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Finding My Way

Uptown Buncheon

Hoseok’s POV

Jungwon High School
Classroom 3A

I raise an eyebrow. “Where are you going?”

Jaemi stays quiet for a few seconds. “I’m just stopping by my work to help Haneul with something.”

Before we can continue to interrogate her, she’s out of the classroom.

“Where do you think she’s really going?” Taehyung chuckles.

“Let’s not get into others business’, eo?” Seokjin sighs and puts his backpack around one shoulder. “C’mon, I have to get to the orphanage early for Gaejin before I go to work.”

As we walk out of the building, I spot Jaemi running with Namjoon to the train station. Hmph. She’s so cheeky.

They scurry into the train that goes the opposite direction of the orphanage. Jaemi better be careful. If Namjoon does anything to her like he did to others before, I’m going to kill him.


Room 30

“Hoseok-ah!” Byeol calls my name and knocks on my door. I put my pencil down on my textbook and walk over to open the door.

“Ne, Byeol?” I crack my back. “What’s up?”

“I forgot to grab some groceries from upper Buncheon while you kids were at school. Would you mind getting them for me? It’s for tomorrow’s dinner.” Byeol sighs and gives me a pouty face. The face that always gets me.

“It’s dangerous there.” I complain. “And I have homework.”

“You realize Taehyung and Seokjin can’t go out there alone. Jaemi is still new to Buncheon, I don’t want her to get lost. But, I know you can… well compared to the others I know you can.” Byeol persuades.

I heave a long sigh and check my watch. “How long will it take?”

“Three hours maximum, one hour minimum.” Byeol smiles and hands me some money. “Thank you, dear.”

I bow as she leaves my sight. I grab my jacket and head for the train station. Byeol owes me one.


Jaemi’s POV

“...what is this place?” I question, walking around the streets.

“Uptown Buncheon. It’s not really… um… well, you can say it’s the hood of Buncheon.” Namjoon sniffs and scratches his nape.

“You live around here?” I say out of shock. “That’s what you wanted to show me?”

“Ani.” He counters. “It doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. I used to live around your area, downtown Buncheon… but my family couldn’t afford to lose anymore money. That’s why we live here now.”

“Ahh…” I nod my head. “What’s there to see around here?”

Namjoon smiles. “In downtown Buncheon, it’s much fancier and pricier. Over here is where quality and quantity stands true. It’s old and traditional, the best and rarest items are located around here.”

We turn a corner and the overwhelming smell of goods fill the air. I grin at the warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s like a farmers market in Seoul.

I turn my head around, feeling someone watching us. However, I find no one I know in sight. Suga did get off at the same stop as we did. Could he be…

“Jaemi-ah!” Namjoon calls for me from afar.

“Ne!” I reply and rush to his side.

“Come and taste this.” He holds a spoon out to me and I accept.

“Mmm! Ahjumma this tastes amazing!” I smile. “What is it?”

“Ahh, so you like Dak Dong Jib. It’s chicken gizzard.” She smiles and puts some in a bag. “Here, you can take some for free. Ah, a pretty girl like you deserves some. What a cute couple you make.”

Ch-chicken gizzard!? Suddenly, it’s hard to swallow. However, I accept her generous gift. Maybe Byeol and the children would like some.

“Thank you, ahjumma. You’re so kind.” I bow politely and Namjoon leads me to another stand.

“Here, eat this.” An ahjusshi hands me some meat.

“Ah, thank you.” I bow and hand half to Namjoon. We both try the delicious meat and smile.

“It’s frog legs.” Ahjusshi smiles at us. “I just made it fresh.”

My eyes widen and I give him an awkward grin, swallowing the meat. It tastes like chicken.

Minutes later, we’re full from the free food the generous townsfolk had given us.

“I walk home to this everyday.” Namjoon smiles, holding his stomach. “It’s the joy of living around here.”

“What else is around here?” I question, wandering around the market. “It’s so traditional and… beautiful.”

30 minutes later…

“Namjoon…” I say after a brief moment of silence. We sit on a bench, a few meters from the market.

“Eo?” Namjoon looks at me.

“What was your reason for bringing me here?” I brush my feet against the pavement.

“No particular reason.” He shrugs. “You just haven’t had the chance to see all of Buncheon.”

“Then… after going to the market, would you consider I’ve seen all of Buncheon?” I counter.

He sighs. “Buncheon can’t be understood by just one day of exploring. We’ll do more on other days. I promise.”

“Alright.” I nod my head. “As long as-”

“Kim Namjoon!” A man calls from afar. Two strangers come running towards us. Namjoon stays put.

