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Finding My Way


Jungwon High School
Classroom 3A

“Alright.” Ms. Lee says loudly, grabbing everyone’s attention. “We have a partnered project due on Monday. I’m giving you Today, Friday and the Weekend to work on this so don’t disappoint me. We’re studying the human body in science, therefore I’d like you to give me a presentation about at least two of the systems. You must explain how the system works and what its purpose it.”

The students groan and sigh in hate.

“Cha, here are your partners.” She reads names. Seokjin and Hoseok are paired together. Taehyung is paired with Irene. They exchange satisfied glances. “And lastly, the two transfers will be partners.”

Two transfers… Wait. Suga and I? Partners!?

Taehyung slams the table, drawing the attention of the classroom. He turns his head and stares past me to Suga, who waves at him happily. Hoseok, who sits in front of me, gives Suga an annoyed expression.

“Looks like I have to associate with her, Hoseok.” Suga smirks and laughs.

“For the last fifteen minutes of class, you can discuss with your partners and set up schedules. Remember, it’s due on Monday.” Ms. Lee sighs and closes her planner. “Once you’re finished, you may leave. That’s all for today. Class dismissed.”

“Attention!” Seokjin shouts and stands up.

The students turn quiet and wait for Seokjin’s signal.

“Bow.” Seokjin bows and we follow him saying our thanks to Ms. Lee.

“See you guys tomorrow.” Ms. Lee smiles and walks out of the door. “Behave yourselves!”

“Ye!” We yell as she leaves our sight.

Suga pats the vacant seat next to him. “Have a seat, partner.”

I nod and stand up to occupy the seat. Taehyung grabs one of my arms while Hoseok grabs the other. I widen my eyes from the sudden action.

“Let go.” I say, attempting to release.

Seokjin laughs. “You both are so immature. It’s a project, how else are they supposed to work together?”

“Class President’s got a point.” Suga nods at Seokjin.

Taehyung sighs. “Don’t trust what he says, Jaemi.”

“If he does anything to you, we’re right here.” Hoseok comments, deadly staring at Suga.

I chuckle and wriggle so they release from my grip. “You guys are being to overprotective.”

As I sit next to Suga, Irene takes my place.

“So, where do you want to meet up? I have to work tomorrow, but other than that, I’m free.” I say, looking at my planner.

“You want to work on it today?” Suga proposes. “I have to work tomorrow as well.”

“Where?” I sigh. “Not the orp-”

“Let’s go at the orphanage.” Suga smirks. “My parents are currently having guests over. They hate it when I bring friends over while there’s people staying at our household. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I hope Byeol doesn’t mind.” I shake my head. “Are you sure you’ll be able to manage?”

“What do you mean?” Suga raises an eyebrow at me.

“...Last time someone mentioned the orphanage to you, you described it as a ‘pig stye.’” I put an elbow on the table and hold my head.

“How did you know that, you weren’t there.” Suga folds his arms.

“Taehyung told me.” I respond. “You had some nerve that day.”

“I have a lot to say.” Suga throws his hands up, innocently. “And the people at this school love the drama, don’t they? I’m just bringing it to them.”

“No, you’re bringing hell to us… or them at least.” I say softly, acknowledging Hoseok and Taehyung, who can’t take their eyes off of us.

“Whoa. I didn’t realize they were watching us.” Suga whispers and turns his head back to face me. “You want to leave first? So there wouldn’t be awkwardness on the train?”

I nod my head and he begins to pack his belongings. I walk over to Irene and take my bag from the side of the desk.

“Where are you going? It’s only 2:06.” Taehyung questions.

“We finished planning early.” I shrug. “I’m catching the 2:10 train. See you home.”

“A-alright.” Taehyung blinks and continues his conversation with Irene.

“Have a safe ride home, Jaemi sunbaenim.” She bows and I return her bow, however, Suga pulls me away.

Thankfully, Taehyung and Hoseok didn’t notice.


Jungwon High Train Station- Southport

“What’s your deal anyways?” I complain, shoving him off of me. “You’re so…”

“Charming? Good-looking? Handsome?” Suga jokes.

“Overbearing.” My eyelids fall halfway.

He laughs and smiles at the ground. “Am I that bad?”

I nod, but he doesn’t see.



“Byeol! I’m home!” I shout as I walk into the dining hall.

“Ah! You’re home a few minutes early.” She replies from the kitchen. Suga throws his bag on one of the many cafeteria tables. He sits on the same table and slouches forward. His feet are supported by two chairs and his hands fold together. “Here, I just made some dinner, why don’t you try it? It’s Kongbiji Jjigae (A famous korean soup) with the ingredients Hoseok brought yesterday.”

