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Finding My Way


Jaemi’s POV

Kim Haneul Dance Studio
7:15 pm

My stomach grumbles as I change and pack up my belongings in the locker room.

“Thank you for a wonderful class.” Some of my students greet me with a bow as I put a jacket on.

“No problem.” I smile at the middle schoolers. “It was fun today, right?”

“Ne!” They smile.

“Well I shouldn’t keep you all waiting. It’s late, go wait for your parents to arrive.” I say and shoo them with my hands.

They bow once more an scurry to the lobby. My stomach grumbles again, this time louder and more painful. I do have twenty dollars from Byeol. I can get some dinner on the way home.

I drag my blistered feet down the dark streets and walk into a cafe. The same cafe Hoseok took me to a few days or a week ago.

“Welcome… Jaemi-sunbaenim.” Irene bows formally to me. “How many?”

“Just me.” I purse my lips, forgetting to respond to her with a bow.

Irene nods and guides me to a booth in the back of the cafe. With her hands fiddling together just below her chest, she begins to head towards the front desk.

“Thank you.” I say, stopping her in her tracks. She turns around and smiles brightly.

“Your welcome, Jaemi sunbaenim.”


Namjoon leans back on the front desks as Irene approaches him. They speak for mere moments and he glares at me before walking over.

“I’m surprised you came back here.” Namjoon comments, taking out his notepad. “What’ll it be tonight?”

“It’s the closest cafe near my workplace... and I didn’t know where else to go.” I sigh, closing the menu. “Soup of the day is fine, no fries.”

Namjoon stares at me as he closes his blank notepad. Without another word, he takes my menu and leaves. Minutes later, he returns with soup.

“Thanks.” I say as he places the soup in front of me.

“Sure.” Namjoon nods and sits across from me in the booth.

I stir the soup with my spoon and blow on it lightly.

“I ordered soup of the day.” I raise my eyebrows, eyes still on my soup. “Without the side of fries, or you.”

He laughs.

“Hey, I just want to talk.” Namjoon negotiates.

“Oh, now you want to talk.” I heave a long sigh and meet his eyes. “About what…?”

“I don’t know.” He looks down for a second. “Something’s just urging me to talk to you. I don’t know what, or why, but…”

Where’s he going with this? I lift my spoon to eat, or basically drink my soup.

“Disregarding my… matters with some of your friends, I want to get to know you.” Namjoon proposes. “I might’ve underestimated you, because of my past with- Hoseok. I shouldn’t’ve judged you from the moment I saw you. Sorry.”

I nod my head and continue to drink my soup. Out of all the things Namjoon could say, I didn’t expect this at all.

“Well.” I put my spoon down and wipe my mouth with a napkin. “If you’d like a fresh start, we’d have to formally introduce ourselves. I’m Kim Jaemi, from Seoul Dance Academy. I’m currently staying at an orphanage here in Buncheon. I attend Jungwon High School. Class 3A.”

He hesitates for a moment, but straightens his posture to reply to me.

“Kim Namjoon… from Buncheon. Class 3F.” Namjoon says, simply.

“Really?” I blink and slouch a little. “That’s all you can come up with?”

“What? I don’t have a lot to say. I’ve been here all my life, nothing interesting at all.” He shrugs and puts an elbow on the table. “I’m not really good at explaining… anything.”

“Then why don’t you show me instead?” I propose. “I don’t have work tomorrow. We can go after school.”

“Call.” Namjoon snaps his fingers and points at me. “I’ll see you then.”

He slides out of the booth and walks away.

“Wait!” I call for him and he turns around, looking somewhat cheery. “Can I have a check please?”

His expression plummets and he nods, heading to Irene for the check. At the front desk, I wait for my receipt from Irene.

“Have a nice night, Jaemi sunbae.” She bows and hands me the receipt.

I bow in response as I accept the receipt. I notice a small basket filled with cookies, muffins and candy.

“What’s that?” I point to it. She widens her eyes and blushes, covering it with her hand.

“N-nothing.” Irene smiles. “It’s just… something I made for…”

“By any chance, Taehyung-shi?” I question and she nods. I let out a small laugh. “I can take it to him for you. I doubt they’ll be as fresh tomorrow as they are today.”