Did he hear them? I panic and look around.

“Kim Namjoon!” The man repeats, closer to us. Namjoon looks up at them. Before he’s able to make any move, someone grabs my hand, forcing me to run.

“Namjoon!” I call his name and watch him come running after me, away from the men.

I look at the person who holds my hand. He glares at me, wearing a mask. But I can immediately tell from his mint hair that it’s Suga.

“What are you doing!” I yell at him.

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m saving you from loan sharks.” Suga says, his voice towers mine.

“I never thought those actually existed.” I shake my head in disbelief.

“Namjoon and his family are dealing with problems right now. Most likely the reason why he doesn’t show you half as much as he wanted to.”

“Wait, what?” I blink. Our pace slows down as we run a corner. “You knew he was taking me today?”

“He told me… we’re friends remember?” Suga sighs. His hand still holds mine tightly, but it doesn’t seem like he cares.

“And so you decide to spy on us?” I raise my eyebrow. “Wow, what a Suga thing to do.”

“Hey! You know nothing about me-”

“Yeah, exactly.” I forcefully pull my hand out of our interlock. “Why should I trust you.”

“I’m protecting you.” Suga grabs my hand again and scans the perimeter. “Not for you, for Jungkook.”


“It’s not like I want to… I just… owe him plenty for all of the things he’s done for me.” Suga calms his voice and loosens his grip on my hand. “I’m holding your hand just in case they come again.”

“What about Namjoon?” I question. “We’re friends with him. Why didn’t you save him?”

“It’s his problem.” He shrugs. “We’ve got nothing to do with it.”

We walk into view at the same market.

“Just walk casually.” Suga whispers. “One thing he didn’t tell you about here, Uptown Buncheon is known for it’s high percentage in crimes.”

I widen my eyes and notice tons of policeman occupying spaces in secret. Suga puts a snapback on, covering his hair. He wears a loose black jacket over his uniform and straightens his posture.

“Are people looking for you or something?” I look at him oddly. “It’s pretty obvious you’re attempting to, yet failing at disguising yourself to blend in.”

“Shut up.” Suga squeezes my hand, making me laugh.

“Jaemi.” A hand is placed on my shoulder. I turn my head, almost jumping from surprise, to see Namjoon out of breath. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Rap Mon, how you doing?” Suga smiles, but it’s covered by his mask. Within seconds, he’s back to a serious tone. “Are they gone?”

Namjoon shakes his head no. “I’m blending in.”

“Well, if you want to blend in, I suggest you avoid Suga.” I say, almost laughing. Namjoon chuckles and Suga nudges me roughly.

“Whatever.” Suga sighs and fixes his snapback.

We reach the end of the market and walk along the sides of the streets.

“Well, I’d love to stay longer, but I have homework. Would you guys mind telling me where the train station is?” I say to both of them. We stop walking in the middle of an intersection. There aren’t any cars around.

“Nope.” Suga teases. “You’re staying here for the night.”

“What?” I widen my eyes. “What do you mean?”

“The trains don’t run at this hour.” Namjoon checks the time.

“It’s 5pm.” I look at him annoyed. I walk forward, but Suga doesn’t release his grip on my hand. “Yah, let go!”

“Shiro.” Suga smirks and pulls me back.

“Namjoon!” Hoseok calls. “Suga.”

We turn around to face him.

“H-hoseok.” I say in panic. It’s not what it looks like.

He observes us. Namjoon holds my arm with both hands. Suga interlocks his hand with mine and places his free hand on my lower arm.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Hoseok yells. Is he talking to me?

Immediately, Namjoon lets go of his grip on me. Suga smirks and releases my arm, not my hand.

“None of your business, Ho-seok.” Suga says, playfully. I look down with regret. I should’ve never agreed to this.

“Namjoon?” He asks me. “You were with Namjoon and Suga?”

“N-no… yes.” I sigh. “They actually-”

“I don’t want to hear it.” Hoseok drops the bag of groceries and walks towards me. He forcefully removes Suga’s grasp from me and takes me behind him.

“Is this your way of getting to me?” Hoseok questions Namjoon. “Using Jaemi to solve all of the problems we have with each other?”

“No it’s not.” Namjoon sighs. “I asked Jaemi to spend the afternoon with me. But, it has nothing to do with you and me. I would never treat a girl like that.”

“Suga would.” Hoseok shifted his eyes to Suga.

“You think I would do something bad to her?” Suga points from him to me, laughing hysterically. He then gets serious and loses any sign of emotion. “I’d never hurt Jaemi. Not after what happened at the cafeteria. Not after when someone very important in both mine and Jaemi’s life contacted me.”