Byeol walks out of the kitchen, eyes staring at the bowl of soup she holds in her hands. Don’t hate me, Byeol.

When she looks up at Suga and I, she stops in her tracks and drop the bowl in her hands. The soup and ceramic bowl scatter everywhere on the floor, however she ignores it. Her eyes stay glued on Suga.

“Mi-min Yoongi.” Byeol mumbles.

“It’s Suga.” He sighs. “How’ve you been doing, Minji?”

[A/N: Minji is Byeol’s real name.]

“W-why are you here?” She struggles to grab a seat and sit down.

“Project.” Suga nods his head at me. “With Jae.”

I shake my head. It’s Jaemi. How rude can he be.

I drop my school bag and crouch down to pick up the ceramic pieces. Suga stares at the ground, trying his best to avoid Byeol’s eyes. She takes note of Suga’s changed features since she’s last seen him.

“Byeol! We’re bac-” Seokjin stops at the dining hall entrance, followed by Taehyung and Hoseok. “B-byeol?”

Byeol doesn’t respond. Suga looks up at the three boys, then at me, who is still cleaning the mess on the floor. Taehyung immediately rushes to help me clean up.

“Let me do it.” Taehyung whispers. Before I can object, he gently stands me up and pushes me away.

Suga grabs my wrist. “Let’s go somewhere quiet to work on our project.”

Suga snatches his bag as I reach down to get mine.

“Suga-” I try to resist from his grasp on me. Hoseok and Seokjin are speechless, seeing Suga at the orphanage again. They stand still, wide eyed.

All eyes are on us as he leads me out of the dining hall.

“What are you doing? You should’ve at least said something.” I complain. Suga slows his walking pace. “I’m going to get lectured later.”

“I did say something. And I doubt you’ll be punished for bringing me over to work on a school assignment.” Suga says, looking forward.

“You didn’t say enough.” I heave a long sigh. “Where are you taking me anyways?”

We stop in front of the studio. Here?

We walk into the studio and sit along the wall. I take my textbook and notes out while he takes out his computer.

For two hours, we study and design our presentation. Surprisingly, Suga takes the project seriously.

“And… finished!” I say with relief. “Now all that’s left to do is write our presentation down on paper.”

“Huh? What now?” Suga complains and lays on the floor.

“Write out what we’re going to say on each slide.” I explain. “It’s easy.”

He groans. “We’ve done so much already. Can’t we take a break?”

“Sure.” I close his laptop and check the time. “It’s almost six, you should get going soon.”

I lay down next to him and we stare at the white ceiling.

“Why did you want to work in here?” I ask in a hushed tone. I lay my hands on my stomach and fold them together. My long hair lays messy and all over the place.

“When I was still an orphan, I used to come here all of the time. Byeol made this studio especially for me. I played piano all of the time and let others listen or even dance to it in here. It was a fun time. Since I left, I miss it.” Suga sits up and looks at the piano. “It’s the only part of my youth that I enjoyed.”

“When did you get adopted?” I turn on my side to face him.

“Right before high school.” Suga responds. He gets up and walks over to the piano. He touches its bumps and corners lightly and gently.

“Ahhh…” I nod my head. Wait…


We reach the large studio and Hoseok turns the lights on. Mirrors are the walls of the studio. A very beautiful studio, however, it’s really dusty.

“Why is it so filthy in here?” I question.

He begins to sweep the floor and I help by dusting the instruments.

“Byeol doesn’t let the children in here. No one has used this room since the three of us entered high school.” Hoseok explains.


[A/N: Chapter 6; Stars]

So… I observe Suga. A smile creeps up his face, but he quickly catches it. Byeol must’ve taken Suga’s adoption roughly. That’s why she doesn’t let the children in this studio anymore.

“It’s the only part of my youth that I enjoyed.”

“Suga…” I say, almost whispering.

“Hm?” He turns his head to look at me.

I stand up and take my shoes off. “Can you play something for me? On the piano?”

“You still dance?” Suga raises his eyebrow at me as I put my shoes aside. What’s that supposed to mean?

I nod my head and he shrugs. He sits in front of the piano keys. “I’m a bit rusty.”

“Show me what you got.” I grin. He heaves a sigh before cracking his knuckles and moving his wrists in circular motions.

Sooner than later, he begins to play a piece.

My eyes widen. He’s playing the same song Jungkook and I performed to… the night our parents died… our last performance together.

I look down, recalling the memories that night. Performing with my best friend, eating dinner at a lovely place, running to the hospital, seeing our parents dead… all on the same day.

I wipe the few tears rolling down my cheeks and move my feet. I dance to the song, modifying the duet I’ve learned with Jungkook to a solo. No matter how hard I try to keep my tears in, they keep on flowing. Flowing to the point where I’m sobbing. I stop dancing and fall on my knees. Suga immediately runs over to me.