I take the basket, ignoring her panicked expression and leave the cafe before Irene can deny my offer.

I laugh as I swing the basket, heading to the train station.


9 pm

After I wash up, I walk out of my room to give the basket filled with goods to Taehyung. Evidently, his room is next door. However, before I can knock, his door opens. Like me, he wears pajamas. A towel is wrapped around his neck and his hair is still damp.

“Hey, I was just about to check on you.” Taehyung smiles slightly and pulls me into his room, closing his door shut. The lights in his room are off and the moonlight shines through his huge window.

He sits me on the bed and pulls a chair to sit across from me.

“How was work?” He questions. “Mine was a bit, rough today.”

“Work was okay.” I nod my head. “Nothing exciting, really. When did you get home?”

“...I think uh, thirty minutes ago?” Taehyung recalls. “I saw you walking ahead of me.”

“Oh.” I purse my lips. “I thought you get off from work earlier than me.”

“Like I said… work was a bit rough today.” Taehyung looks down and slouches his back. His hair covers his face from my view.

I sigh and put a hand on his shoulder, lightly massaging it.

“Everyone has their days.” I say, trying to cheer him up. “Here.”

I hand him the basket.

“What’s this?” Taehyung blinks. “For me?”

“I didn’t make it.” I explain. “I ate some dinner at a cafe and Irene-shi told me to give this to you.”

“Who’s Irene?” He blinks once more. “Do I know her? Should I know her?”

That’s right… Irene never confronted Taehyung. She always asked Hoseok to give it to him.

“Nevermind… just a gift. Hurry and eat it, okay?” I say, getting up.

“Wait, let’s enjoy it together.” Taehyung says, grabbing my hand. He pauses for a second. “I don’t want to be alone.

I don’t hesitate to agree with him.

“Alright.” I say, sitting down on the bed. “I’ll stay… only for a little bit.”

30 minutes later…

We lay on his bed, exhausted. The goods from the basket are half eaten. Taehyung lays on his stomach, using his arms as a pillow to look at me. I sit up slightly, resting on my back.

“You know, you have many admirers.” I say, playing with my hands. “I’m quite shocked you don’t notice them.”

“Do I seem unapproachable to you? Less… appealing compared to the others?” Taehyung questions.

Is he listening to me?

“No… why?”

“Nothing.” Taehyung sighs and wraps his arms around my waist. I stiffen. He rests his head on my stomach and closes his eyes. “I’m tired. Let’s sleep.”


He needs the comfort. Just tonight. Only tonight.

I relax and rest my hands on his hair, caressing it until he falls fast asleep.

“What exactly happened to you at work?” I whisper and close my eyes.


Jungwon High School Cafeteria
12:15 pm

“So, which one is Irene?” Taehyung whispers as he walk side by side.

“Why don’t we just sit with her?” I propose.

“Wait, what about the others?” He acknowledges the others waiting for us at our usual table.

“She’s right there.” I point to a table. Irene sits alone, eating her bought lunch. “I’ll be there in a second.”

Taehyung and I part ways. I sit along with the boys and open my lunch bag.

“Where’s V?” Seokjin questions.

I look at the table, with the eyes of Seokjin and Hoseok following. Irene and Taehyung sit across from each other, shyly conversing over little things. Taehyung eats his lunch while Irene barely touches hers. The atmosphere is…

“Ah, how awkward.” Hoseok comments. I chuckle. “You actually set them up.”

“I have to go over there soon.” I nod my head. “Taehyung’s gonna panic if I don’t. Eat some of my lunch, I’m not that hungry.”

I stuff some rice into my mouth and push my lunch in front of them.

“Gomawo! (Thank you!)” They say in harmony as I sit next to Taehyung at the table.

“Hey guys.” I smile.

“Sunbaenim, with all do respect but, you’re crazy.” Irene whispers. “Look, everyone’s staring.”

We take small glares with the other students gazing at us.

“Well, it’ll be weird if he received a basket filled with goods and not know who the sender is.” I shrug.

“Hush!” She jumps and covers my mouth. Taehyung laughs at her actions, making her blush. “You’re too loud, sunbae.”