Hoseok looks from me to Suga. “Whatever. Just don’t associate with her again… or you’re dead to me... and Taehyung.”

There seems to be a misunderstanding.

Without another word, Hoseok grabs his groceries and pulls me to the train station.

“I’m so scared!” Suga says sarcastically once we’re almost out of sight.

Namjoon pushes Suga. “Thanks a lot. Friend.”


Buncheon Metro Train- South

There is silence in the entire train cart. We sit side by side. Hoseok searches for my eyes, but fails. My eyes stay glued to the floor.

Hoseok thinks Namjoon is using me to eventually get to him. Namjoon just wants to build our relationship. Suga is… Suga wants to protect me. For Jungkook… but why?

Hoseok coughs and I lose my train of thought.

“Jaemi.” Hoseok says, breaking the silence.

“E-eo?” I nervously turn my head to meet his eyes.

“Don’t lie again.” He purses his lips. “We don’t have a way to contact you, yet. It’s best if you stick around with us until we do. I don’t want you to let them take you anywhere. You can’t trust them. I can’t trust them. Byeol doesn’t want us to get hurt… so let’s all stay together and avoid others. Arraseo?”

I look down. Namjoon… Suga…

“Arraseo?” Hoseok repeats, leaning closer.

“A-arraseo.” I sigh and click my shoes together.

“When I first met you, you weren’t one to be persuaded easily. But I guess things changed once you got more comfortable in Buncheon.” Hoseok sighs and rests his head on my shoulder. “I’m just glad your safe.”

I gaze down at him. He’s right. What am I doing to myself?



Once ready for school, I walk out to the pond and meet Taehyung. He lays peacefully, dressed in his uniform. The sun rays that bleed through the leaves shine in scatters parts of his body. The wind moves the leaves, at the same time moving the openings the rays shine through. The wind settles down, blinding Taehyung with the sun. He sits up and rubs his eyes. I sit next to him and watch him grin from my presence.

“Good morning, Cheonsa.” He yawns.

“Morning, Taehyung.” I sigh and smile. “Your never going to get rid of that nickname are you?”

“Nope.” He shakes his head. “Where did you go yesterday?”

“I went to Uptown Buncheon… to explore. I bumped in Hoseok on the way.” I say, partially lying, mostly telling the truth.

“Oh… so you were alone.” Taehyung’s lowers his head. “Alone with Hoseok.”

Really? That’s all he cares about? Not the fact that Uptown Buncheon is somewhat dangerous?

“Tch.” I crack my neck. “Taehyung you are something."

I ruffle his hair and he smiles, innocently.


Jungwon High School
Classroom 3A

“Alright.” Ms. Lee says loudly, grabbing everyone’s attention. “We have a partnered project due on Monday. I’m giving you Today, Friday and the Weekend to work on this so don’t disappoint me. We’re studying the human body in science, therefore I’d like you to give me a presentation about at least two of the systems. You must explain how the system works and what its purpose it.”

The students groan and sigh in hate.

“Cha, here are your partners.” She reads names. Seokjin and Hoseok are paired together. Taehyung is paired with Irene. They exchange satisfied glances. “And lastly, the two transfers will be partners.”

Two transfers… Wait. Suga and I? Partners!?

Taehyung slams the table, drawing the attention of the classroom. He turns his head and stares past me to Suga, who waves at him happily. Hoseok, who sits in front of me, gives Suga an annoyed expression.

[A/N: Reminder; Jaemi and Taehyung sit in the back of the middle row. Hoseok and Seokjin sit one row up them, Hoseok being in front of Jaemi. Suga sits in the left row, away from the classroom doors, closer to the windows, alone. Next to Jaemi.]

“Looks like I have to associate with her, Hoseok.” Suga smirks and laughs.


Hey readers!

So I'm updating today because I can't update tomorrow, but yeah. This chapter is interesting right? I hope so. This chapter informs you about Namjoon and his family problems. It also shows how Suga is somewhat protective, but, the question is, why Jaemi? How does he know Jungkook? BUT, that'll come in later chapters.

KCON in NY was a blast. I got V's water in my mouth and on me ahhahahaa. I shook hands with Jimin and HLIEUWFHDIUDSJFJF it was amazing, but I didn't get it on camera because I was screaming my lungs out. BEST NIGHT EVER.

If you want to watch my experience, literally click here. I got so close to V and JIMIN my soul is with them.

BUT YEAH. VOTE///COMMENT///SUBSCRIBE to know what happens next...

See you in the next chapter~!
~Alexis Thao


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