He lifts me up and pulls me into a tight embrace. My hands hide my face as his arms wrap around my waist and chest.

“I’m sorry.” Suga’s hot breath says into my ears. “I shouldn’t have played that song.”

I wipe my tears and attempt to calm down. How does he know? How does he know I danced to that song? How does he know I dance?

“Were you there...?” I ask, unable to speak clearly between my silent sobs. “During that performance? The night my parents and his father died?”

No response. I wriggle from his tight embrace and let my arms hang. I bury my face into his shoulder and slowly lift my arms to gently wrap around him.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers.

The door slams open. I find myself pulled away from Suga and placed into the arms of another person.

“I think you should leave.” Taehyung says with a deep voice.

Suga looks from Taehyung, to me. I helplessly continue to weep into Taehyung’s shoulder. Suga sighs, packs up his things and leaves within a minute.

Taehyung, with one hand, comforts me by caressing my hair. With his other he gently pats my back. He leads me outside to the pond. The sun is almost set and the bugs roar.

Taehyung sits me down right before the shore of the pond. He takes his shoes and socks off. My tears come slower as I fiddle with my hands.

“Come.” Taehyung’s warm voice welcomes me. He takes my hands into his and pulls me up. He walks backwards and leads me into the pond.


Taehyung’s POV

I sway her slowly in the water. Jaemi’s arms wrap around my waist and mine around hers. I hum a song my mother once sang to me, resting my head on her. We watch the sun disappear before our eyes.

When the sun is nearly vanished, Byeol appears but stops herself as she observes us. She takes a few steps towards us. Her voice comes out as a whisper. “Taehyung… I assume you two are skipping dinner.”

I nod my head and she smiles.

“Suga… left right?” There is sorrow in Byeol’s eyes.

“He’s the one who made her cry.” I say in a hushed tone. Byeol’s eyes widen, but she leaves in an instant.

I continue to hum and look down at Jaemi. She’s asleep.

I try to hide a smile but it’s no use. I reach down and put my arm under her knees, lifting her up swiftly. I lead her to a huge tree. I lay against the tree as she uses my legs as a pillow. I grin and watch her sleep in peace.

A twig snaps and I turn my head near the pond. My eyes squint as I watch Suga approach us.

“What did you do to her?” I sneer at him. “I can’t believe you made her cry.”

“Calm down.” Suga sits a few feet away from us. “I didn’t do it on purpose. I just played a piece on the piano and she… broke down.”

“What do you mean?” I say in disbelief. “You still play piano? That’s a surprise.”

Suga looks at me annoyed. He ignores my comment.

“Look.” He sighs. “Jaemi and I ironically are friends with someone who’s currently living in Seoul. They were inseparable before a huge accident happened one night. I happened to be there when it occurred. Because of that accident, I’m guessing that’s why Jaemi’s here today. That’s why she was crying.”

“Jungkook…” Jaemi mumbles. She says a few other words, but I can’t make of what she mutters.

“Who is he?” I ask wide eyed. “Jungkook.

“It’s none of your business and besides, I didn’t wait here for you.” Suga rolls his eyes and redirects his focus on Jaemi. “Is she okay?”

“Wow, so the tin man has a heart.” I say, annoyed.

“Ironically the scarecrow still needs a brain.” Suga touches my head and I flick his hand off of me. I watch him lean closer towards Jaemi. “Imagine yourself in my shoes. I unintentionally made her cry, I should need to know if she’s feeling better.”

“What is her health to you anyways?” I grumble and push Suga away from Jaemi.

“What about you?” Suga raises his eyebrows. “You like her don’t you?”

I look down, unable to peer into his eyes anymore.

“Back then (Chapter 7), I was only joking about your feelings for her. But now looking at the situation, it doesn’t seem like I was wrong about it.” Suga tilts his head and smirks. “Good luck on getting her. Jaemi already has someone in her heart. And believe me, it’s not you.”

Without another word, Suga walks away. My hands ball into fists as I listen to him whistle. I take another look at Jaemi and pout. Is Suga right?


So I happened to had this chapter written and ready. Twas too excited to wait a few days to udpate so here you go! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There are a few important things that have been revealed.
a. The studio was built for Suga
b. Suga was at Jaemi and Jungkook's last performance
c. Taehyung likes Jaemi and Suga rejects him in place of Jaemi, claiming there is someone else in her heart.

BUT YEAH. Any shippers? Hm? LOL.

VOTE///COMMENT///SUBSCRIBE to hear more of this story. Thanks for reading like always!

<3 <3 <3 See you in the next chapter!
~Alexis Thao


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