“Irene was just telling me about herself.” Taehyung explains to me. “Where’s your lunch?”

I point to Hoseok and he waves as he stuffs my lunch, with his other hand, into his mouth.

“Oh.” He blinks. “Are you hungry?”

I shake my head, however, Irene pushes some of her lunch towards me.

“Sunbae, have some of mine.” She offers. “I’m not that hungry either.”

“We can sha-” I’m about to propose a counter idea, however, Taehyung shoves some of his food in my mouth.

“Eat mine.” He says. “We have the same lunch anyways.”

I blink. This isn’t helping Irene.

“Taehyung!” I push his head. “You’re so-”

Jae.” Someone says and I turn my head, swallowing the bite Taehyung gave me. Jungkook only calls me by that name. But no one knows who Jungkook is…. No one but-

“Suga.” Taehyung stands up and I follow him.

“I said ‘Jae’ not ‘Tae’.” Suga scoffs. “I need to speak to her about something.”

Taehyung looks at me with concern, but I reassure him with a grin.

“Eat your lunch.” I nod my head. I put him hands on his shoulders and gently push him down to sit. “I’ll only be a moment.”

I walk to Suga and he puts an arm around me. I flick it off and push him to be a few meters away from me. Once we’re out of the cafeteria, he leads me into an empty classroom.

“What.” I put a hand on my hip. “What BS do you have now?”

“Here.” He says in all seriousness. He hands me his phone. “Jungkook wanted me to share this with you.”

My heart skips a beat and my attitude changes.

“So… you really do know him.” I sit down at a desk in the back of the classroom.

I read the text message.

{Tell Jae I’m coming. I’m saving all of my money to see her. In Buncheon. As soon as possible. Suga, you have to protect her until then. Please.}

“He’s coming.” Suga sighs. “Again.”

“Again?” I repeat him. “He’s been here before?”

“For other reasons, Jae.” Suga smirks. “It’s not my place to tell you. But, I’m sure you’ll find out soon. All in good time.”

“Why are you helping me get through to Jungkook?” I question. “Why have you suddenly… changed?”

Suga crouches down and leans towards me. My heart beats faster as he gets closer. He passes my face and presses his cheek onto mine.

“Secret, Jae.” His cold breath whispers into my ear. I push him away from, but he stays put. I kick him in the chest, making him lose his balance and fall over.

“Immature. Don't ever call me by that name. I repsect you're request to address you by 'Suga,' now respect mine.” I scowl and leave the classroom, shutting the door tight.

Jungkook’s coming. For me.



The last bell rings and everyone packs up.

“Do you have work today?” Seokjin questions.

I shake my head and walk to the door. “I have plans.”

Hoseok stops in front of me, preventing me from leaving the classroom. He gives me a suspicious look. “Where are you going?”

I need an excuse.

“I’m just stopping by my work to help Haneul with something.” I say quickly and push Hoseok aside.

“Hey.” Namjoon says once I’m out of the building. “Ready?”

“Where are we going?” I question, following him. He puts his hands in his pockets.

“You told me to show you around, that’s what I’m doing.” He explains. “Hurry, the first train is leaving in two minutes.”

Where is he taking me?

I look back to find Taehyung, Hoseok and Seokjin coming out of school. My eyes widen and I quicken my pace. I grab Namjoon’s hand, forcing him to run with me to the train station.

If they see me with him, they’ll kill me. Especially Hoseok.

We sit in the train cart and wait for the train to start moving. Right before the train doors close, Suga walks in and sits across from us.

This can’t be good.


FINALS ARE FINALLY OVER. For me at least. Schools out, anyone else feeling that Summer Vibe?

This chapter has little bit of everyone, therefore it doesn't focus on one person Jaemi that associates with. ANYWAYS, might upload two today, not sure. Nancy is back *HELLA YES* but I'm sure she's jet-lagged and whatnot. Let's hope she brought me something from China.

AND, for the love of BTS, my friend and I did this...

I'm Jungkook and she's Jimin)



Eh?? EHH?? AYEEE??? Lol, we really tried (the angle of the photo is off). BUT anyways...

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See you in the next chapter!
~Alexis Thao


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