? Normally, you would come up with excuses to stay with me longer, but now your doing the exact opposite.” I heave a sigh and finally catch up to my normal breathing pace. “Please, stay over here for a night. At least one night. I know Byeol wouldn’t mind. Please. Jungkook. I’m begging you.”

I bury my face into his shoulder to block out the tears I didn’t noticed about to stream down my cheeks. Jungkook caresses my hair and he lifts my head. My watery eyes soften as he looks down at me lovingly. Softly, he closes his eyes and kisses my forehead. “Where should I wait for you?”

A smile comes across my face and I hug him once more.


Taehyung’s POV

From the window, I watch as Jaemi embraces Jungkook. I purse my lips and amble to the classroom. They’re nothing more than friends. I trust Jae.

The bell rings as I step into the classroom. Our teacher hasn’t returned from her lunch break. Suga watches as I sit down and I stare at the empty seat next to me. Why isn’t she here yet?

Seokjin and Hoseok turn around and give me a concerned look. I feel my fingers twitch and breath deeply. Why was she talking about Daegu earlier…?

Within seconds, Jaemi pops into the classroom from the back door and greets me with warm eyes. Immediately, my heart skips a beat and a bright smile creeps up my face. I’m just glad she’s back, with me.


Jaemi’s POV

The train ride home is pleasant and quiet. Taehyung sleeps, leaning on my shoulder. His hair tickles my neck whenever he repositions himself. Hoseok, Jimin and Seokjin sit across from us. Hoseok and Jimin gaze out the window behind them, in their own world. Seokjin and I make eye contact, I watch as he walks across the train to sit next to me. With a gentle touch, he puts a hand on my thigh and pats it lightly. “How are you doing?”

“I’m alright… for now.” For some reason, my mind goes back to Suga and what happened during lunch. I shoot him a reassuring smile anyway. “I’m used to all of these sudden events, I guess. Schools hard, on top of that work. Next thing I know, I’m going to Seoul with Suga to bring Jungkook back here. Now, we’re on the train, going to Byeol with a lie that I actually have friends. Other than that… I’m alright… What about you? How are you holding up these days?”

“Pressured.” He nods his head. “From school, to class president, to taking care of Gaejin, Byeol… But somehow, I’m able to handle everything smoothly.”

He’s easy to talk to…

“Can I ask you something?” I clear my throat as Taehyung pulls me an inch closer to him.
“Go ahead.” Seokjin grins and pats my thigh once more.

I swallow before speaking, hoping Seokjin has the answers to my questions. “What do you know about Byeol’s storage?”

“B-byeol’s storage?” Seokjin stutters a bit as he recalls anything about it. “She keeps a lot of important files and information there, for example, your phone.”

“Hmph. Wouldn’t she keep those files in her work office?”

Seokjin shakes his head and scratches his nape. “I’ve been to her office before, she doesn’t keep any files on us there. But I’m almost positive they could be in her storage… Is there a reason why your asking?”

“N-no.” I look down and bite my lip. Excuse, excuse, I need an excuse. “Honestly… My phone is nearly dead and I’m pretty sure it's in her storage room. That’s all.”

Seokjin chuckles at the floor and glances at me once more. “If you need your charger, ask Byeol for it. She never lets anyone inside besides herself. It’s only a rare occasion when she allows someone to go in there.”

“Oh. Okay, will do. Thank you, Seokjin… oppa.” I say slowly, and watch him give me a nod of approval.

Taehyung loses his balance, falling flat on top of my thighs, on Seokjin’s hand. Seokjin and I share a brief laugh. With precision, Seokjin carefully pulls his hand from under Taehyung’s head. Once free, he fixes Taehyung’s misplaced hair, moving them out of his face.



“Jaemi!” Byeol yells with joy. “How was your study night with your friends?”

Right. I went to sleep over at a friends house… I don’t have any friends here, besides the seven boys… and possibly Irene. “It was… great?”

She laughs and tugs me into a light hug. “My nephew has dropped by. That was definitely a surprise.”

“Nephew?” Taehyung asks from behind.

Byeol nods her head and guides us to the main lounge room. “Jeon Jungkook.”

“Nephew???” I say out of surprise. Jungkook looks up from the sofa he was sitting on.

“Well, his father and mother are really close friends of mine.” Byeol smiles and ruffles his hair dramatically. “He’s finally came by to see me again.”

Jungkook lets out an awkward laugh and exchanges looks with the five of us. How come she didn’t act this way when we were at my parents funeral? Was I too worried about my parents and my future to see Jungkook and Byeol conversing, or anything like that?

Hoseok lends come of his clothes to Jungkook and Byeol refuses to let him sleep in the same room as me. Therefore, she assigned Taehyung to take care of Jungkook and let him sleep in his room. I walk into my room, leaving the door open and plop myself on my bed. I inhale and let out all of the air in my lungs as I stand right back up.

“Jimin?” I call for him as he passes my room. He walks backwards to my door, a book in his hand. Demian. [AN: That book is life]

“Ne? Jae?” Jimin closes his book with one hand and smiles. He walks up to the door and leans on it slightly. “What’s up?”

“Have you seen Byeol anywhere? I have to talk to her about something.”

“I think she’s in her office, if not, preparing dinner for everyone.” Jimin grins. “Hey, do you happen to know where-”

“Taehyung’s room.” I smile and playfully punch his chest. “See you at dinner.”

He lets out a laugh and watches me disappear into the hallways.

I knock on Byeol’s office door, waiting for her to give me the ‘okay.’ I put an ear to the door. She’s on the phone with someone… should I stay waiting outsi-

“Ne, come in.” She says quickly and I open the door.

“Ne, please hold while we transfer you to the other line.”

“What’s up, Jaemi.” She puts her phone down as it plays classical music, not on speaker, but loud enough to hear.

“Uhm.” I clear my throat and walk closer to her desk. “I thank you for giving me my phone… but I think my charger is still in your storage. My phone’s almost dead.”

Byeol blinks twice before laughing. “Alright, let’s go and get it.”

She shuffles through her drawers to find the key to the storage. She lifts papers, that are now scattered all over her desk. “Is something wrong, Byeol?”

“I can’t find the key. I usually have it on my car keys but I misplaced that somewhere. My spare is gone too.”

“You have a spare?” I raise my eyebrow. “How could you lose your spare key?”

“I’m sure it was in my office. In this drawer. But it’s missing. Sorry, Jaemi. You’ll just have to live without your phone or buy another charger.” She picks up her phone and checks the time. Her feet move quickly, pacing out of the room. “Crap. I need to make dinner. Jaemi, let's talk about this later.”

“Hello? Minji-shi? This is Soohye.”

“Ah, ne.” She answers the call while disappearing into the cafeteria.

Car keys missing. Byeol busier than usual. No spare key. Spare… key.


“How else would you get to know about a girl like you?” Yoongi whispered. Our bodies were so heated, we’re about to melt into each other. “Everything started at the orphanage. I found files in Byeol’s storage, which lead me to Seoul… and I first laid my eyes on you.”


The key I stole from Yoongi in Seoul.” I whisper to myself and put a finger on my lips.

I walk hastily and quietly to my room, making sure no one heard my footsteps. I then undressed myself and changed to casual, comfortable clothing. In the process, I reach into my bra and pull out the key, now heated from my body warmth. I quickly pull over snug, white longsleeve shirt.

On the way to the storage room, I pace by the cafeteria, making sure Byeol was busy enough in the kitchen to not roam to hallways. My heart beats loudly as I approach the door. I draw the key into the lock and turn it until I hear a click. I turn the lights on, closing the door behind me. There’s a lot of junk in here.

I pick up some random items and place them neatly on the floor, searching for any signs of a file cabinet. After moving a vacuum and cleaning supplies, Byeol’s filing cabinet is revealed. With the same key, I unlock the three drawers and pull top one out. I skim through the names, but there were no signs of Taehyung or Yoongi. It’s in order of last name. Kim. “K.” It should be in the middle drawer.

I gently, but swiftly close the top drawer and pull open the middle drawer in one move. File by file, a peer at the large number of names who have the last name, Kim. “That’s weird. My name isn’t here. Nor is Taehyung’s… or Yoongi’s…”

With eagle eyes, I immediately spot Seokjin’s and Gaejin’s file. Byeol should have files on us too if Seokjin’s is here. If not mine, at least Taehyung’s… or Yoongi’s. Why… aren’t they here?

It takes me few minutes to realize, “It’s missing… and Yoongi has all three of them.”


Happy Mondayyyeee~ I just felt like updating today (and I will tomorrow too, don't worry).

This chapter was more of a transition chapter, therefore I didn't want to disappoint you for the "big" update on Tuesday. This type of chapter I would normally update as an extra chapter so here I am!

I felt like I've been neglecting Seokjin's existence in this story, so I'm slowly bringing his backstory into this.


I love J-Hope in the MV so much and JIMINNNNN YES. SLAY. (sorry, I'm ranting, but they are gorgeous) Rap Monster says "Peaches and Cream." BWAHAHhahahahaHahhaha look that up on google and you'll see what he really means *cries*

Tell me which SOLO song you like the most. I personally LOVE SEOKJIN'S SOLO. AND CYPHER PT 4 (not as lit as CYPHER PT 3 BUT STILL GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME)

~Alexis Thao

When the song is too good (J-Hope and Jimin^^^^) BWAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA



I'm seriously fangirling it's just-

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HOLY CRAP! I was shook when I saw this story was updated, I'm so happy! >.< Yayyyy lol. Love you and your stories, i re-read everything like 3 times. Nothing defeats this hehehe. The chapter is so intense! That was unexpected and i'm in love with it! THank you for updating

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